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Find out what cooking terms mean before you flambe your bananas, caramelize your onions, or julienne your carrots.
Crisp sets are the sets that we have used most of our life. In acrisp set, an element is either a member of the set or not. Forexample, a jelly bean belongs in the class of food known as candy.Mashed potatoes do not.
stimulating one's appetite or tempting
In 35+ years of professional cooking I have never heard of thisword or term, perhaps you misheard it or misspelt it? There is aword in French Cookery terms called dégraisse (meaning to take thegrease off something). So you might carefully remove the fat fromthe top of a simmering soup or...
An example of a crusty entree would be pot pie.
LOX is liquid oxygen. Lox is smoked salmon.
In cooking, liaison would mean how the various ingredients work together and taste together. Improved answer: Don't know about that. I'm in culinary school right now, which happens to be in Sweden but we still use french cooking terms, liason is in this case the name of a thickening agent for...
skimming, as in skim milk, is just skimming the cream off the top of the milk when it separates, with a spoon. Or the milk can be siphoned off the bottom of the tank.
Cummin. An aromatic herb plant (Cuminum sativum) used as a condiment and stimulant (Isa. 28:27). It was one of the small garden herbs tithed by the Pharisees (Matt. 23:23
provide good fortune in the marriage
to put (flour, sugar, etc.) through a sifter or sieve
Non-homogenized means something hasn't been dispersed or separated.
A great meal that is well prepared and greatly enjoyed by many people!
Juis is the broth you can dip into. For instance, Au Juis for roastbeef sandwiches.
If I remember when it says make a well they are talking about when someone is making homemade pasta. You take your flour and pile it on a working surface, then you take your fingers and put them into the top of the flour pile and make a hole then you add the eggs and the wet ingredients, then you...
unhealthy,fatty,oliy, foods
Anything in the kitchen is can be a tool. From a knife to a cup to all your utensils, chopping boards and stoves. the list goes on
What is a trivet? . What is a trivet?. A metal stand with short feet, used under a hot dish on a table. . A three legged stand made of metal, used for supporting cooking. [Middle English trevet, stand for cooking vessels, from Old English trefet, probably alteration (influenced by Old English...
When you startcooking, first you prepare ingredient in quantities. This might bespecified in volume, mass, count etc. This is called cookingweights in food terminology. # Delhi food restaurants
Semi processed fruits are usually canned or dried fruits.
In India, it is also known as Gahat, Muthira, Kulath or Kulthi,ಹುರಳಿ (huraLi).
Give salt as a gift to a new home owner salt to show that the housewill never know hunger and it's pantry will always be filled.
Appears to be a name. No translation as to the meaning of it.
"Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and belike a running brook that sings its melody to thenight. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks foranother day of loving"
It is used it cooking for Pizza and sometime Pasta .
Cube in cooking means to slice a food into a cube shape.
tsp. means Tablespoon!(: .
Tourné is a culinary term, considered to be one of the basic cuts and shapes. A vegetable is a tourné or has been "turned" if it is 2 inches long by 3/4 inches in diameter with 7 sides and flat ended. It resembles a football. It is pronounced "toorn-eh".
Waza-wan is a traditional verity of dishes prepared by specialcooks called 'waza' though it is also prepared at homes, usuallythe occasions are parties like marriages etc. It is also availableat most of restaurants in Jammu and Kashmir.
What do you mean to falva? I think that is Flava or Flavor.
an after dinner treat is called dessert
sucre is French for sugar
In a nutshell, I would say anything that is healthy. Food in general; anything that nourishes the body and/or the mind.
The term "aging" is often used these days with regards to thetenderising of meat. People used the word hung instead, but I guessaging sounds more appealing. The word hung derived from the fact the meat would be hung using ameat hook in a cool refrigerated space with good air circulation.This process...
The phonetic spelling for tasty is taste-ee.
If you're talking about the Culinary Triangle, it involves threetypes of cooking, boiling, roasting, and smoking, commonly done tomeat.
Arrose is the french word which in a culinary context means tobaste. (i.e. arrose the scallop with butter) This technique isuseful when searing a piece of protein to evenly brown the searedsurface with the hot oil or fat.
The meaning is that it has lots of nutrients in it
a paste us something that is a sauce or smooth liquid such astomato paste.
Conservative cooking is the method of cooking recommended forvegetables. Vitamins are conserved, or retained, because verylittle water is used.
Kurdai is a delicious snack akin to papads, but made fromWheat.
A "pie to eat" is a dish of fruit or meat and vegetables baked in acrust and eaten.
In a single word, "all in one" means integrated, or multi-purpose.For instance, an all-in-one printer/fax/scanner is a single machinethat includes all of those functions.
Learning advanced cooking and baking skills.
Macerate, Marinate, Mince.
The BLT is a sandwich that contains bacon, lettuce, and tomato -hence the name "BLT". Some additional ingredients may bemayonnaise, avocado, or cheese.
Slice means to cut something. Slice is always another word for cut.
