Emigration and Refugees

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A refugee is a person who has been forced to leave their country of origin to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. News often show thousands of people trying to cross the country's borders when civil unrest or war threatens people's lives. Leaving one's country is called emigration, though not everyone who emigrates is a refugee.. Many refugees go to a 'refugee camp' if one is available, but many refugees take huge chances to leave their country and do not have access to support services, such as camps. Some people legally seek "refugee status" in the new country.
Brittish refugee children were spread out from the main cities to the countryside or very secluded rural areas. This was to prevent the next generation suffering at the hands of the Nazi's during the time of the Blitz and other air raid attacks. This was put in place once the Germans had began...
The largest ethnic group in Texas derived directly from Europe waspersons of German birth or descent. As early as 1850, theyconstituted more than 5 percent of the total Texas population.
The first wave of immigration back in the 18th. century was due to poverty and hunger, the potato famine was a big factor also. Later immigrations were due to the Irish looking for better paying jobs as the Irish economy was, until it joined the EU, very bad. Now Ireland is booming and immigrants...
Until August 1941 Jews were allowed to emigrate from Germany and from Nazi-occupied Western Europe, provided they could find a country to accept them and could actually travel there. They were able to pay the fares (including meals and so on) in advance in Germany, but they were not allowed to take...
example: the people decided to emigrate from china to the united states. emigrate is used to describe leaving a place. immigrate is used for COMING to a place
Answer . From 1933 till 1940 the Nazis tried to make life so unpleasante for the Jews in Germany that they emigrated. It was official policy. By mid 1940, however, so much of Europe was under Nazi rule that this was no longer practical though a small number of Jews still managed to reach the U.S....
A return refugee is a refugee who returns to his or her home country.
Call NZ Immigration from USA at 64-9-914-4100 and ask them aboutcurrent requirements. As of now, they claim it could be an issueunder the "Character" section of the application. However, thattends to be more focused on wehther or not you have committedcrimes and have spent time in jail. So, he...
I have seen stories in the news since the 1950s, prior to that I was too young to know. There has been a long history of turmoil and upheaval all over Africa due to the breakdown of colonialism and many regimes that impoverish their population.
The camp is situated 2 kilometers North of Bethlehem and 1 kilometer North of Beit Jala in the central West Bank. It was established in 1950 and covered an area of 66 dunams.
Recently I watch a video that had his son interviewed. Rommel's family stayed in Germany. I have added a link below for you.
No, if you have your green card:. "persons lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence who are in possession of their alien registration card (Green card) or can provide other evidence of permanent residence;" (http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/visas.asp)
One immigrates into a country. One emigrates out of one's country. Migrate is usually used for animals and birds that move to other regions on an seasonal basis. Migrate can also be used when people move within a country, eg. from the country to urban areas. Migration is movement from one area to...
When your older, move here. ask somebody else (like your auntie and uncle and cousins that live here) how. but i have to say its GREAT here!!!:) i love it!! i never EVER NEVER EVER want to move out of the USA!!!!!! haha good luck to!! you'll love it:) (and i am dead serious to. no sarcasm in this!!...
yes, you do need a visa. If Germany is part of the EU than you need a Schengen Visa. If they are not, than you need a Visa from Germany.
Yes. However, depending on your country of origin, you will havevarying visa requirements.
Of course not. He was absent from Norway from 1946 to 1952 because he was Secretary General of the United Nations. After this he promptly returned to Norwegian political life.
The Chinese emigrant population is very large in some areas of California. An emigrant to the US from Europe was likely to pass through Ellis Island in New York.
There were three groups. One came before the American revolution in the 1600's and the second/ third came in the 1860's and the late 1880's. Many young Irish men were signed up for the civil war as they came off of ships .
There are no restrictions on whom a refugee may marry. A refugeecan definitely marry a US citizen, and they would also be able toattain permanent US residency through the marriage.
No, she was not a refugee.
when the Japanese begin to emigrate
i want to know about that too! pls someone reply! thanks in advance!
Quote 1: "On my heart-strings freedom sings" Quote 2: "If you had known what I knew" From "Refugee in America" by Langston Hughes
Someone who leaves a country to live elsewhere in order to achieve their economic desires (as opposed to for non-economic reasons, such as political persecution).
His dad dies and he gets to stay in London.
There is a "sweetheart scam" or "419 scam" being done where a woman or man in a refugee camp (Dakar Senegal or some such) who claims to just want a penpal will eventually speak of an inheritance or other funds and need your help to get them. Then someone posing as her lawyer will collect "fees" from...
During the Great Famine in Ireland (1845 to 1852), the absentee landlords (mostly English) who owned the land in Ireland, saw the failure of crops and therefore their tenants inability to pay rent as a good opportunity to get rid of a lot of relatively unproductive tenants. These tenants often...
