Hot Dogs

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A hot dog, a sausage served on a sliced bun and topped with condiments, is a popular American dish.
Joey Chestnut ate 63 in Ten minutes.
250 A plain hotdog is precisely: 242 calories, 131 calories from fat.98.0gFor some added information (yes, I'm (poyo) very helpful that way)Total fat: 14.5gSaturated:5.1gPolyunsaturated: 1.7gMonounsaturated: 6.9g.I would give a plain hotdog a D+.Good: NO sugar, and my friend told me there's selenium...
Yes, some hot dogs have very low amounts of vitamins.
If they are not homemade pork hot dogs and are store bought, then they have already been smoked to temperature so all you have to do is grill them till they are firm in the middle and you get the great grill markings on them. With homemade hot dogs you have to cook them until they reach an internal...
170 calories are present in mini hot dogs.
it would take up almost half of your body
180 calories are present in one vension hot dog.
I live in Georgia. I just moved to North Georgia from South Georgia. I have checked prices in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee. They all range from $2.00-$4.00 depending on the store. I usually purchase the ones that are 98% fat free and are 100% beef. They are delicious and...
I have called them ten times searching for wholesale hotdogs for mybusiness! I have to say that Kraft Foods have an amazing amount oftotally stupid people working there as not one person out of tencould direct me to a wholesale division. I'm going to do businesswith Nathans!
Softness, heat, tastiness, shape, volume, length, width, density, buoyancy, things that you can see or find out without changing the identity of the substance.
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Answer . Many more children choke due to the size of the hotdog pieces that it is cut into. Their esophogus is similar in size to an average hotdog and therefore cutting the hotdog into slices is making it very easy for them to choke. Instead cut the hotdog into slices but then quarter those...
Ingredients would include a sausage, mustard, tomato sauce, onions and long buns. Blow before eating hot dog as it could be hot.
Here is a data display representing the calorie content of one sausage for 17 popular brands of hot dogs. As you can see, some of the hot dogs have about twice as many calories as others, and there is one brand that is definitely the healthiest in terms of low calories. 10 | 7 11 | 12 | 13 ...
Jesse Jones hot dogs cannot be purchased in retail stores inDallas, Texas. They are only available at certain race tracksacross the US.
They have no gender. They are "its"
I have no idea why they stopped. I loved buying them for my kids both the hot dogs and hamburgers. I have looked all over, can't find them. shame! I even liked them!
salchicha is the actual wiener, perro caliente is hot dog
because their a pigs intestines
Per the FDA you can freeze hot dogs for 1-2 months...
Corn Dogs are hot dogs that are breaded in corn bread batter and deep fried.
In Europe they are 2 euros and in the UK they are £2 and in the USA/Canada they are $2 From Americano's hotdogs
No, mainly leftover meats and organs.
It depends on the quality of the meat used. Some low-grade hot dogs include a large proportion of gristle and other tissues, as well as salt and additives to "bulk-up" the meat. Higher quality hot dogs have much more meat and will not have any bones in them. Answer: The term "meat" gets tossed...
well dogs are cornivorous so you go on from there......
You shouldn't eat anything left overnight in a can. It may cause sickness. Toss it out!!! And I might add, never leave an open can in the fridge either. Pour liquids into a pitcher or such, and place other foods in a sealed container such as tupperware or other bowl with lid.
There is a manufacturer in Canada called Willy Dogs who sells a hot dog cart just as you have described. If you visit their web site at and check out their catalog it's right in there. The colours are quite striking! . PS. why would you want that?
Regardless of whether your dog ate hot dogs, if he is vomiting blood and shivering, this calls for an emergency visit to your nearest animal clinic.
Cola is .35 pounds and a hot dog is .95 pounds. Here is how I found that. 1. Label variables C-cola H-hot dog 2. Make equations 3C+H=2 C+2H=2.25 3.Solve for one variable C+2H=2.25 C=2.25-2H 4. Plug into other equation 3C+H=2 3(2.25-2H)+H=2 5.Solve! 3(2.25-2H)+H=2 6.75-6H+H=2 6.75-5H=2 -5H...
Yes, but only if you eat them everyday, or very often. Once is a while doesn't do much. Just exercise to loose the fat from hot dogs.
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100% pure beef. Kosher hot dogs are made from kosher meat which does restrict the cuts of meat that can be used. You can find kosher hot dogs made from beef, veal, chicken, and turkey. They do contain the normal seasonings found in hot dogs including nitrates.
In the first World fair in St. Louis.
wow... i can't believe someone would ACTUALLY ask that :) don't corn dogs are here to stay!
