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Samsung is a South Korean electronics company specializing in consumer electronics such as mobile phones, televisions and computers.


Your alarm icon being on indicates that there is an active alarm.
Your alarm icon being on indicates that there is an active alarm.
If you are talking about smartphone games, go on to the Play Storeapp, find a game you like, press 'Install', then 'Accept'
Either you have vibration disabled or your vibration motor isburned out.
Yes. Your phone should come with three default ones. When you start up your phone, with a sim inside, for the first time, you will be asked to set up your phone. You will be displayed with three to chose from. To edit your chosen theme, . Go to the menu. . Click on Settings. . Go to Display and...
First Download the .jar(JAVA Application) File in your PC then open the notepad copy past this link in notepad ,put the application name in this link below where i write APPLICATIONNAME install APPLICATIONNAME.jar[/url] and save this file as APPLICATIONNAME.html (.html) now...
Samsung's slogan is "Inspire the World, Create the Future."
l=103 mm w=56.5mm side=12mm
you can get the samsung comeback if you see it on the tmobile website on prepaid but if you do not see it then no i wish i had the samsung comeback prepaid too but i saw that the tmobile tap is prepaid i am getting it for Christmas if i do not see the samsung comeback have a great day God bless you
To get a signature go to messaging. Then click settings, and at the bottom will be signature click on it and make a custom signature.
go onto your operators website and go too problems you will probably have too type your phone number in and it will tell you your sim pin
Youu go on the menu and then browser then Enter URL and enter the website uu want :)
well, i have t-mobile and since the phone is made by at&t, i had to unlock it. when i opened it i realized there was no picture mail whatsoever,and you cant record a video. but after i had the phone for a while, it started to let me receive pictures. and by a while i mean about six months.(:! enjoy....
If you want the music from the laptop you get this certin Samsung Propel USB cable designed to only work for the Samsung Propel. One side connects the Samsung Propel and the other side connects the laptop. Then after that you should know how to get the downloaded music from your computer. http:/...
download the themes mAker for e250i
where we get language in my omnia samsung i8000
if your with Verizon you can send them through you email. your email should be your phone number ( it will come as a text and you just go and save it as a ringtone. its that easy.
To lock your phone use the 4 last digit of your cell number
no and the camera isn't that great any way
you can buy the samsung gravity 2 from any retail store like tmobile sprint verison and at&t. but the phone company has to make that phone. Hoped that helped!!!! :)
Yes you can, simply go on your camera and on the top left corner there will be a camcorder sign. Press that and it will change from camera to camcorder. Then press the same button to take a picture and Voila! You are now filming.
inspire the world, create the future
Type your answer here..$123
The mission statement of Samsung electronics reads 'We will devoteour human resources and technology to create superior products andservices, thereby contributing to a better global society.' Thecompany was founded in 1938.
yes you can just go to the side bar on the phone and tap on the widget button
I just switched from the xenon to the impression and can't figure out if the impression can go into conversation mode. If you find anything out let me know! unfortunately, no it doesn't
This has happened to me many times. Try taking the battery out, putting it back in and switching it on. If this doesn't work you may need to contact your local technology advice centre or technology shop.
Samsung Rubgy is not waterproof as with any other electronic gadgets.
Hit the button on the top right, when the phone is in the sideways position used when the keyboard is slid out. On the screen, press the button in the top left corner that has a picture of a camera on it. Select camcorder. Hit the take picture button, or the first button you hit, and it should start...
i have that phone and its alrightt, the camra isn't great but its realy easy to text on the qwerty keyboard. Its also quite fat but i like that about it
I own a Samsung r519, it does not have naitive bluetooth support, a usb bluetooth dongle can be used by connecting it to one of the three usb ports.
The mutual funds that invest in Samsung are quite a number. Themost common include American Century Emerging Markets Inv Fund,Invesco Global Growth B Fund and Fidelity Series Emerging Markets FFund among others.
con i download themes for my samsung gt s5560
A Samsung Magnet cost $60.00
This is the mainboard for a Samsung 58" 3d Plasma TV. You'd have to check with Samsung to know what series it came from (6000,7000,8000).
Use the Samsung PC Studio application on your computer to downloadmusic and ringtones to your Samsung SGH-E250. From there, youshould be able to assign a ringtone to a contact, alarm, or otherfeatures normally.
Yes they are. Samsung is a well known and well respected company.
Samsung is a Korean company.
There are 8 games on the samsung j700 with virgin. Most of them are demos so you will have to pay for them out of your credit. The games are: cannon ball, forgotten warrior, arch angel, midnight pool, minigolf Las Vegas, Paris Hilton's dimond quest tetris mania and asphalt 2.
With a two year contract it would be $50.00 but if you use the online discount it would be free until the two years is up.
no it doesn't , ugh . .i hate that.
