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Pawnbrokers issue personal loans to people, while holding their property as collateral. Jewelry, tools, firearms, and electronics are commonly held to secure the loan. If the loan is not paid back, the goods are sold in a shop setting.
If your talking about the 1st original Xbox your looking at $50-$75range.
Answer . More than likely yes. Will it it be for an amount that is less than you think it's worth? More than likely yes. With the technology always getting better and the prices getting lower for computers and considering the "hold" time that we are required to abide by it forces us,...
Some do, but many don't. It depends on the local market for the particular shop, it would be best to call your local shop and ask.
The Medici family in Italy were moneylenders during the Middle Ages and operated pawnshops throughout Europe. Legend has it that they also slew a giant for King Charlemagne using three bags of rocks. These three bags became stylized into three golden balls, which became a part of their family crest...
It is called the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, 713 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89101 Las Vegas
The value depends on denomination, date and grade of the coin, the fact that it's in a pawn shop adds nothing to the value. Also the great depression did not start until 1929.
Some do. In fact, pawn brokering was one of the early businesses inwhich Jews were allowed to participate. That said, the traditional three gold balls of a pawn shop arerooted in Christian tradition. The balls represent the three bagsof gold given by St. Nicholas to three sisters as a dowry.
Pawn or  paun. A peacock. . Pronunciation IPA: /pə'un/ Noun паун (paún) m = peacock . See http: // / wiki / паун 
The pawn shop willing to buy the ring is the only one that can tellyou what the shop can pay. If you have such a ring, best practices dictate that you pay agemologist to evaluate the quality of the diamond and the metal, sothat you have an idea of the fair market value of the ring beforeyou go to...
AAA Pawnbrokers, Inc in Marietta is open on Sundays Noon til 6PM
probably but if not i got cake anyway it was only about 150,000 like so what i can easily buy another 1. 4 my name if banks. holla at your boy army boy banks 215-839-4946
You can start selling things at pawn shops when your at least 14 BUT with the help of a parent of guardian this however is at most pawn shops.Cause each pawn shop has its own terms and conditions.
While it depends on the shop owners, normally pawn shops don't buy items they can't sell. Because no one wants a broken PSP, a pawn shop is unlikely to purchase one from a seller.
Roughly? Most likely $50 to $150 dollars depending on the item and possibly your customer record (amount of redemptions vs. the amount of items lost). On items other than gold a pawn shop will usually try to get anywhere between at least at 40% to 150% return, making the loan amount come out to...
I'm going in to one to sell mine as well. retail sold them for 60-75 dollars like a year ago so they will sell yours at around 25-30 maybee. your looking at 10-15 bucks. And on an item like that they wont budge no matter what you say. new ipods like a touch or classic have high demand rates so they...
Yes, there is a pawn shop on 98 north called West Coast pawn shop. They are cross the street from walmart. Sunday hours are 10 am to 4pm.
What a pawn shop will pay for a PS2 (or just about anything)depends on their target profit margins, their business expenses,the time it will take to resell the item, and their currentinventory levels of that item. Some shops have fixed rates forpopular items, like a PS2. Some won't want them at all...
well mine cost me 80 dollars plus they gave me a free i pod nano and 3 pair of free ipod white head phones
Must be 18 years or older with valid I.D.
Here is a list of a few that I know of you may want to give them a call to see if they are open or not. Good Luck. . CIRCLE D PAWN 405-273-2881 . 1705 N Kickapoo Ave, Shawnee, Ortiser. HEATHER'S PAWN LOANS 405-282-8899 . 1504 S Division St, Guthrie, OK. WATERLOO CASH & PAWN 405-340-6999 ...
Apple doesnt make 14 GB so i'd say less than 100$ Maybe 50$ issh .
Dont listen to these other people it should range from 45 to 75 dollars
You can, but it'll be dependent on whether or not they want to buy it. Pawn shops aren't guaranteed to buy everything offered to them for sale.
Yes. There is a real Pawn Shop. I don't know if the "Old Man" runs the store but there is definatly a pawn shop. It is in Vegas. Go and see it. It's fun and the prices are good Pawn stars is a fake show. however there is a pawn shop in Vegas yes. and it is real and they sell real items. and it...
No, despite the public perception. For a pawn shop to pawn or sell firearms, they must have a Federal Firearms license. When buying a gun from a pawn shop, you will complete the same paperwork, police background check, etc, as if you were buying from a gun store. Criminals obtain their guns mainly...
This varies based on the pawn shop, some are closed on Sundays andsome are open.
