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Explain why an electric discharge occurs?


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Because there is a potential difference between two objects.

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Potential differnce. For example, when too much voltage is built up within a thunderhead, the potential difference is high and a discharge occurs.

When discharge occurs, it means that charge moves, and that's a short lived electric current. Rapidly changing electric current causes radio interference, because of the electromagnetic field associated with it.

An electrical insulator is a material whose internal electric charges do not flow freely, and therefore make it nearly impossible to conduct an electric current under the influence of an electric field. This contrasts with other materials, semiconductors and conductors, which conduct electric current more easily.Electric discharge in gases occurs when electric current flows through a gaseous medium due to ionisation of the gas. Depending on several factors, the discharge may radiate visible light.

lightning is an example of electrical discharge

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A static charge is just an excess (or lack) of electrons from the surface atoms of a substance, always a non-conductor. The discharge occurs when the "free" electrons find a low resistance path to ground.

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a static discharge lasts for only a fraction of a second

The Electric Eel uses the electric discharges for hunting and self defence

After a stream's discharge increases, it overflows its banks and a flood occurs.

static discharge lasts only for a fraction of a second

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The electric discharge excit sodium atoms and a light with the wavelength 589,3 nm is emited.

There are many different types of electrostatic discharge. Some examples include electric sparks such as from lightning, corona discharge, and brush discharge.

The electric field is where the electric force occurs.

Ovulation occurs when your egg is released. This usually occurs about 14 days after your last period. A discharge is simply a substance that leaks from your vagina. You may notice a white substance in your underwear, which is known as a discharge.

It's an electric discharge.

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The electric current spalls metal into the machining liquid, and the metal cools to form metal "dust" that is carried away by the liquid.

The visible electric discharge is lightning. The sound you hear shortly afterwards is thunder.

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