I had the same problem a few weeks ago and what I did was I went on my Network settings and It said set up a name or something then I clicked on it and made a name and then a few minutes later my internet worked
well , at metro it costs 120 .
Take the battery out of the back then put it back in
my samsung mobile corby sch f339 games (ashpalt4) loked please send me unlock code on this emal ID-
Can't, most phones don't allow java.
To turn your Samsung tocco lite on, hold down the "hang up" button
It's a pocket 1080p HD camcorder.
it doesn't support themes ..... in setting their is a option called m y themes their u can create ur own themes...........
VZW Default Tone . Animato . Belly Dance . Chair in the Sky . Classic Bell . Club in the 80's . Club Mix . Crossing Tone . Feel Groovy . Fuss and Feathers . Gutta Tone . Late Night . Mix Master . Popple Tone . Serene Tone . Soft Beams of Sunlight . Sonic Boom . Spanish Guitar . Spiral . The Floor ....
Samsung jet,, it is faster and has a better appearance as well as more features, however this is my opinion and is arguable!
Yes. I've found it very easy to use even a 11 year old could use it. Not expensive at all.
In my opinion the samsung finesse is better. :)
ther r a few that i no of. (i own this phone right now) > no signature >if a pic doesn't fit ur screen the top and bottom may b cut off > along with ^, there is no fit screen option > no flash for the camera > not much zoom " " > desent battery ther r many good things tho > it has...
Yes, it is a South Korean cellphone brand
corby txt doesn't support themes other than the themes that comes with the phone..(3 themes) has a large selection of refurbished laptops. They have refurbished samsung laptops there.
on the back theres a small button push it then push down on the thing that covers it
No you can't take video messages. If you receive them you can not watch them unless you go to the Verizon website.
no you need a flash player installed
70 (GB) Pounds, 100-180 (US) Dollars, 140 Euro.
The best thing for you to do is go look in the box you got your phone and go look in your manual. If no information is in the manual or on some paper, then head on down to your service provider and see what they say. xx
PUK Codes can only be obtained through your service, if you do not have the paper that came with the SIM card.
Yes, i am currently using it on prepaid!
BÜLENT SOYLU,ben türkiyeden yazıyorum cok iyi bir samsung tüketicisiydim taki samsung beni mağdur edene kadar evimde 7 adet samsung marka ürün olan samsung hayranı birisiydim samsung tarafından mağdur edilmek beni cok üzmüştür samsung markasına güvenim...
You have to use a website which allows you to take pictures and record videos, as Samsung laptops have no short-cuts, programmes, applications etc. to do so itself. I think this is a bad thing which should be suggested to the company; it has a built-in webcam but nothing to use it on. You can try...
I am sorry there is no possible way to create a sig. on Sam-sung Flight 2, but you can go to . Messaging . Templates . Text templates . Create . then type in what you would want your sig. to be . Save . end the whole thing now when you type your message when you are done hit the . insert ....
Samsung belongs to South Korea
"allshare" is a interface to share media between Samsung electronics. By using a wireless network enabled devices can share digital information For example an "allshare" enabled phone can be accessed to watch digital content or listen to Music on an" allshare" enabled HDTV. Inthis same situation one...
call 1978-632-1827 and i will tell you
Yes, but it may take a while to get used to.
If you enter the PIN and PUK code on your phone incorrectly to many times, the sim card will the become blocked. At this point, u can take it to the service operator office (airtel or any).. and they ask some questions about your sim card.. and they can unlock it.... i did it...
Answer . Go to then click pay as you go at the top. After click on the dropdown list for Samsung then click on E900 clearace. The price was 69.95 pounds.
PUK codes can only provided by the network provider or carriers. You can get tha by calling them or checking the papers or box that came with the SIM card you're using.
It has a qwerty virtual keyboard but not a slider or anything.
push the volume button on left hand side of phone dial : *#8999*8378 (8378 will be shown as 4 dashes) then press #. A menu will open : go to H/W Test, then go to Audio settings and go to no 13 IIS Normal 2. Then go to RX vol. and go to level 14 and enter 3000 and save then go to menu and listen to...
the genio slide has a QWERTY keyboad but the genio touch does not
The only two themes you can have are 'black' and 'cartoon'. 'Black' is the preset mode, and the display is black and white. 'Cartoon' is a mode where everything is orange, brown or white.
Yes, the Samsung Diva has internet.
If you have forgotten or do not have the phone lock code then the only way around it is to perform a master reset. A master reset changes the phone settings back to the manufacturer default settings. This process will erase all downloaded settings, downloaded applications (graphics, wallpapers,...
Yep! I have one myself. It slides out a keyboard smoothly. The touchscreen doesnt buttdial easily... because there is a unique way to unlock it. The touchscreen is often easy to use and well-callibrated. =] =D ;D Hope this helps =] =D ;D