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Founded in 1854 and headquartered in Paris, France, Louis Vuitton is a high end fashion brand. Sold internationally, Louis Vuitton designs sunglasses, watches, shoes, jewelery, and other fashion pieces.
It will depend on the looks. If it has a scratch on it they will not. If it is still perfectly in the bag brand new they will put it on the sales floor. Almost all of the stores will do that!
Spotting a fake is easy. If you purchase it at a Louis vuitton store or a high end designer boutique then its off course real. If its bought anywhere else then its fake. But it gets hard on the net. If you choose to purchase a lv bag on eBay, than it must be presented with a authenticity card and...
The vision and mission statement for the company Louis Vuitton arecombined. It appears as exactly thus: "The mission of the LVMHgroup is to represent the most refined qualities of Western â??Artde Vivreâ?? around the world. LVMH must continue to be synonymouswith both elegance and creativity....
Yes it certainly did- the newer models have the cream alcantra lining...my 2007 has it! ;-)
No. Louis Vuitton is the third most popular brand. The most popular is Chanel.
Many Louis Vuitton products say: "Louis Vuitton Paris Made In France" Actually some are also made in USA as well as Spain for smaller products. Louis Vuitton bags, key rings, watches, and other products are produced in their several factories around the world. These factories are located in...
Buy it in Paris and then submit your receipt to get the VAT back when you go to Berlin!
2 kids named beau and Angelique.
I know there was a factory there because when my son was in the Air Force, he went there and special ordered bags and backpacks for his sisters. They did not come registered because that could only come out of an authorized store.. Now I hope it wasn't a big knock off factory, I wasn't there...
Very hot, Im getting one this weekend...much cooler than LV evidence glasses that half of Miami wear. Louis Vuitton Attitude Sunglasses ($530), which are available in silver and gold. These shades are part of the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2009 collection and feature Damier engraved detailing on...
no, Madonna was his close friend and she helped advertise his early fashion designs, for this reason, Madonna earns 30% of all of Louis' income!
leather the inside is probably lined with cotton because that's what it feels like
maybe you can try ebay.com, it is a famous online shopping store.
at any Victoria's Secret store.
It should be made of the highest quality materials. There should be no crooked stamps or spelling and nothing should be spelled wrong. The real ones will not have any stickers or weird tags on them. You can also always take them to the Louis Vuitton store and ask if they are real.
code guideline that refers to the year the bag was produced. In 1990, the coding system changed to 2 letters followed by 4 numbers. The letters indicate the factory of origin. The 4 numbers are the manufacturing date, but now the date is staggered. The first and third numbers are the year, while the...
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These factories are located in Southern California (USA), Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, and of course, France. A few years ago, the LV brand entertained the idea if opening a factory in India. This factory location, however, is unconfirmed. If opened, the factory in India would be designated...
im 16 and want to know if louis vuitton belts are fake from the flea market
You can try online store selling designer's handbags like LouisVuitton, Chanel, Gucci and Hermes. You can buy a replica louis Vuitton at a large Asian Supermarket.There is usually a small store or booth inside the market thatsells designer knock off bags and wallets. Most of these bags stillcost...
If it is a newer edition it will have a serial number. 2011 and prior do not have the serial numbers.
They have various collections. Some are made of pure quality leather, suede, denim, canvas, and silk and the buckles/zippers are actually plated with real white or yellow gold. They last for 10 yrs+. I think most of desinger handbag is made of classy leather, like LV, GUCCI, prada, and so on!
If you find a Louis Vuitton handbag that's cheap, it's probably a fake and a knockoff. They sell it in the malls. Real ones are much more expensive.
Louis Vuitton bags, key rings, watches, and other products are produced in their several factories around the world. These factories are located in Southern California (USA), Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, and of course, France. A few years ago, the LV brand entertained the idea if opening a...
if you are referring to the keepall, then yes. it has studs on the bottom which authentic Louis vuitton keepall's do not have, it was probably fake as it was thrown in the water.
Yes, i have. And finally i received my LV sunglasses without any fault. I bought it from a website in China. The link has been put up in the section right below this answer. It is reliable. And the price is acceptable, I think. Their customer service is great. After my payment, they called me...
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Depends. Ranges from atleast a few hundred, approximately 400/500 pounds to a few thousand pounds.
That's an easy one. Louis Vuitton is spelled with two t's, not one. A lot of times their wallets have an L and V crossing over each other. The most obvious answer is the price. The cheapest wallet I ever saw was 300 dollars so if it's any cheaper it probably isn't real.
Yes, There are many factories around the world that produce products of Louis Vuitton. For example; bags
Louis Vuitton was French. He spoke French.
Yes Louis Vuitton is female
Well not much, normally a fake Louis Vuitton purse would sell for about $15. Sometimes on Ebay they sell for over $100 because the seller doesn't say its fake.
Actual size: 12.5" x 9.5" x 6.5" LV M92647 Louis Vuitton LV Handbag Alma Replica The smooth, elegant shape is crafted from 33 Multicolor canvas with a natural cowhide base, a full double zipper, and a roomy inside compartment with pockets for cell phone. It was made famous by Jennifer Lopez. It...
Not sure- There are no pictures posted. I have a purse with the same snap numbers and all. My purse is a replica from the 1940s. Hope this helps.
Try Los Angeles area or SF / Bay Area. Los Angeles is better tho, especially the one on Rodeo Drive.
Which LV bag idiot? A Speedy 30 will cost €475 (~$650) compared to $690 (~€505) in the US while a Wilshire GM will set you back €820 (~$1,120) in France versus $1,160 (~€850) in the US. So say you bought the Wilshire GM in France, you would save about $40 on the bag but have to...
Louis Vuitton is a French fashion house founded in 1854 by someone called Louis Vuitton in 1867 Louis Vuitton introduced his flat bottom trunks with trianon canvas making them lightweight and airtight. its first shop opened in Oxford street London when people started stealing his ideas he decided to...
Not all. The material varies from collection to collection. Some are made from leather others canvas or denim. I also think that some are made from vinyl.
There are 3 Louis Vuitton Stores in India Mumbai Delhi Banglore
Go in eBay or something like that if that doesnt work im sorry.