Gold & Silver Pawn Shop 713 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89101-6755 (702) 385-7912
1. ps2 2.ps3 3.xbox360 5.wii
Pawn Shops typically have a code above the price indicating the purchase price (ie. ABB =$122) so the sales person can know negociating space. The difficult thing is knowing the codes for each store chain.
no i cheaked all over i dont think so sorry if i might be wroung
The only easy answer is: less than you paid for it. The value of the necklace is based on the metal and the diamond stones, and in this case how much the pawn shop is willing to loan you based on its value. Before you approach a pawn shop, you are best advised to take the necklace to a jeweler...
US$1426.8 as on 07-19-2010
You are looking at approx. $10 a gram for 10K and $12 for 14k if you sell it at a pawn shop. As of 02-20-2011
IF the pawn shop is licensed as a gun dealer. Not all are.
In most cases this is prosecuted as a theft.
Though Paintball markers can be sold to pawn shops and Paintball stores, there are no specific "paintball pawn shops." The link attached is a site where markers can be bought, sold and traded.
Less than you would like, but more than you had before.
Yes, the pawn shop receives a ticket from you which will have the pawn # then once you have received the item in which was pawned they tell you who pawned it.
U can buy it everywhere,and just search the cheap watches is okay in the net.
all depends on the weight and quality of the stone
it is per gram and 50 per gram
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Um, it depends on the type of pawn shop. but usually no. your best bet would be to scrap it, if your trying to get rid of rims.
Some of the pawn shops are, most are not open
yeh its pretty good (my opinion) idk the website though..
A pawn shop will buy anything if it not ridiculous
They are closed on Sundays due to Blue Laws. Blue laws originatedto keep the religious observance of Sunday by closing somebusinesses that might ordinarily be open.
what does 24kgr stamped on a necklace mean
Most convicted felons are not allowed to possess a firearm, ordinarily. If his felony conviction is for a non-violent offense, like embezzelment, it may be okay. Ordinarily if he has title to a firearm, he could be in big trouble. Under Federal law (18 USC 922) a convicted felon may not possess a...
All pawnshops are required to apply and obtain a license with the Department annually. Each pawnshop must maintain a net worth of at least $50,000 or file security in the form of a surety bond, letter of credit or certificate of deposit in the amount of $10,000. The Department is authorized to...
By bringing in something they have no intrest in or you want to much money and you wont go down to what they want to spend.
You go to the local police department. And apply there with the town. You have to be bonded and insured. You have to pay $50 for the license
In the US, when redeeming a pawned firearm, you will go through the same process as buying the firearm from a dealer (this is Federal Law). The pawnshop operator is required to conduct a background check with the law enfrocement agency that does this. The result may be approved, denied, or delayed....
Depends on the laws where you live. In most cases, there is no delay IF the gun is being returned to the person that pawned it, and the law enforcement background check does not cause a delay. If the background check is failed, that means it is against the law for you to have a gun, and it cannot be...
I don't know why not. It sells really well on eBay too.. I don't know why not. It sells really well on eBay too.
most is 15 dollars.the least is 5 or 10 dollars
No they don't. They need to resell the item, and why would they buy something broken to resell? Hope that helped.
Yes you must be 18 and your penis must be over 6 inches in Length and 3 inches width. Good luck pawning, hope this helps.
most long guns 18 some handguns 21. state law migh be an issue
AAA Pawnbrokers, Inc. Open 10-8 Mon to Friday 10-6 Saturday and 12-6 Sunday. 770-419-7999
Land Of Entrapment PAWN - 1927 Eubank Blvd NE (Just North of Indian School) OPEN 10-4 on Sunday 323-PAWN
No, pawnshops accept older things like antiques or famous antique items
Was a police report filed when the item was stolen? Did it have any identifying marks? If so, you should be able to get it back. However, hiring a lawyer may be more expensive than buying it back from the pawn shop. Depending on your state the pawn shop can claim they bought the merchandise in "good...
On the corner of Federal Street and Lakecock on the Northside.
It depends on the color and clarity, and also the type of setting and its metal. (too many ifs to answer precisely because it also depends on the person at the pawn shop. You can have it appraised first though.)
What pawn shops are open on Sunday. Near new Orleans
Hello, Yes,,, pawn shops do pawn TV's. However most pawn shops today willonly buy, sell and loan on digital TV's, which is basically allTV's made within the last 6 to 7 years. This will, in most cases,rule out tube TV's, although there are digital tube TV's that weremade, but they will not be worth...
I worked at a pawnshop for about 1 year. Most shops have a 10 digit code. For example, if you take a ten letter word and make each letter represent a number. so if your ten letter word was "WASHINGTON" Since there are two n's in the word I would replace the last one with an X. Now your word is ...