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Public transportation is a means of moving groups of people throughout a city, or even longer distances. Public transportation usually charges a fee, but are often a more efficient alternative to driving your own vehicle.


I assume you refer to Ongar, which was closed in 1994. It was situated on the Central line, east of Epping (further from central London).
Same materials as most railway trains: mainly steel, though modernones may make more use of aluminium and plastics. Plus othermaterials such as the copper in the motors and cabling.
The main public transport in Venice is by various types of boat that can fit in the small waterways.
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A tram line is a track or route used by trams. Tram is a railvehicle or also known as streetcar which runs along urban streets.
they used old fashioned cars and were not alot of money atall.
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The first line of the metro opened on July 19 1900. The core wascompleted by the 1920's. Extensions into suburbs were done in the1930's.
Public transportation in New York City is regulated and administered by the NYCTA (New York City Transit Authority), which is a sub-division of the MTA (Metro Transit Authority). The MTA is the New York State transit authority. See the Related Links below for more information about the NYCTA and...
There are no trams in Laos, only buses, but the Lao word for train is lot fai.
Trains arrive every 90 seconds - 3 minutes.. Opens 5.30am and doors close at 12.30...ish
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If you are travelling far out of Central London or making many journeys in a small area an oyster card would be best. A travelcard would be better if you are making quite a lot of journeys of varying distances. If you are still not sure your best bet would probably be an oyster card.
Most aspects of the transport system, and all forms of masstransit, within the Greater London area, including the LondonUnderground, are managed by a branch of local government calledTransport for London (TfL).
You can use your bus pass for free travel on most local services throughout England (after 0930 Mondays to Fridays). In Greater London the pass is valid on London Bus services all day, every day. You cannot use your new bus pass on: . Express services or excursions . Some special services . Tram,...
Yes, dogs travel for free on the London Underground, but you have to carry them through the ticket barriers and on the escalators - so probably not a good idea if you own a Great Dane! In all seriousness though, the underground does get hectically busy at times and your dog would have to be very...
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The first electric tram operated between Box Hill and Doncaster from 1889 to 1896 when it was abandoned. After that cable trams ran exclusively until 1906 when the first permanent electric tram service began operation in the North Melbourne area. Cable trams were progressively phased out but...
There are no working trams in Scotland. However, the longest train journey is from Edinburgh to Inverness (via Stirling)
Buckhurst Hill has its own station on the Central Line.
England had them earliest, but the first subway system in Continental Europe was in Budapest- Buda Line One- started up in l896 and still operating restored pattern of l896 cars which have chain drive, by the way. Budapest"s lines two and three use more modern, say, fifties- pattern subway cars but...
Rochester! at various times in the twentieth century- probably using trolley cars modified for center-third rail ops- as Manhattan used for streetcars ( as there was no trolley pole, these were not strictly speaking trolley cars- but people called them that) Rochester had all traces of subway...
Fulgence Bienvenüe, a French civil engineer, and Edmond Huet, a engineer and director of the Paris civil works, coauthored the project of the Parisian métro. (links)
36. What does BMT® stand for? The acronym BMT® stands for Biggest, Meatiest, and Tastiest. In the early days of SUBWAY ® restaurants, it was a promotion that was based on the Brooklyn Manhattan Transit system in New York City that went along with the subway theme.
- enhances personal opportunities - saves fuel, reduces congestion - save money - reduces carbon footprint
because they were energy efficient and didn't need to keep refueling and thereby much easier to run. it made it so that it could keep going and making the journey much quicker for the passengers. ANSWER BY JASON LEE
Work started in April 1899 and Line 1 was opened on 19 July 1900.
Disadvantage is that you are not allowed to change subway coloure.
At the moment Bus or taxi, although I think the Dubai Mass transit system is supposed to eventually link up with one from AD
There are 14 metro lines in the Paris metro.
Streetcars and subways are made possible by public funding.Sometimes the funding is more local and sometimes it is national.