Chop means to cut something such as a fruit, vegetable or meat into smaller pieces.
sanitition and food safety in culinary operation
No matter what profession you're going into, you have to learn the vocation's "language." If a colleague shouts over to you "Serve that dish semifreddo ," how are you going to understand them unless you've mastered the culinary jargon? (It means chilled or half-frozen, fyi.) Moral of the story:...
"Score" in cooking refers to making light cuts in parallel lines on the surface of the meat, pastry, etc., which you are preparing. (The cut depth should be no more than 1/16".) A second set of light cuts in parallel lines is made perpendicular to the first set, creating a diamond pattern. The...
It is called "ilaayachee" or "elchi."
A rue is a white sauce you make using flour and milk. It is a basic sauce which can be used to thicken juices or broth from cooking. A basic rue can be taken in any direction with additional spices and ingredients.
BLT is an abbreviation of the three ingredients; excluding bread and butter, in a BLT sandwich. These ingredients are Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato.
hygiene is if it looks good and presentable. no sign of dirt or being spoiled, its washed and looks very cooked sanitation is much more important. it's if the food is clean with few germs, then it has good sanitation. bad sanitation is usually due to improper handling of the food (someone sneezes...
Bioterrorism in food would be if terrorists put deadly or diseasecausing poison onto apples, processed it into breads, or put it inany food. Basically it means to poison food.
Sparkling means it has carbon dioxide in it, and still does not.
Aromatics are generally herbs but can be anything that will impart an aroma such as some types of spice. Another answer. Aromatics are any of numerous vegetables used as the base of many stews and sauces. Some of the most common are onions, celery and carrots which make up the traditional Mirepoix...
Slumgullion is a thin stew of meat and vegetables, often served over mashed potatoes or pasta.
It means to supply water moslty used with agricultural terms.
A lamb is a juvenile ovine (sheep).
Put the vegetables in boiling water for a very short time (the time varies with what you are blanching) to kill the cells, but not cook it completely. This is often done when freezing fresh veg, to improve the shelf life. . \n
Tempura is a Japanese method of preparing food. Meats, vegetables, and/or seafood are coated and fried in batter until golden. This style of cooking was brought to the Island by Portugese traders about 400 years ago. The recipe is simple: 1 egg or egg yolk or egg whites, beaten 1 cup cold...
Cooking grease is like lard, or grease from other things.
Kothumalli ilai or malli thooL
Gathered means in cooking that all the ingredeints are added together in a me i had experience!!
It means "off the menu." If you order a hamburger 'a la carte' you are ordering a hamburger by itself with nothing else.
Hotel pans are used in Restaurants, They are stainless rectangular pans made and use d for the steam table. Dishes can be cooked in them in oven and then moved directly to the steam table to be kept hot. Also are used in the cold side placed on top of refrigeration units. They are very useful and...
these are the meals in a starting from morning.(capital lettters determine the main meals.. # BREAKFAST. # morning tea. # LUNCH. # afternoon tea. # DINNER. # midnight snack (optional). LUNCH:-. 1) a meal eaten in the middle of the day.. 2) food eaten at about midday around about 12-3pm
It is permitting fermenting dough to rest (on the bench) for 10-20 minutes after it has been cut and rounded, but before shaping.
Mirepois is a word for roughly cut vegetables for soups and sauces.
Amandine describes a dish that is prepared or garnishedwith almonds. It is also called almondine , though that term is a misspelled form of the Frenchamandine.
Food preparation consists of all the steps that take place to turningredients into a prepared meal, dessert, or other item ready forconsumption. This may include cleaning, peeling and chopping orslicing vegetables, cutting meat or fish and other preparatorysteps, measuring and combining ingredients,...
A species of tuna. . • ALBACORE (noun) The noun ALBACORE has 2 senses: 1. relatively small tuna with choice white flesh; major source of canned tuna 2. large pelagic tuna the source of most canned tuna; reaches 93 pounds and has long pectoral fins; found worldwide in tropical and...
Its a person who is a servant or nanny
Burnt food in the bottom of a cooking pan is called scorched food.
Depends on the context.. In reference to a formal meal then dine. eg We dine at eight . In a legalistic sense then consume eg All purchases must be consumed on the premises . In the scientific sense then ingest eg Humans ingest a wide variety of food.
== to undergo fermentation. == . == to be in a state of agitation or intense activity. ==
it means someone tries to help people specially by giving money to them but they wouldn't be grateful for what s/he has done to them
Galangal is the root of a plant similar in appearance and taste to ginger. It is used in Asian cuisine particularily in Thai food and has a distinctive hot aromatic flavour with a hint of citrus. Mixed with lime juice it is often taken as a tonic and regarded as an aphrodisiac.
they are vegetables that are grown at home in a garden .
'Parts' is used to do a recipe for food or drink that is universal in application. in any mixture you undertake, a part of 'this' is the same size as a part of 'that'. So if you had a recipe that had: one part eye of newt two parts bats wings six parts tears of a sad blind man Then the...
It is an expression that describes the shape into whichsomething is cut. A potato wedge, an apple wedge, a fruit wedge, acheese wedge, and other examples are possible.