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Assuming you mean x^4 = 16 (x to the power of 4 equals 16)and x^3 = 8 (x to the power of 3 equals 8).

When the power is even and the right side is positive, a solution can be negative since the 2 negatives will cancel out. For any even power, it's just an extension of that, they will cancel out in pairs. For an odd power, a negative solution would give you a negative right side so it must be positive.

Thus, in x^4=16, x can be either 2 or -2 but in x^3 = 8, x can only be 2.

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Is atmosphere a solution?

No, the atmosphere is not a solution, it is a mixture of gases. Only liquids are described as solutions.

Difference between heuristic solutions and algorithmic solutions?

An Algorithmic solution is a solution that involves a series of actions/steps. For example, baking a cake. A Heuristic solution is a solution that requires knowledge, experience, and sometimes trial and error. For example, buying the best stock. While some problems require only one type of solution, most problems require a combination of the two different types of solutions.

Why a system of linear equations cannot have exactly two solutions?

A system of linear equations can only have: no solution, one solution, or infinitely many solutions.

Are brass steel and paint solutions?

A paint is a solution; only a single phase alloy is considered as a solid solution, so brass is a solution.

What is the Solute and solvent of wood?

Wood is not a solution. Only solutions have a solvent and a solute.

How many solution sets do systems of linear inequalities have. Must solutions to systems of linear inequalities satisfy both inequalities. In what case might they not?

There is only one solution set. Depending on the inequalities, the set can be empty, have a finite number of solutions, or have an infinite number of solutions. In all cases, there is only one solution set.

What are the solution intervals for x plus 5 plus 37?

There is no equation - only an expression. So there are no solutions (or solution intervals).

Can a linear system have exactly two solutions?

NO! A linear system can only have one solution (the lines intersect at one point), no solution (the lines are parallel), and infinitely many solutions (the lines are equivalent).

When you square each side of an equation is the resulting equation equivalent to the original?

No. The resulting equation has more solutions. For example, x = 2 has only one solution and that is x = 2.butx2= 4, the squared equation, has two solutions: x = +2 and x = -2No. The resulting equation has more solutions. For example, x = 2 has only one solution and that is x = 2.butx2= 4, the squared equation, has two solutions: x = +2 and x = -2No. The resulting equation has more solutions. For example, x = 2 has only one solution and that is x = 2.butx2= 4, the squared equation, has two solutions: x = +2 and x = -2No. The resulting equation has more solutions. For example, x = 2 has only one solution and that is x = 2.butx2= 4, the squared equation, has two solutions: x = +2 and x = -2

How do you know if a system has one solution?

If the equations or inequalities have the same slope, they have no solution or infinite solutions. If the equations/inequalities have different slopes, the system has only one solution.

When is there one solution to a system of linear equations?

When the solution is equal to a number, in other words, only one solution happens if you solve for your variables. 0 = 0 means there are many solutions and a number not equal to another number has no solution.

Is 5 a solution to 4x plus 7?

4x + 7 is an expression, not an equation. Only an equation (or an inequality) can have solutions, an expression cannot have a solution.

What distinguishes solutions from non-solution?

A solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more liquids, only one phase. When another phase exist (for example solids, immiscible liquids) this is not a true solution.

The color of methylorange indicator in a neutral solution?

Methyleorange does not indicate a colour in neutral solutions. it remains colourless and transparent. it only turns pink in acidic solutions.

Why an aqeous solution of a binary compound conducts electricity?

Only solutions with an ionic solute: because the solution contain charged ions (anions and cations).

Why is a sugar water solution a homogeneous mixture?

A sugar water solution is a homogeneous mixture as all solutions are homogeneous and only suspensions are heterogeneous mixtures.

What are the solutions to x equals -16?

There is only one solution to that equation. It's . . . . . x = -16

Does every pair of linear simultaneous equations have a solution?

Actually not. Two linear equations have either one solution, no solution, or many solutions, all depends on the slope of the equations and their intercepts. If the two lines have different slopes, then there will be only one solution. If they have the same slope and the same intercept, then these two lines are dependent and there will be many solutions (infinite solutions). When the lines have the same slope but they have different intercept, then there will be no point of intersection and hence, they do not have a solution.

Why glucose solution cannot conduct electricity?

Glucose does not dissociate into charged ions in water solution, and the only water solutions with high conductivity are those with substantial concentrations of charged ions, such as the solutions of most salts, acids, and bases.

Is it possible for an linear programming model to have exact two optimal solutions?

Yes, but only if the solution must be integral. There is a segment of a straight line joining the two optimal solutions. Since the two solutions are in the feasible region part of that line must lie inside the convex simplex. Therefore any solution on the straight line joining the two optimal solutions would also be an optimal solution.

Compare solutions 2 and 4 how does the common ion effect influence the pH of solution 4. explain fully and calculate the expected pH of each of these solutions?

pH contribution only comes from dissociated H+ / OH- Common ion effect affects the kDiss calculation used to calculate the H+ conc

War are not solution of peace?

wars are no solutions to peace because if there is war than there will be peace only in their country not in others

Does pure water have colligative properties?

No, because pure water is not a solution and colligative properties apply only to solutions.

What solution resist change in pH?

Buffer solutions helps to maintain the pH constant ,but only for small change

What are the 2 solutions for x plus 8 equals 1?

There's only one solution. [ x = -7 ]