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LG is the second largest South Korean electronics company specializing in consumer electronics.


it depends what do you want it on
I'd like to know the answer to this questions too!!! if you ever find out please let me know! my phone isn't working cause of it
what is product line of LG company
yes it can but i am pretty sure only from bell mobile.
www.getjar.com is a great website for any type of phone. When you get on it say that your phone is the lg cookie (button in the top left corner), so it only shows apps for lg cookie. There are tons to choose from, so take your pick. P.S When downloading apps, don't use the mobile browser....
When you slide the drawer all the way out there are two black screws on each side of the drawer. The screws fasten the drawer slider to the outside face of the drawer. If you remove all four black screws you can lift the draw up and away from the sliders.
The enV has been succeeded by the enV3, enV Touch and the Voyager. Handset RRPs are as follows. enV3 - $399.99 enV Touch - $499.99 Voyager - $399.99
Theoretically it can, but it doesn't work very well because there is no Wi-Fi internet connection.
At a Verizon store. Or on the Verizon website, which is where I got mine. You get an extra Web-Only discount when you buy online, but you don't get the phone immediately like you would at the store. Still, the wait is only a week which is well worth the money you save.
No it is out at the end of June or start of jully
1.LG Esteem 2.LG Motion 3 LG Optimus G 4.LG Droid Razr Maxx
LG is an electronics company they sell stuff like cell phones and TVs
LG is a Korean based company.
well i think it came out in august 2009 so its not that old, i just got it today and it is a great phone i would definitely recommend it.
Let me just start by saying that it's not necessarily a death sentence if you get your LG wet. I got mine wet, and I'll tell you what happened. -Water seeped in underneath my keypad, so my phone was dialing numbers without my command. -The water also got under the sensors on my END key, so the...
This depends on where you buy it.
We sell LG Tractor Parts. You can reach us at 910-253-6812
Yes six different games including a brain training like game
The Cost depends on your wireless phone provider as well as your plan
No, the LG VN250 Cosmos can not take videos. But it should!
lg rumor touch definately much easier to use and awesome features
The term LG refers to "little girls", usually girls under 15 years of age. But some still call women LG's if their over 15.
LG Petrov is 39 years old (birthdate: February 17, 1972).
I believe that there isnt an official founder of the company. The LG Group was formed through the merger of two Korean companies, Lucky and GoldStar, from which the abbreviation of LG was derived.
I think that LG keybo 2 is way better!
A closed question is any question that can be answered with "Yes", "No", or a one word answer. For example: Are you ok? What time is it? Do you feel ok? Is it dark outside? Are you at work?
Not necessarily, it depends on what network you are on. Not all phone's have a Sim card's, try asking your cell phone provider.
Yes, it does have the android market.
Hi there, There will prob be a micro sd card slot at the back where you put your batteries, or there would'if been a cord that came with your phone when you first bought it. Hope I helped!! (:
No, It Says " Are You Ready " And Then Plays A Funky Beat, Maybe Some May Interpret The Bit In Between By It Saying , But It Was Not Put There On Purpose
This is only the bare basic review!!! I say the enV3. I have a LG Cosmos though. All my friends have it and they say it's the best. The LG Cosmos doesn't hold music or record videos, while the enV3 can (but if you go on the internet, there are some ways to download on the LG). And the Lg Cosmos...
On The Left Hand Side So This Way
I would say about 3 1/2 - 4 stars . I have that phone and the cameras is alright but it doesn't have a flash, Its not got very much memory. Other than that it is good. The qwerty keyboard is cool ! xx
Hello, If you want to make a conference call from GK24 EXE (LG GHX 616) please follow the below step: 1. Make a first call or when you receive a call. 2. Press CONF 1x 3. Make a second call. 4. Press CONF 2x 5. Tri-Party conference establish. Tks, Handryan
No.. It changes on it's on with the seasons. Fall you get a brown thanksgiving looking theme, Christmas you get snow etc.
Yes, Logitech is the same garbage as LG
you soak it in water leave it there for 2 or 3 minutes than throw it really hard on the cement, y do u want to break it?
LG smart is a very good phone with 8 megapixel camera. I wish I could have this kind of phone.
There is some best Lyntech Solutions company in melborne whichprovide you best service
yes, yes it is only on specific bits
About two inches tall and 1 1/2 inches wide. About 4 1/2 centimeters tall and about five centimeters wide
put in the sd card and copy music onto that
The LG ally does have pattern lock but the lock pattern can not be changed from every time the phone locks it self (after however long you have the screen timer for or when you press the end button) to just on the start up, which is a huge disappointment.
The enV flips open rather than sliding and the enV keys are much bigger than the Rumor. The rumor is a smaller phone, however width wise it is very thick. The rumor breaks easier because it is a sliding phone and phones that slife tend to break easier. Also, it depends on which enV you want.
Go to messaging and then press settings (the four lines on the bottom) and check off signature and type in your signature
no, its not touchscreen
No it doesnt have wifi or 3G.
The snap. it is an alround better phone. the camera is better and so are the touchscreen, apps, messaging system. basically everything.
The original LG Rumor uses a rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery. Talk time: 270 minutes Standby time: 240 hours
HI Ally , Yes you can record Audio on the rumor, I have its my ring tone
no i have a LG phone and there are no problems with it
Go to the sounds section of your phone. then choose the sound you want as your ringtone. go to options and pick send to. and send it to your number. when you receive the sound, go to options again but for the message and choose set as ringtone Regarding this answer: This doesn't work for me --...
My cell phone and charger have been stolen along with other items, does safelink replace phibes
take the battery out of it then power on again
\nLG is made in Korea, since it's a Korean brand. Of course, LG's a big company (I believe it's the former "Goldstar" brand) and they have plants all over the world, depending on what you're buying.\n. \nFor what it's worth, LG bought the old Zenith brand around 7 years ago, give or take a few...
Apparently, but it's not too much to see ni terms of what OS it's running. It's like a proto-smartphone.
default password for Lg ku990
It's Bridges and Balloons by Joanna Newsom.
Some are. The first three numbers before the coma in the model number tell you who made your kenmore.
if you would prefer a phone with a touch screen that still slides out text then I would say the cosmos touch is better. If you would prefer a phone that is not a touch screen but still flips up to text i would go with the octane. Both are from Verizon and neither require a data plan.
Usually, a new LG Rumor Touch only comes with a manual, the phone, and the wall charger
ya, i think its android 2.1
Turn it ON when in use. Turn it OFF when not in use.
I've posted the link (in Related Links) to the Contact Us page on LG's website. I don't see an actual email address.
I don't know...that's what I'm trying to figure out. ): You have mobile email, though.
has there been any major change in past 15yrs in lg?
They are made by LG group, a large South Korean conglomerate.
== definitley env 1 and 2 side hate the voyager so much had the voyager and i regret it == .
u lock it by pressing lock.
To check message balance in idea prepaid you will need to call thecustomer care.
There isn't really a name for it's operating system like we say Android or iOS , because it's operating system (OS) is specifically designed for this model and doesn't run anywhere else. If you are looking for more technical details, the OS for the GW520 comes in versions, starting with GW520AT...
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