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you will have to pay the sales tax on the vehicle . if the gift giver doen't right the sale price dmv will charge for what the car books out for. so wht you want to due is have the bill of sale with a price on it for say 1000 so you only pay tax on the selling price. Yes You use form DTF 802 and...
It's not impossible, but you have a great court case, you have abill of sale and proof of purchase, accompanied by the signed overtitle they gave you. You should get it registered as soon aspossible after purchase so everything is on record though.
You bought one under a month AGO and want a second one? ... Sure, you can buy a thousand cars if you want. I think what you really want to know is can you finance a second car within a month of financing a first car. The answer is "it depends". It depends on your finances, down payment, credit FICO...
Iowa Automobile Rental Tax . Description: This is an excise tax imposed onthe rental of passenger vehicles designed to carry nine or fewerpassengers that are rented for a period of 60 days or less. The taxis not imposed on delivery trucks, motorcycles, and motorizedbicycles. . Tax Rate: 5% tax on...
There are various channels for doing a used car search . Ask your friends or neighbors . Community car classifieds : craigslist, myspace, olx,, . Dealers websites . Local newspapers classifieds Good luck!
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Risky business, I wouldn't do it.
By 8 years old, the child should be old enough to sit in the backseat without a booster of any sort. If you are concerned as towhether he is allowed legally to sit in the front seat you can testif his head reaches above the seat he SHOULD be allowed but todouble on that you might want to check...
If you live and register the car in Illinois then you will pay the Illinois car dealer for the sales tax. If you live in a different state than where you bought the car the dealer might collect the sales tax if the two states have a cooperative agreement. If the states do not have an agreement...
The sales tax on a car purchase will not only be based on the state sales tax, but also the county in which you reside.The easiest way to find out the exact sales tax that you will pay is to call a dealer in the county where you live.
10w-30 in genernal, is safe to use in cars from the 60's. Synthetic weren't avail. back then. I wouldn't recommend full synthetic for a stock 60's car, Unless rebuilt to exacting standards/fully restored. The reason being, clearances, seals on older cars didn't have tight clearances or very accurate...
Interest, research (type of vehicle, financing, et al), testdrive(s), negotiation, and purchase.
One of the most pervasive urban myths is that consumers have the right to cancel any contract within 3 days, under the Iowa buyers remorse laws. Unfortunately, for most items including real estate and automobiles, no such right exists. One of the most pervasive urban myths is that consumers have the...
A duplicate title can be issued if there was previously a bank thatowned the vehicle, this can include a lease or a loan. Once theamount is paid in full, a duplicate title will be issued to personwho signed the contract, with the exception of the lien holderlisted.
You read an odometer from the left to the right. The last numberrepresents tenths of a mile.
That question is totally dependant on the state it is sold in and the underwriters contract.. In most cases you can cancel and get a full refund in the first 30 days only..
If you have a true Extended Warranty, then you have several options, but these are rare. You probably only have an "Extended Service Contract" -- these are much more common, and they do not cover lemons. Assuming you have one of the better ESC's, you have the right to have the covered parts repaired...
Yes, you the seller are responsible for shipping your items to the people who won them. This is very easy using free boxes (priority mail, United States Postal Service) you can order them from their web site free.
Yes. Various air-powered vehicles have been tested, including someutilizing compressed air. Search for the name, AIRPod to find sucha vehicle from Zero Pollution Motors to learn more.
Having worked for many years as the director of the finance department in an auto dealership, I can tell you with certainty that signing must accompany "delivery". That is, if you both signed AND drove off the lot -- OR -- signed AND had it delivered to your home, then you own it -- you might as...
Answer . \nused car dealers usually will repair, if not call the better business bureau or write to them NOW!!!! Look at your sales agreement and see if you have so much time for them to fix repair or warranty of 6 mo or more
You generally pay the sales tax where you purchase the vehicle.Sometimes, if it is in another state they are unwilling or unableto collect tax for that state. I would pay the tax at the dealerwhere you are purchasing it if that's what they say in Indiana.Make sure it is listed on your bill of sale...