Jesse Jones' hot dogs are still sold in most Food Lion grocery stores in the lunch meat section. (However, I cannot find their hot dog chili).
The number of calories in a hot dog on a bun with yellow mustard and a pickle depend on where you get the hot dog and all of the fixings. If you are on a diet, and you are trying to check how many calories that is, I suggest that hot dogs are not the best choice if you are trying to loose weight....
Some are made of beef, yes. They can also be made of pork.
First fry them in oil. They will float when they are done. Then grill them a little until they are a little black. One delicious option for toppings is mustard, bacon, sauerkraut, and relish.
Deep fried hot dogs . 4 c. canola oil . 6 New Jersey-made Thumann's hot dogs . 6 hot dog buns, steamed or toasted . Cole slaw or sauerkraut . Heat oil in a heavy pot or deep fryer to 350 degrees. Carefully add hot dogs and cook until skin rips open. Place in buns and top with slaw or kraut....
You boil it in water until cooked. They're delicious.
Well, they "were". Best's was a division of Sara Lee Corporation, that shut down the division. They didn't even try to sell it off. If you search on line you'll see that many different people thought Best's were one of the best or the best. A loss.
No. Most hotdogs have already been cooked when you buy them. Assuming they've been cooked and well stored, there's no problem eating them cold.
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the right number of hot dogs eaten at major league baseball games in one season is about 24,300,000.
they look like them
around four inches
Butchers historically have always liked to deal with even weights. The size of hot dogs at the time were such that 10 of them equaled one pound. Even though some hot dogs packages are less than a pound now, they still stick to the 10 per pack. Bakers, on the other hand, like to deal with even...
Hot dogs are eaten primarily for their flavor. The nutrition value is not high, and the amount of nitrites, salt, and fat in most hot dogs makes them unsuitable to consume on a regular basis. They are mainly used as a way for parents to get kids to eat protein, which is the primary constituent after...
Hot dogs are not the healthiest choice, but unless you eat them day after day and eat little else, they probably won't kill you.
Hot dogs seem very tasty, but what people don't know is that it is made out of meat fat. It's unhealthy to eat it most of the time because you will obviously get more fat and too much of any type of food isn't good either.
well i would not keep them for more than a week
It is all about temperature control. Which is true for all foods. The goal is to not give any bacteria that might be in the food a chance to grow. Bacteria grows at temps ranging 41 - 135 deg Fer. So it's either keep the hot dog cold, 40 deg and under. Or keep the hot dog hot, 136 deg or higher. ...
I Would Think You Need A Quarter Cup Per Hot Dog........So That Is About 250 Cups Or 16 And A Half Gallons.
whatis the phone for jesse jones hot dogs
Yes, they are real in that there is such a thing as a hot dog.
400 grams equals 1.74 cups
In America, it is 5 to 7 dollars, at a normal place! but, if you go somewhere fancy to get a hot dog, it will cost more!
There used to be a butcher around Long Branch that stocked the big pack of deli style (best dogs around!!)
the current year for the year that the hot dog was made is infact 1832
In quebec they are called: chien chaud
About 1\2-1 foot long.Well,at least at our school.
Wal-Mart,Publix,and Kroger.
If you are planning on feeding it a hot dog, dont. However, it might be physically possible for them to eat it, but more likely than not, they simply would not eat it.
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To make customers purchase more of each item until they balance each other out . Customers are likely to mess up cooking some of the hot dogs, so the number of buns don't have to support the number of people . According to scientific research, 2 hot dogs are eaten without buns
Kosher hot dogs are prepared following all the rules of kashrut.Muslims have a similar food process called Halal foods. Answer: Kosher rules that would apply to hot dogs specifically include: . The method of killing and bleeding the animal . The absence of blood in the mix . The absence of meat...
There are 6 main food groups. Meats/protein, grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and fats and oils. Of those six, hot dogs fits best into the meats & protein category.
I would advise you that animals are not supposed to eat hot dogs, as it teaches them to eat human foods. Some could potentially life threatening like grapes and chocolate. Ungrateful owners are likely to give them more than 134 a year which is over average.
You are much better off buying one pre-built, or used from someone selling one. For the best hygiene, you want a cart built mostly out of stainless steel for ease of cleaning and longevity. There are many companies that make these. I prefer the New York Style cart myself. That's what I used when I...
"hot dog buns or sliced with knifes" That is not what they were asking. It should also be are, not or...Knives, not knifes.
It varies and depends on the brand, type of frankfurter, as well what grocery store you would be shopping at. There is no definitive answer for exactly what an 8 pack will cost. Expect to pay a rough estimate though of anywhere from $3.00 - $15.00
I like hotdogs because they are yummy