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I can be a very useful tool for the enterprise. Whatever it is that I do I take it very seriously and this job would be no exception.

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Is good job a interjection?

no it would be Good Job!!

How would you explain the difference between job and a career?


How do you fire your sister from her job working for you?

i would first explain to her the good things she's doing and then explain the bad things she is doing. i would give her a second chance and say either "do this.." or "stop doing this" and let her know that if it happens again she will be fired, that way she understands that her job is in her hands.

Why would you be a excellent candidate for the job?

explain why you would be an excellent candidate for Chipotle.

Why do you think you would be good for this job?

People think they would be a good for a job for different reasons. They may be good at a job because they have experience, education, or attitude.

Would basketball be a good job for a person?

yes ofcourse it is a good job

How do you explain your Quiting a job?

as 4 me i would explain it as..... quite a sudden change, like change your mind as if u wanna do something eles after quiting your job, group or club !

What sort of job would be good for you?

A job that pays well

Can you explain what is required for a computer science job?

What you would ask for in a computer science job description is whether the candidate has a BS in computer science. This would be the very minimum of the job requirement.

What would be a good job that Odysseus from the Odyssey would be good at?

Captain of a boat.

Why do you think you should be considered for this job?

Describing specific skills, abilities, and experience that is related to the job would be a good way to show how a person would be good at the job and should be considered. Including what they would bring to the job that would help the company would be helpful.

Why are you interested in working for dots?

If you apply to work at Dots and are asked why you're interested, simply let them know why you think you would be a good fit for the job. Explain how your current skills would be helpful to the company.

What would be a good first job?

Something you are good at that you enjoy.

What is job grading?

explain job grading

Describe a recent experience in which you did a good job?

Choose just one experience which showcases your skills and expertise. Explain why you think you did a good job, and also the positive feedback you received from others.

Examples of job descriptions?

Job descriptions with explain the responsibilities of the position. It may also explain the necessary requirements to get hired for the job.

What category of job your looking for and why explain in detail?

What category of job are you looking for and why? explain in details.

What are the best job sights?

a good job seeking sight would have to be SEEK.COM

Example of How do you know when you have done a good job?

An example would be --- you win a reward/prize for doing a good job.

1 Briefly describe your ideal job in hotel management?

It would be good to include some aspects of the job they are applying to. This will show that the job they would have at this particular company would be a job they would like and keep.

What will be in a good business development job description?

There are many things that would be in a good business development job description. Examples of things that would be in a good business development job description includes marketing responsibilities and strategic analysis.

How do you get a good job without good grades?

It can be very hard to get a good job if you don't have good grades. The best way to approach it is to be prepared to explain why your grades were poor and to be able to present personal references from people outside of your family who know you well.

Example of a narrative report about on the job training?

An example of a narrative report about on the job training would explain what types of training are offered during the course of the training for the particular job.

Predict whether a gold ring would be a good conductor of electricity what kind of bonds does gold have How do these bonds explain golds properties?

It would be a good conductor. With bonds that explain gold's properties

What is a good paying job for a 12 year old?

a good job for a 12 year old would be baby sitting.