Convenience Stores

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Convenience Stores are small retail stores that carry common everyday items. They are common stops on road trips or on the way home from work. It is a quick place to pick up milk, a cold soda, or a bag of chips. Many convenience stores also have fuel pumps, air tanks for tires, or even car washes available.
In the late 1940's, the store was renamed from Tote'm to 7-Elevento reflect its store hours: 7am - 11pm, seven days a week!
In 2009 the average gross profit of convenience stores was $477, 894 . You'll be surprised as to where this profit came from -- According to the Association of Convenience and Petroleum retailing, Alcohol are the largest provider of profit with 18%, while cigarettes come second.
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Supermarkets run large 50 thousand plus square footage sales areas, have plus 14000 lines, run the full range of grocery but add in such items as white goods, entertainment lines, clothing non food variants such as stationary. Convenience store are just that. situated within communities. Central to...
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because 7-11 japan gets delivery every day fresh and the chairman is living in japan and visits store offently
First, I would base the problem out of 100, since that is how percentages work. Therefore, if 25% buy both bread and milk, then 40-25= 15 only buy milk, and 30-25= 5 only buy bread. Add 15+5+25= 45, and 100-45= 54. Hence, 54% of all convenience store shoppers buy neither bread nor milk.
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