Forever 21 (clothing store)

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Forever 21 is an international chain of retail stores. Their clothing lines are known for being trendy and affordable. The stores are mainly aimed at younger females, but they do have lines for other target audiences.
yes, pretty much. forever 21 has a bit more of a crazy style but basically the are the same.
In California you have to have to be 16 or 17 to work but you haveto have a permit and also you can only work 4 hours per school dayand 28 hours a week but if your 18 or older your considered anadult so good luck on your application.
yes, there is one in Morgantown.
Elaine Smith. ;) Source: her close friend!
No, it's a clothing store that also sells accessories and makeup. It sells all kinds of clothes, not just Christian ones.
Forever 21 has weird numbers on their jeans like 24 and 26. ButI've figured this out, it's really simple, you could just go trythem on, but if you're online shopping, then a US size 8 wouldtypically be a UK size 25-to-27. Hope this helps, good luck!
The Forever 21 outlet is going to open at DLF Promenade Vasant Kunj in Delhi.
Models that do Forever 21 ads and campaigns are typically hired through modeling agencies. They do not tend to use underage models as young as 14-years-old, though.
The reason Forever 21 is so successful today is because the prices are very inexpensive, and their clothes constantly change. That store if for people who like to follow trends, and because the clothes cost hardly nothing, they wont mind if they only wear it once. :)
201 S. Alameda St. Los Angeles, CA 90058
Yes, the have a number of locations in Canada.
Japan's. This is probably because of the stronger yen rate to the USD compared to the RM against USD. The four seasons here also means there's a huge sale to get rid of last season's collection. And when they slash prices here, they slash it like crazy.
It depends. Aeropastle has better clothing that's cute and casual (and less expensive) while forever 21 is girly and dressy with many accesories (and outragousely expensive) I'd say Aeropastle is better!
Forever 21 was founded in 1984 by a Korean living in Los Angelesnamed Do Won Chang, along with his wife, Jin Sook Chang. Thestores' original name was "Fashion 21" and it was marketed towardmiddle aged Korean American women living in LA, selling affordableclothes. In literally a year, people began to...
There are currently no Forever 21 stores in Germany. However, they did open a few in Europe (e.g. 2 in Vienna, Austria) and are planning to open one in Munich late in 2013.
About 7.00 to 8.00 dollars per hour manger get make about 17 an hour u will have a better chance of making a lot more money being a manager FYI
Because it's got everything to bright sparkly tank tops to black long Gothic skirts! it has cheep shoes (i got a high tops there for only 5 bucks!), fun socks and sexy bras and underwear! Who wouldn't want to!
Usually They Ship Your Order The Next Day, But It May Take 5-10 Business Days.
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No but there is a Route 66
It is possibly: A computer glitch. They are updating their webiste. Or..... they just need to fix it. Try: Reloading the page until it hurts. (not really ;)**) Checking your internet. Try another browser. Try again LATER. Request access. Hope this helps! GOOD LUCK! ;)
urban outfitters, river island
A long time since it takes them forever to process the order it takes them a week to process and then 5-7 days to ship.
It matters where you are, but usually its form 9am-9pm
Nothing can be found that suggests they give anything back to the community in any way other than the usual ways, such as providing jobs.
it is the opposite of expensive! it is so cheap, one thing is the clothes dont last a long time. they sell them for people that dont like to wear things more than a couple times, or just anyone really
Yes, the products Forever21 carry are all meant to be disposable and cheap.
Yes but it isnt a big one.
Online it says they open at midnight, but the store clerks said 5AM.
They have affordable prices, always in style, start new trends, and has something for everybody.
The minimum age to work at Forever 21 is 16 years old. Forever 21is a fashion retailer that has numerous stores throughout the US.
I do not think matters if you just want to shop at Forever 21 but if you want to work there I believe the age is 16
There is a wide array of styles at forever 21. They have everything from hippy, to girly, to high class, to laid back. They have t shirts, fancy dresses, like semi formal dresses, shoes, accessories, and more. Check it out!
So that they can make more money, and their getting paid by other companies to sell you their gift cards. -- Many businesses offer gift cards, because in some way, it guarantees them business. When a person is giving a gift, they may be aware that the person they're buying for enjoys shopping in...
There is no definite answer to this question. Hundreds or even thousands of people visit that site. The number is continuous.
There are four levels in Forever 21, New York.
Yes, they do carry purses. I have 7 adorable purses from there and you would probably find a couple too.
It is aimed at teens to 20's. Both girls and boys. It now has clothes for kids, boys, plus size and more. Almost anyone can find clothes there. are some frequently asked nutrition questions
Do Won Chang and his wife Jin Sook Forever 21 is an American Clothing Retail Company, with trading outlets all over the world offering reasonably priced trendy clothing and accessories for young men, women, boys, and girls. The company was founded in 1984 by Mr.Do Won Chang and his wife Jin Sook...
No, you cant return clothing from a different clothing lines ( they might be eneies)
Sure! They have clothes for kids boys plus size and more! I think it depends on what the 12 year old wants to buy. I'd say be careful not to grow up to fast and don't wear older people clothes, find what is right for a 12 year old.
Forever 21 is a privately owned company like Facebook, eHarmony andmore. As a private company they decide if they want to sell sharesand who they want to sell them to. For this purpose they usedifferent systems that, in most of the cases, are meant for biginvestors (
yes. almost every girl has been in a forever 21 at least once.
They don't offer it for regulat sale associates.. Only the MODs are allowed to have direct deposit
The Richmond Centre . 300 North 5th Street, Richmond, VA 16 mi S (804) 644-4770.
forever 21 e-mail get on there e-mail list
it depends what size of clothes you where, bt i think 12 and a half is a pretty good age, you could probably find a few things you like and fit you!
i think it came from korea
It has 4 floors. I stopped by there yesterday.