Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean Islands are a large group of islands that separate the Caribbean Ocean from the Gulf of Mexico. The grouping is over 2,000 miles long, and is made up of over 1,000 islands. Due to the tropical scenery, warm waters, and rich culture, the area is a popular cruise ship and vacation destination.
the land forms in grenada are clayish and foresty
Currently, Grenada is the leading producer of several spices. Thisincludes cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and mace. Grenada is the secondlargest producer of nutmeg. The nutmeg is so important to theeconomy of Grenada that it appears on the national flag.
The societies ( societés ) of Saint Lucia are two historic associations on the Antillean island country of Saint Lucia, La Woz ("The Rose") and La Magwit ("The Marguerite"). Ostensibly based around singing the virtues of the rose and marguerite flowers, the societies are intense rivals, and...
In my opinion, Cuba. Security is high and crime is low. It is a must see! I know it sounds strange but compare the crime in the US Virgin Islands or Belize to Cuba and you will be surprised! Acklins Island in the Bahamas chain, northwest of Turks and Caicos, is relatively crime free, and is the...
The Grenadian National anthem was written by Principal, Irva Baptiste and composed by Louis Arnold Masanto .
14° 40′ 0″ N, 61° 0′ 0″ W . 14.666667, -61
The distance from London Gatwick Airport to Saint Georges, Grenadais 7002 kilometers. A flight there takes about 9 hours and 19minutes on average.
the countries which i that have is Dominica,st.Lucia.Grenada.
The slave trade brought huge numbers of Africans to this region.
According to Google Maps, Martinique is approximately 1,290 km (801miles) ESE from Haiti.
It is not on a continent it is located between North and South America.
Given that St. Lucia is a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations, my educated guess is that it DOES require universal education up to a certain age. Hopefully someone from the that area of the Caribbean with more exact knowledge can contribute further to this answer.
if your running, it would take you around 16 mins
it is grown in the south east of Asia going through the north east of south Africa
A flight from Toronto to St. Lucia would take about 5 hours.
Dutch and Papiamento are Aruba's official languages, and Dutch and English are Sint Maarten's official languages. Specifically, both islands are constituent countries of the European Kingdom of the Netherlands. For that reason, one of the official languages in each country is Dutch. But the...
They are called Gros piton and Petit piton
A nonstop flight from Castries, Saint Lucia to Milwaukee, Wisconsintakes about 4 hours 40 minutes. The flight distance is 2,563 miles.
Many - Mambo, Limbo, Jonkonnu, Tambu, Oreisha, and Shango (Andthere are more) we got the son from cuba the merengue from theDominican republic also the Salsa and reggaeton plus bomba andplena from Puerto Rico.
Christopher Columbus
Standard Time Zone: GMT/UTC - 04:00 hour
Flights to Saint Lucia on Google from Birmingham, AL (BHM),Apr 1 - 5 round trip St. Lucia 7h 5m
Breadfruit was brought to the Caribbean in the eighteenth century as a staple part of the slaves' diet. Originally, the tree grew in the Polynesian islands, where it was called "ulu." The slaves didn't like the fruit, however, and refused to adopt it as a staple part of their food supply until years...
coconut , cocoa, banana, arrowroot, tourism
St. Kitts and Nevins is a island nation and part of theCommonwealth of Nations.
The distance between the above places is 2515 miles. This distance is point to point straight distance. The actual distance may vary according to the flight path chosen. Also this is not the airport to airport precise distance.
While Christopher Columbus is credited with finding and landing on many of the Caribbean Islands, they were populated long before his happy accident. The people native to these islands are: . Arawak . Igneri . Taíno . Caquetio . Ciboney . Ciguayo . Galibi . Garifuna . Island Caribs . Kalinago ....
A random search for flights from Houston Intercontinental (IAH) to St Lucia Vigie (SLU) shows: OPTION 1: 9hr 40min via Miami (MIA) & San Juan (SJU) IAH - MIA American Airlines Flt 2218 Dep 10:25am 18Jun,Fri MIA - SJU American Airlines Flt 1700 Dep 03:25pm 18Jun,Fri SJU - SLU American Airlines...
The main tourism industry focuses on beaches and resorts, but someother attractions include volcanoes, springs, and gardens.
the largest islands in the Caribbean are Cuba, Hispaniola (Haitiand the Dominican Republic), and Jamaica
American students were there The nation was leaning towards Communism
Very different answers for St Kitts and Nevis. St Kitts boasts a collection of medical schools, the bulk of which are either very new (have not had graduating classes) or which are typically considered "second tier" or worse. On St Kitts the school of St Theresa's appears to be closing; there...
3158 km or 8.5 hours on a place with layover.
Saba is the smallest island in the Caribbean. It's roughly 5 squaremiles, with a population of under 2,000