Every single rental company sells their cars. Some sell to auctionsand some sell to private customers. Hertz is one that sells tocustomers, usually in auctions.
When you own it
If the title is in your name only, then the new buyer will not be able to put the title in his name. If it was repossessed, then the lienholder was able to sell it and the sale is valid.
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A co-buyer can move out of state with car as long as car paymentsare current. The co-buyer should update the new address with thelender.
apply for a salvage or lost title at the department of motorvehicles
A receipt is just a dated, signed statement saying you have received a certain amount of money in exchange for whatever, in this case, a car. . 234 Highlands Ave Newtown, MI To Whom it may Concern. This is to confirm that I have received $500 (five hundred dollars) from Mr John Smith as...
In short, yes. You just have to sign a legal agreement that theperson that currently owns the car is willing to put up the titleof the car as collateral for the private loan. Make sure the personwho has the loan possesses the title and has filed a lien with theDepartment of Motor Vehicles. *Always...
Contact the prior owner for clarification. If that is not possible, then ask your local Motor Vehicle Department what you need to do next.
there is no way to. Sorry as is buyer beware.
beace if they did the world would blow up on dec. 31 2012 and bacause they dont want to :)
The Murcielago has 2 models. The LP640 retails between $354,000 and $382,000 depending on options. The LP670-4 SV retails for $450,000. Prices are US dollar.
I am pretty sure you have to be AT LEAST 18 years of age to have an eBay account or at least have a paypal account of legal credit card. You can read the eBay Terms and Policies if you have any further questions.
In the state of Idaho you have 72 hours to cancel an automobilecontract. You should be able to cancel the contract before the 72hours is up.
The same happened to me. If the loan wasn't paid off you might have to negotiate with them but In California, if the loan is paid off, there is nothing they can do.
If you have not made you payments like you oulhsd, and the place you have the loan with has requested IRS to offset your refund, yes IRS will offset the refund and send you the difference if any remaining.
No. A lender needs to have a "security interest" with anyone who has rights to the vehicle. If an owner is listed on the title they have the right to sell a vehicle. A lender does not want to be in a position where a non-borrower has rights over property used as collateral on a loan.
The name coming first is the primary owner.
There is one 2007 8 passenger minivan that I know of. It is the Toyota Sienna LE-8 passenger minivan. You can view this van on the Toyota official website. You can also locate used 2007 Toyota Siennas through Hope this helps. Also, a better choice- The Pontiac Montana. 8 passengers, with...
As the owner you can sell the car any time you wish as long as you pay off any existing loans. If you sell the car for less than the total loan, you are liable for the difference. Your lender should have a process for individual-to-individual sales. Often this can be done at their location and they...
yeah at the dollar stores
It's a judgment call on your part. However, that is a lot of miles for a year old car, so you should definitely see a price break. If the maintenance has been good, it might not be such a bad deal, particularly if your driving patterns indicate that you would eventually be in the ballpark of average...
Get a hold of the motor vehicle department in your state and explain the problem, they will get you a new title.
drive it across the border, have it inspected and titled there.
It depends. Have you put a deposit down and signed an agreement? Usually, though, until cash has been exchanged and the title is signed over, you are not committed. But, to depend on a technicality would be far fetched. Better to just bring it up with the seller.
Answer . No. Current eBay policy prohibits the sale of firearms and many, if not most, firearm parts.
Chevrolet Aveo , $9,995 . Hyundai Accent , $10,995 . Kia Rio , $11,350 . Toyota Yaris , $11,770 . Saturn Ion , $12,890 . Nissan Versa , $13,165 . Kia Spectra , $13,495 . Chevrolet Cobalt , $13,740 . Hyundai Elantra , $13,995 . Suzuki Reno , $14,079
it means wreck/rebuild or the vehicle was sold from a salvage yard. It doesn't mean that the car isn't safe. It had to pass a state inspection to get a new title.