Get a London Underground map and count them yourself!!
the Porte Dauphine on line 2 is just the other side of the bridge.
As often as they can, practically speaking (since automobile use is still the purview of the upper middle classes - and out of reach of most workers).
If it is a 4 wheel drive, put the transfer case in N. If not, pull the driveline/ Remember to check fluid level, as some will spill with the driveline out.
Sometimes it depends on where the subway is. IF it is in Japan there is no room for anyone. There it is people's job to push people inside the subway so that it can get more people on. In busy citys there is no telling how much space you will get at all.
Generally, bigger cities have better public transportation because there are more people in them trying to get more places. That being said, more regular and cost-efficent systems are usually put in place to meet a huge demand: they're generally overcrowded and not always comfortable. Non-West Coast... Irving, TX USA Yes I know, I too want the Saddleback in black. It was the best shoe ever. There is no word when it will be back, I've already traded emails...
No. There is no public transfer for such a great distance (about 400 miles). You should look into commerical bus services.
Take the 1 train (of the 1-2-3 , the red line), or the 2 late nights, to Houston Street. Even though it's called the Houston Street Station, you will get off on Varick Street, between King and Houston Streets. If you're going further south on Varick Street, then take the 1 (or 2 late...
Homeowners insurance does have liability. This liability is universal and is good for any where in the world. The insurance companies will not cover anything intentional though. It also breaks down to a scenario by scenario type of basis.
It is way, way ahead of cars environmentally, nobody in their right minds would argue otherwise. There is huge 'but' here [no jokes please] the system must be cheap, clean, fast, efficient, and above all, Its time tables must run to suit the commutors, not the reverse. There is a limit to what...
it is fun to ride the peak tram and it is red
The first fatality happened during construction and not during operation. I do not believe the first fatality during operation is readily available outside fledgling books
London Underground depots are all over London, with the most central one being at Waterloo for the Waterloo and City line. The depot which is easiest to see from a passenger-accessible area is most likely Hammersmith, where Hammersmith and City, Circle and District line trains are stabled. It can be...
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It has everything but a subway. The city does not have a metro, but does have a commuter rail service which passes through the city centre in a tunnel. There is also a dense tram network (one of best in the world).
I had heard there is a "party bus" that goes from NYC to Avalon, NJ on Fridays and returns Sunday evening but I don't have any details, sorry
The London Underground is the world's longest subway system, consisting of 244 miles (391 kilometers) of track.
one of the advantages are they are eco friendly
Buses, some of which were still horse drawn. Cabs, again some were still horse drawn and the underground and overground railways and tramcars.
Not sure of your question but yes, NYC has the largest public transit system in the U.S. and is one of the largest in the world. The subway has 468 stations, over 6,000 subway cars, over 700 miles of track. Over 6 million people ride the system daily. It also has one of the largest bus fleets...
we have subways because people will be able to get to work faster and they're able to reach almost any place in the city
Cost of repairs to everything in the system. I believe one of the two power generators cast iron frame was badly cracked. It would have to be replaced from overseas. My grandfather was a tram driver with no job on that day.
You mean, how do you pay for your ride? There are still some stations that are manned by transit workers, and you can buy your Metrocard from them. But most often, you have to buy it from one of the electronic kiosks. Half the time those machines won't take bills. Or, sometimes you get the reverse...
No, but there is a regular commuter rail line to and from Riverfront Station in Nashville to Lebanon. The trains travel on surface rails and have stops at seven stations. All other Tennessee cities utilize bus service. Memphis however has trolley (street car) service through the downtown area around...
You can travel by rail (fastest) or coach (cheapest).
Yes, there are subways in Philadelphia. We have the Broad StreetLine which operates a north-south, south-north route. We also havean Elevated line that uses tunnels as well called theMarket-Frankford line. It operates on a roughly East-West,West-East manner. Lines in Philadelphia are color-coded....