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This question is not entirely correct.

It was the collecting of large expanses of fresh water from melting ice, which was held back by thicker ice until it catastrophically broke through and entered the North Atlantic Ocean in one mass, causing the warmer sea currents from the south to be diverted.

This cooled northern Europe to produce a mini-glaciation, not an ice age.

Gradual warming would not have the same effect as there would be no large bodies of fresh water to add to the ocean.

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What is the best slogan for melting glaciers?

slogans on melting glaciers

What is the issue of global warming?

How are We to explain the melting of all of Our {The} Earth's Glaciers. Acidification of Our Oceans is next on the List.

What are the issues of global warming?

How are We to explain the melting of all of Our Earth's Glaciers. Acidification of Our Oceans is next on the List.

How can you stop the melting glaciers?

To stop melting glaciers you must stop global warming.

Why is the melting of glaciers an urgent environmental concern?

Why is the melting of glaciers an urgent enviromental concern

Explain how melting glaciers affect sea level?

Glaciers are melting ice.It mainly found on mountains or cold regions.When glaciers melts it goes down to get its way into the sea.Well,if the amount of melted water is not that much,nothing would happen.If it is much then it may make seas flood the earth.

What is happening to mountain glaciers and why is this of concern?

the moutains glaciers are melting.

What do melting glaciers have to do with science?


Can melting glaciers increase ocean acidity?

No. Melting glaciers add clean fresh water to the oceans, so their melting decreases ocean acidity.

What process forms ridges and valleys?

Glaciers, mostly Glaciers Melting

What type of phase change is occurring in glaciers?

melting is happening to the glaciers.

What will happen if the glaciers continue to melt?

Glaciers are always melting. If the rate of melting exceeds the rate of accumulation, they will recede. If the rate of accumulation exceeds the rate of melting, they will advance.

How lake was made?

By the melting of glaciers

How did glaciers shape the land in Pennsylvania?

i think glaciers shapes the land by melting

How does global warming affect glaciers?

Global warming is increasing, meaning melting the glaciers. The temperature is warming up and causing the glaciers to melt.It is melting them causing ocean water levels to get higher.

Can rivers and lakes be made from glaciers?

Many lakes and rivers are fed by melting glaciers.

What are the 2 types of glaciers?

frozen and melting...

How were the Great Lakes created?

by the melting of glaciers

How was great lakes formed?

By melting glaciers

Are any glaciers left?

Yes, there are alot of glaciers still in the world! Many are in decline however, which is why there is concern about melting glaciers

How do melting glaciers affect a region?

Melting glaciers can be a danger to society. The melting of glaciers means that the sea level would rise. This could put some current sea-level cities underwater, causing damages and forcing people to find higher ground.

What is a good call to action statement for melting glaciers?

A good call to action statement for melting glaciers is, "Write to your congressman today and ask them to make this a priority."

What does glaciers have to do with science?

Melting glaciers has to do with science because it deals with Global Warming, Geology, and Geophysics

Are there glaciers in Africa?

The only glaciers in Africa are on Mt. Kilimanjaro, though melting away rapidly.

Glaciers can only form when?

Glaciers form when the rate of snow fall exceeds the rate of melting.