Bob Hope emigrated to America with his parents and siblings when he was about four years old in 1908.
\n. Encourage antislavery advocates to move to Kansas
Poverty, hunger, lack of employment, discrimination, oppression etc. would be reasons for people to emigrate from any country. This applies to Ireland too.
how to get refugee visa of Germany
Immigration is mostly caused by the lack of products and clean water in foreign countries. For example, Mexico has horrible living conditions, and America has it much better, so they want to come over here. The problems associated with it are the ones who come over here to sell drugs, kill people,...
You don't give a timeframe. If you want to find out about where Jews from Nazi Germany emigrated to, please see the related question below.
Immigrants are people who move into a country to live and to work. Emigrants and people who move out of a country to live and to work.
The biggest refugee camps are the ones created by the Palestinian leadership found throughout the Middle East to create pressure on the state of Israel. These camps can be found primarily in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank and Gaza. While facts indicate that equal amounts of Arabs and Jews...
An immigrant enters a country, an emigrant leaves a country... So I don't think it can be just one word. It would have to be something like 'person who left their country.'
Because is the 1st economy of Europe. The rent for a house is cheaper than in England or France. A lot of work. What's next!
Yes, it's a scam. An "advance fee" scam. Or 419 or Spanish Prisoner.
The current Australian government (2010) allows between 13,000 and 14,000 refugees per year. This is outside of the programme which allows an intake of skilled immigrants.
Generally, not much. Refugee camps are full of people who have gotten away from the place they didn't want to be, but are not yet at a place they want to be.
No. This is a fraud. General Discussion The basic answer is that all such people claiming to be in such camps are trying to defraud. Very few people in a refugee camp, if any, would have internet access. Especially to the extent that these people have. "Senegal", "Dakar", "refugee camp" and ...
No, it's a scam. A "419" scam, where you will be asked to provide some money in advance, for a part of a larger amount of money later. You send your money, and then get nothing.
To explore.to create a new kingdom. Food Drought. Freedom
I haven't a clue but a good place to start would be your local Community Centre as their is lots of public resources and information there!
The court order may (and probably does) specify the visitation privileges of the parent (former spouse). If emigrating violates this order, no, you may not do it without the permission of the former spouse and the court.
No, this is an "advance fee" scam where you'll be asked for money to help out, or help get more money. They are just trying to steal from you.
Political issues caused many people to emigrate from Nicaragua.
it likes being so happy and sad at the same time. After a person becomes a refugee he or her will move to a neighbor refugee camp where camps will be built to privide the basic living needs to them.. ---. It varies a lot, but life is usually very hard for refugees until they are able to lead "normal...
im holder of canadian refugee travel document,wich country i can travel?
You have to get passports and become legalized. There are also certain vaccines you are required to take.
Very simple: they want to gain many US dollars.
because australia is better then all of the other places.
Your transition is made more difficult when you emigrate to a place where you don't speak their language.
This is an "advance fee" scam, whereby your trust is gained first, then you are given a reason to send money, usually in the hope of getting more money in return, or getting in good with a woman, or even just doing a good deed. You send the money, and never hear from them again.
well seeing how africans don't have email you dont have to worry about ittt
This is an "advance fee" scam, whereby your trust is gained first, then you are given a reason to send money, usually in the hope of getting more money in return, or getting in good with a woman, or even just doing a good deed. You send the money, and never hear from them again.
Let us say you have three alleles in a population of beetles. Two colors; brown is recessive to green. Thus you have; GG, which is homozygous dominant and green, you have Gb, which is heterozygous and also green. Then you have bb, which is homozygous recessive. This is your population of beetles. ...
This is an "advance fee" scam, whereby your trust is gained first, then you are given a reason to send money, usually in the hope of getting more money in return, or getting in good with a woman, or even just doing a good deed. You send the money, and never hear from them again.
This is an "advance fee" scam, whereby your trust is gained first, then you are given a reason to send money, usually in the hope of getting more money in return, or getting in good with a woman, or even just doing a good deed. You send the money, and never hear from them again.
Immigrants arrive in a country and wish to settle there. Emigrants leave a country to become immigants in some other country.
by being drove out of their home by invaders
Because they needed jobs and they needed money so they emigrated to many countries such as England or America where they would get plenty money from jobs there!
There will be a large competition of food in the location, not enough space to live in, increase of diseases and likewise overpopulation.
because they felt like it.
Because there are not enough houses available. It is also much cheaper which makes it a good temporary solution.
they faced many programs back in euroupe,and many had reltives in america who spoke of the wonderful oppteruntuies it offered.
There is an "advance fee" or "419" scam that involves a supposed girl in Dakar Senegal who needs some money in order to gain access to even more money, or escape, or relocate, or meet with the person being scammed. If you send any money at all, you will have lost the money. You will not meet "her...