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There are various types of operating systems available for computers. The most popular type is Microsoft Windows. There is also OSX from Apple and Linux.

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Q: Explain types of operating system
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Explain all types of operating system with diagram?

There are basically four types of operating systems. They include Batch Operating System, Multiprogramming Operating System, Network Operating System and Distributed Operating System.

What are the three types of devices manged by operating system explain virtual dedicated sharing?

types of devices in operating system

Explain the six types of Networking Operating System?

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What is an operating system Explain different components of the operating system in detail?

explain the different components of operating system in details

What are different types of windows operating system explain them?

examples of all os

Explain in briefly on the Classification of operating system?

Explain in briefly on the classification of operating system this answer is totally wrong

Explain network operating system?

An operating system which is run on server but is assessed/interacted with by a terminal.

What is the type of operating used?

types of operating system

Explain in briefly on the classification of operation of operating system?

1. What are the two kinds of installation of an operating system? Explain Briefly.

Name and explain five resources of an Operating System?

name and explain five categories of opareting system

Explain the different functions of an operating system and discuss some ways that operating systems can differ from one another?

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Explain the functions of a command driven interface?

A command driven interface functions as a user's interface to the operating system of a computer. The user types in a command and then receives a response from the system.

How many types of real time operating system?

100 types

How many different types of computer operating system?

2 types

What is operating system. Explain the functions of operating system?

The OS, Operating system, controls everything that is software and major hardware based. From applications to handling inputs and running the hardware in a correct manner.

Explain the three main purposes of an operating system?


With illustrative example explain how Operating System Programming Language Hardware support the Computer Graphics?

With illustrative example explain how Operating System Programming Language Hardware support the Computer Graphics?

What are the two basic types of operating system?

There are two types of OS as follow:- Desktop Operating System- Network Operating System

Different types of system software?

Firmware, Operating System, and Utilities.

Operating System Software?

form_title=Operating System Software form_header=Get your operating system up and running again. Find an operating system repair specialist near you to help! Type of operating system?*= _[50] Did you regularly install updates to the operating system?*= () Yes () No Do you currently have a back up disk?*= () Yes () No What problem(s) are you having with your operating system software?*= _Please Explain[100]

Explain the importance of modem in operating system?

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List and explain the design goals for xp operating system?


List and explain the services provided by an operating system?

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What are two different types of computers that do now have an operating system?

All modern day computers have some form of operating system.

Q Explain the difference between microkernel and macrokernel Give an example of microkernel?

Micro-Kernel: A micro-kernel is a minimal operating system that performs only the essential functions of an operating system. All other operating system functions are performed by system processes. Monolithic: A monolithic operating system is one where all operating system code is in a single executable image and all operating system code runs in system mode

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