Explain why Prussia became the leading state within Germany by 1871?

I'll do this in note form: - Economic Growth, e.g. the Zollverein and the boom 1850s-60s - Austria was one of the only states left out of the Zollverein which was dominated by Prussia and united states economically - Economic Growth led to Prussia having a significant army under von Moltke -Liberals and nationalists like the Frankfurt Assembly 1848 looked to Prussia for leadership rather than Austria who was totally opposed to nationalism - Bismarck: exploited the national situation, Austria was isolated after the Crimean War 1856 etc - WAR - Treaty of Prague 1866 gave Prussia supremacy as well as she annexed a lot of territory including states which had mobilised on Austria's side War with France meant Prussia as a victor united the entirety of Germany and thus became its leader I can't really think of much more but I'll write them down if I do. Good luck