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a change of temperature causes the particles to rearrange creating a new state

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Temperature and pressure are the most common.

The ability to cause change in matter is Energy.

No, matter is the general term for substances or 'stuff'. Energy is the ability to cause change.

Energy is the ability to cause a change in matter.

through energy and inertia the matter changed.

Energy is the ability to cause change in matter.

Best guess: a change in matter density.

It causes matter to change by turning the water into gas which is vaporization, turning water into ice.

No, evaporation causes a change in the state of matter (liquid to solid) which is a physical change

A change in direction does cause a change in velocity. Speed is increased due to acceleration when direction is reversed.

because an organism could change cause of pollution or any other calamity change.

Cutting Down Trees Cause Flood

Change in temperature is not a chemical change rather it is a physical change because it does not cause any change in composition or chemical properties of matter.

changes in DNA can cause an important trait, no change, or a harmful trait.

Indeed it does and if a rock hits you on the nose you could have a crooked nose and that would be a significant change.

Any type of reaction, really. You could add heat or remove heat (thermal energy) to cause the matter to change phase. Also pressure can compress the matter into a new form.

Addition or removal of heat energy.