Ratios (mathematical)

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A ratio is when two numbers are shown in relationship to one another. mathematical
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Is called the slope of the line.
It is true because 2/5 of 50 = 20 and 1/5 of 100 = 20
We can't give you an exact answer unless we know the numbers from the table, but a ratio can be represented by the expression X:Y. let x be the number of students who ate soup let y be the number of students who did not eat soup Then, just replace x and y with their respective numbers from...
Find the L.c.m .for the two given common value in the two ratios of three givin to you, and use the l.c.m to divide through and multiply with each value in the three ratio given........i hope i hav mak an impression to what u want..add me on 2go chat with Boniface473
Two thirds of 24 is 16. 24 times 2/3 = 16.
They have a constant rate or ratio. .
If you ask this question, you probably don't understand what a ratio is. I guess the answer is that 5.6 is 0.56 times 10.
For a company, the debt ratio indicates the relationship betweencapital supplied by outsiders and capital supplied by shareholders.Often the debt ratio is computed as total debt (both current andlong-term) divided by total assets. Thus if a company has $50,000in debt and assets of $100,000, its debt...
It is the same as: 6 to 10
Mathematicians would agree with me that mathematically... Speed = D/T In other words, whatever you get from dividing the distance and thetime will give you the speed.
For the age band 0-14, the boys:girls ratio is estimated as 1.13:1.
The ratio of monosaccharide to all matter in the universe is very, very, very close to 0.
The 214 estimate for the European Union is 0.96 males per female.
£180 prize money needs to be split 3 ways, into 1st, 2nd & 3rdplace, in the ratio of 5:3:1. how much does 1st, 2nd & 3rdplace get?? 1) 5+3+1= 9 2) £180/9= £20 3) 1st = 5 x £20 = £100(1st place gets £100) 4) 2nd = 3 x £20 = £60 (2nd place getsÃ...
It is 12 to 1.
You cannot. You can only find a ratio of two or more objects. Then, it can be the ratio of their size, volume, mass, monetary value, temperature - or any other characteristic that can be measured.
It is 54/100 = 27/50.
2014 estimates are 0.96 males to 1 female.
The aspect ratio is 2:3.
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There are four ways to find a ratio. 1 A dealer can normally tell from the vin number. 2 There are normally tags or labels on the axle that have part number, gear ratio, and fluid requirement info. 3 You can count how many times you have to turn the driveshaft to get one complete turn of the...
The answer will depend on where: in what organisation, in which country. In my company, for example, the ratio is 1 - since I am the only person.
A percent is a ratio of a number to 100.
The ratio for a simple pulley (not a pulley block), using an inelastic string, is 1.
Pi is the ratio between the circumference of a circle and the diameter (C/D). It is roughly equivalent to 3.14159265. This means that for any given circle, the length of the circumference is a little more than 3 times the length of the diameter. Pi is an irrational number means the decimal...
The male female ratio is 1.06:1.
It is 8312/5254 = 4156/2627 which cannot be simplified.
The answer depends on whether you want the ratio of men in prisoncompared to: . men not in prison, . all men, . women in prison, . the total prison population, . the total population (in or out of prison). Since you have not specified what you require, it is not possibleto give a more useful...
It is 15/5 = 3 per tape.
A ratio is a property of two or more numbers. It is not possible to find the ratio of a single number.
It is just under 21 %.
The ratio is approx 268 to 1000.
The answer depends on whether you mean: . people in Sri Lanka with at least secondary education compared to people in Sri Lanka with no education, . people in Sri Lanka with at least secondary education compared to people in Sri Lanka with primary education, . people in Sri Lanka with at least...
It's the ratio of the turns (number of times the wire is wrapped) on the primary versus the secondary coils. For example, if one side of a transformer has 200 turns, and the other side of the transformer has 100 turns, and you put 6 volts in, you'll get 3 volts out.
17,900/3,200 = 5.59375
It must be 0. Every rectangle can be flexed into a different parallelogram by altering one of its angles to an angle in the range (0, 90). Therefore there are infinitely many parallelograms corresponding to each rectangle. That is, the ratio for each rectangle is 1 : infinity, which is 0. ...
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Any and every rational number.
It is 15/33, which can be simplified, if you so wish.
Whisky : Soda = 1 : 0! Whisky with soda is just wasted whisky!
None. There are some measurements which, in some people, are approximately equal to the Golden Ratio but those same measurements, for other people, are not.
395/54 cannot be simplified.
Density is the ratio of mass to volume.
5/N, where N is the unspecified number.
It is 5 inches to 12, exactly as in the question. This ratio cannot be simplified since there are no units given for 12.
Pretty close to 0. The ratio of people to just ants is estimated to be around 7 in ten million. Add in all the other insect species and you are talking a very, very small ratio.
It is 8:9 or 0.888... recurring.
A number between 0 and 1. The value depends on the angle between the two sides, and it's called the cosine of that angle.
3:5 3/5 0.6 60%
16387/1000 = approx 164/10 = 82/5.