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Many organisms, such as humans, ingest food to get the nutrients needed to maintain life. Cooking and preparation are often a necessity, but also a joy for many people. The Food and Cooking category includes questions and answers on the ingredients in food, recipes, nutritional information, cooking utensils, where to find certain foods, and much more. Bon Appetit!
Yes, it is an anise flavored liqueur.
look on i think there is where you will find thatanswer
3/4 cream cheese is equal to 12 ounces.
He used to like to drink Vitamin water a lot. I do not know if he still does or not.
They get all moody, spotty and start listening to rock music.
Of course! They are perfect with butter are real maple syrup or can be a dessert with berries, whipped cream, and melted chocolate.
After about 15 years. Although every year it will grow less andless.
Holland/Spain maybe but not available in UK today. They came inMexican Spice flavour also Made by Nibbits or Nibitz (Trying a websearch finds no crisp company of that name trading today) Probablyphased out due to: Lack of demand Consolidation of Crisp/SnackIndustry (Most UK crisps seem to be made in...
Sausages whether they are classed as Fresh, dried or smoked, have particular ingredient recipes. Italian or Italian style sausage often have pork as the main content. The ingredients are put through a meat grinder which grinds the ingredients to the required consistency. If one wants to include an...
the Mayans used chocolate as money and food to eat.
i believe it is 607 calories
Yes there is, i went to Tunisia myself and saw one.
an average of a meal in Manila, Philippines is maybe about 50 to 80pesos. :)
no leave it uncovered
not sure... ur question duznt really make sense
i dont know the her name but for some reason they give her thenickname of "redhead"
Fanta is orange and coke 12 is orange
This depends on the plant you wish to grow. The directions on the seed packet are usually pretty accurate.
Basically . make a normal cuppa then smoke a cigarette then blow smoke intomug, and there you go!
yes! It makes you that way because all of the sugar. It is not likediet pepsi though
Macintosh is the first name of apple so hay sooted it to apple because Macintosh is a type of apples lol I think it's funny
Aluminum foil reflects and conducts heat; it is a poor insulator. Paper conserves slight amounts of heat. Several layers of paper can conserve heat effectively.
yes it makes you that way because of all the sugar.
As long as you don't add tons of sugar to the mix, oatmeal is good for the heart. It lowers cholesterol, which in turn, will lower your heart rate. With a lower cholesterol, your heart doesn't have to pump as hard to get the blood moving through your veins.
Bake them for a long time at a low temperature, but if something happens and they come out cruchy then there is a way to fix that. Put your batch of cookies into a ziploc bag with a slice of bread. The bread absorbs all of the excess moisture, which keeps the cookies soft. Happy Baking!
As they come and largely with vast quantities of very cold vodka.
Get a veal and cook it
They need food and water in order to be alive.
Yes they can, but they will hate you afterwards and kill your face
6 hours 29 minutes at a satisfactory heat, if you cook it on a high heat do it for 4 hours 51 minutes and if you do it on a low haet do it for 10 hours 43 mins. try it first for 7 hours if it burns stuff it and try it on a lower heat for less time. 3 hours should give you a good result, but anything...
In the United States it costs one dollar for a 16 ounce bottle as of January 2010.
The "Sell By" date is the date after which the store is notsupposed to sell the product.
This depends on your perceptions of what is valuable. Organic chicken may be worth the extra cash, because... . The meat contains no added growth hormones. . The chicken was not fed genetically engineered foods. . The chicken was not fed antibiotics. . The meat was not sprayed with chlorine or...
Water naturally contains less than one milligram of nitrate-nitrogen and is not very noticeable. However, state and federal laws set the maximum allowable levels of nitrate-nitrogen in drinking water at 10 milligrams per liter. These such laws apply to to all city and village water supplies and are...
umm...taste kinda cool and crunchy but soft at the same time! I love it .. i think you will too
It appears that Brach's may have discontinued production of French Burnt Peanuts. They are not featured on the Brach's web site, nor are they available even from online sources.
if you are talking about the pink do on blues clues, yes
I have just opened a pkg and it is 1 1/2 cups
It will stay for about how long it takes someone to eat a chickenwings.
It will not cause much hard but it can cause GI upset.
Check that all the holes in the cover are clear. And it shouldboil until it stops perking..
I found a website that said 170 calories for cheese garlic bread!Hope this is some what useful :)
The serving size for Coconut is 1/4 shredded. There is 1 g ofprotein in this serving size.
$3.39 give or take a few pennies depending franchise or corporation owned
Depends on the type of pasta. OZ is a measure of weight, and largehollow pastas, such as rigatoni, will have fewer cups/once thanpastas like spaghetti and linguini.
One food often eaten by the Dutch is cheese. Cheese is very popularon its own and incorporated into dishes. Potatoes are also astaple. While meat is eaten, it is in small portions, vegetablesmake up a larger portion of the meal.
32 US fluid ounces equals 946.35mL
208 oz 1 cup = 8 ounces 1 ounce = 0.12 cup
yes. you can find the spring tea in lahijan wileages
India USA UK France Paris * * * * * That is simply not true - apart from the fact that Paris is noteven a country! There are several different measures of per capita consumption: oneof these is Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per head. There are alsodifferent ways of making international comparisons...
Probably no. Artificial sweeteners are not recommended because ifthe bread doesn't have enough of sugar it wont bake (rise).
Since a cup is a measurement of volume, not weight, it would dependupon what kind of nuts and whether they are whole or ground.
If i were to be totally honest, i were to say that there is no suchthing as 2,324 karat gold.
There is no sugar, salt or fat in vodka.
Yes. There is four vegetables that has seeds in it. Tomato,Cucumber, Bell Peper, okra.
The cola will fizz a little bit but that is it. There is no danger. It just makes your mouth feel funny. For more fun, add mentos to a 2-liter bottle of cola!
She has been a very popular figure in Australia and she was awarded senior of the year in 2010. There is no why in it. It must have been because of her commendable effort
If you freeze them as they are, egg yolks will eventually become sogelatinous that they will be almost impossible to use in a recipe.To help retard this gelation, beat in either 1/8 teaspoon salt or 11/2 teaspoons sugar or corn syrup per 1/4 cup of egg yolks (about 4yolks). Label the container with...
you freeze it then you take it out for 5 or 6 days at roomtemperature
No I wouldn't think so ... unless you wanted apple chocolate chip cookies, which would be sort of gross .... and you would still need butter. But hey! it could work, its worth a shot :D
the microwave needs to be 19 inches away from the cook top. like inthis picture there should be 19 inches above the cooktop . themicrowave should have a vent hood. this should be right but in mostmanual it tells you how far away is necessary
Answer . Flapper fashions for women doing the Charleston dance; speakeasy bars (for alcoholic beverages) during Prohibition; and "Boater/Skimmer" straw hats for men. Among other things...