Dollar General

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Dollar General stores were founded in 1939, by Cal Turner. The first store opened in Kentucky. The original concept was that no item would cost more than one dollar. There are now over 10,000 Dollar General stores nationwide in the United States.
Duracell lasts a lot longer than dollar general brand by3 hours
Dollar General typically offers its own brand of food and they do not specialize in a certain product so that's why they don't taste as good!
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A dollar store, such as Dollar Tree, sells items for $1. Every item in the entire store will sell for one dollar or less. At Dollar General, they offer more merchandise, including grocery items. Their prices can be up to five dollars or possibly higher.
a huge dollar bill
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Identify audit procedures that might have detected the improperaccounting treatment applied by Dollar General to the transactionwith IBM.
Dollar General did not close on Easter, I worked last year. I am trying to find out the hours for 2012\n \n
I do not see why not, there is many jobs there that are inside the lines of want in minor can do for employment.
how much do fake nails cost at dollar general
Verizon Wireless offers this discount to many other companies as well, not only Dollar General. We also get discounts from sprint.
yes dollar general still sells silly bandz , and even though it doesn't happen so often anymore, they may be sold out sometimes.
yes black pants and a black shirt
Yellow polo shirts and black slacks. The polo shirts with dollar general store logo can be purchased from dollar general store for a low price of 3 for 21 bucks...not bad!
yes dollar general has littlest pet shop
Dollar General managers get a quarterly bonus (4 times a year)based on sales, if your sales don't meet goals, you will not getthem. You also get a bonus based on your inventory results, but itsoften not that much, and if you surpass the loss, you get nothing.There is also a small customer connect...
16-28 dollars.. box fans are $16. oscillating are $20 and $28 for a cyclone.
Because i get paid and its a job anyone with a job right now has many advantages in society.
Some of the larger Dollar General stores carry scrubs. Sometimes it depends on the demand in the area. Call your local D.G. and see if they are carrying any so you don't waste gas going from store to store.
Just answer the way you think they would like to hear it, if your co worker found 20 on the floor would you tell, answer is yes, where really that makes you out to be a tattle tale, then when you come to the ? where you have to sit all these people at a table for a meeting but Alice can't sit next...
Yes, you have a chance on being rehired. But they most likely will not. It is never a good idea to quit a job without notice. It can hurt you down the road.
I have bought qualifing items for the race in to win Sweepstakes. How do I enter my code?
i want to install kitchen hoods in restaurant i have bad credit , 25 years in sheet metal union want to open own business how much to be license and bonded
No, they dont. I've worked their before and they currently do not. Hope that helps!:)
Answer . You get up to 3 days paid leave provided you are already scheduled to work. Otherwise it is unpaid. signed, mgr 4yrs+
Not renewing it is not the same a canceling it. You have to tell them to stop.
Yeah, crew members get a 25 cent raise, while managers are on salary.
Dollar General employer's federal id # 61-0852764.
General merchandise, which consisted of everything that a store could carry. When there is only one store in town, it has to carry everything that people would want to purchase. Clothes, material, food, guns, tools... all of it.
31,000 to 35,000 depending on your experiences, the economy, the store's sales, and the area! More experience gets you a higher salary!
Dollar General assumes all employees are thieves because they do not pay high enough wages to actually get good employees. So instead managers have to hire questionable people.
no, you can be 16. ^ ^ ^ --you are obviously wrong, because you do have to be 18. So that really didn't help the person asking..
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Answer . Ask someone at the reference desk of your local public library for the Occupational Outlook Handbook. It lists all kinds of information you would need to know,(including the salary) of just about any occupation you can think of.
Yes, actually now they do sell them. As well as wine and beer.