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Explain what a culture conducive to learning means?

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A culture conducive to learning involves the presence of consultations and collaboration so that people can learn from each other. People must also be allowed to pursue further training from related institutions.

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How would you explain this statement Learning is meaningful when it is connected to students' everyday life?

Learning is meaningful is a saying that means that learning should occur everyday. Children are more apt to enjoy learning when it is made fun.

What does roman culture mean?

The Greco-Roman period refers to the culture of the peoples who were incorporated into the Roman Republic & Roman EmpireRoman culture means the culture of the Romans, just as American culture means the culture of the Americans, British culture means the culture of the British, French culture is the culture of the French, etc. Roman means the people who live in Rome. The Romans conquered a large empire in antiquity The term Greco-Roman refers to the fact that ancient Roman culture was deeply influenced by Greek culture. It means Greek-Roman.

What is meant by E learning?

E learning means you have Extra learning as in you are advanced in a certain subject.

Explain what This means Underly Shares Outstand Cert?

Explain what This means Underly Shares

What does learning mean?

Learning means actively acquiring knowledge or skills.

What word means explain unravel clear up?

Clarify. explain, resolve, or straighten out means explain, unravel, or clear up.

What is dynamic culture?

Dynamic culture means different religion.

What is bi culture?

bi culture means you have two cultures.

What is context culture mean?

It means to use the culture in context.

What is conflent culture?

Confluent means running together or blended into one. Confluent culture means that two or more cultures are blended into one culture.

How do you say I am learning quickly in french?

J'apprends rapidement means "I am learning quickly"

What does curricular learning mean?

It means learning according to a pre-planned course.

What does estoy aprendo espanol means?

it means that your learning spanish

What is the difference between an intellectual disability and a learning disability?

An Intellectual disability means incapability of learning certain tasks, whereas a learning disability means that the person has certain obstacles to learning certain things but has the ability to do so.

What is serial anticipation learning?

Serial anticipation learning is the learning by using numbers as a means of solving psychological problems.

What does je ne comprends pas pouve-vous m'expliquer mean?

It means "I don't understand, can you explain to me?" It means "I don't understand, can you explain to me?" It means "I don't understand, can you explain to me?"

What is consciously means of learning?


Culture is an integrated and interrelated whole which means that?

Culture is an integrated and interrelated whole, which means that if you change one part of a culture, you could significantly affect other parts of the culture, or even the culture as a whole. Language is considered to be the most important symbolic aspect of culture.

What are special learning difficulties?

I think it means a learning difficulty that has a name; for instance: dyslexia.

What tis explain men?

What does "explain" mean? To "explain" something is to tell in detail what something means.

Do Biology and Culture interact?

Yes. All the time. Biology means the study of life. Culture means shared beliefs.

What is another word that means explain?

another word for explain is justify.

What does SOL mean?

It means Standards of Learning

What is 'fun and learning' in Greek and Latin?

Iocus et disciplina is the Latin equivalent of 'fun and learning'. In the word by word translation, the noun 'iocus' means 'fun, joke'. The conjunction 'et' means 'and'. The noun 'disciplina' means 'instruction, learning'.

How can you explain the word Explain?

To explain means to tell people the meaning of something. EG - He explained in great detail the explanation of explain!