In general, yes. However, to do so lawfully, a new title has to be issued, usually called a "salvage title".
\n. \nmore than the average person has\n. \n$555,000
\n. \n. \nThat may be the feds after your stash. That is Government Vehicle, also seen as GOV ----- in some places. It may be city,county, state or other entity..
You can buy a car at any age ;)
Make sure its in good shape Price Well Advertise Truthfully Tell Friends and Family
A lot of classic cars have titles similar to that. Salvage, modified, or otherwise. No big deal. Where that would be an issue, would be on a new car. A bank will not loan on a "dirty" title. It will have no effect on a classic. Chuck....
Go to the secretary of state and apply for a "lost title". its about a $25 fee, and you should have a new copy of the title within 3 weeks or so.
I believe you can go to your local tag office and they can pull up a list of vehicles that are registered in someones name. However if the person sold the vehicle and the person that bought it didn't transfer the title to their name, it may show several vehicles your father hadn't owned for sometime...
\n. \n. \nIt's touchy! Even If you know it was well maintained. The price has to be a lot less than the sale value to give you cash on hand left to spend on future maintenance. The timing chain, trans filter and all fluids may need need immediate change. \n. \nI bought a defective 89 olds 88 with...
Landcruisers from 98 on, LX470s, and Toyota Tundras (i think) There may be more but that's all i know off the top of my head.
a title takes how long to come back
You will need to check with your own local authorities to see how much you can earn - if anything - while drawing unemployment benefits.
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You can expect to save as much as 10% but BEWARE! You know the story about when you drive the car off of the lot, it loses 25% of it's value immediately, right? Well, if you buy a car at the end of it's model year, you might save $2000, but it's worth even LESS because there is a newer model...
If you do not have title or have not been making agreed payments...YES.
You can't use a PO Box to register a car.
Once you buy a car it is yours and you cannot return it. It is a myth that the cooling off period or buyers remorse laws apply to the purchase of a vehicle. They do not.
Names on title appear as either (and) (or) if the title is and then both signatures are required. if it is or then only one signature is required to modify ownership of title.
They vary significantly. I bought my Toyota Prius in 2004 for$22,000. I have not regretted it. There are several companies thathave "Hybrids" and they vary in price from about $20,000-$60,000.
If you buy a car from a dealership then yes. In fact if you found any dealerships shady enough not to practice this then do yourself a favor and steer clear of it.
As long as vehicle can pass inspection, and it's not deemed hazardous by authorities, vehicle does not have to be repair to original condition.
Oklahoma has what is called a title 42 where you place a lien on a vehicle to claim ownership. however you can take death certificate to your local dmv and prove you are heir of the estate and the estate has went through probate and the estate is clear.
Rio Grande (Available in champagne gold, moss green and white, with a Pueblo themed interior trim package, this trim was only available in 1995 and was added to spice up the base model Wrangler 'S' hence this trim was only available with the 4-cylinder models)
About 30,000 to 45,000 miles for an average mileage life of a vehicle engine for each of the major manufacturers. Some numbers may differ if you are harsh to your cars, you gun the motor, squal out and such is bad. Your car is to get you from point A to point B and any other place you wish to go.
There are multiple type of titles, such as vehicle, aircraft, andso on. An incorrectly signed or notated title may create invalidityof the document. These errors can be resolved by having the titlingauthority reissue the document or provide an official letter orruling of judgment in the matter.
To attend a dealer only auction you have be registered, with the auction, under a licenced dealer. If you're not it is a little difficult to get through the door and imposable to bid on and purchase a car.
go to the dmv and fill out the form for a lost title. there is a fee for this tho.
If you are buying a car on payments then there will be a lien onthe car. the company will release the lien once the car is paidoff.
i think there is no alto lxi model that comes with company fitted power window kit. however one can install the power window kit from the market.
in California i just singed all the papers and for the price i put $1 then they asked me about it and i said it was a gift. and that was that. i think you have to pay taxes on the value of the car tho.
The Audi Q7 is a great choice , Link below for more 7 passenger SUV