Residence Types

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There are many types of residences and dwellings. Housing standards can be very different from culture to culture, and within various economies. Environmental issues can be a major factor in what type of homes can be found in an area.
Generally a renter does not pay for home repairs unless he causedthe damage.
An eviction is when your landlord makes you move out of your homewithin a few days before a court hearing. The amount of time ofeviction will vary by state and this information is usually statedin the lease of the rental.
Your condominium association is a public company. There are several types of bankruptcy, and the type chosen by the association will determine how business proceeds once bankruptcy is declared. Read more, below.
When a property goes into foreclosure, the lender will eventuallytake possession of the property. The lender can lock the propertyat that time with your possessions at that time. The time framedepends on the discussions between the lender and the borrower.Unfortunately the Tenant does not fall into...
You can apply for Section 8 housing. Also, there are usuallyagencies in the community that will help you get started in rentinga home. With those, you also get expectations and responsibilitiesto make it in the long run.
Yes, but if the mobile home is not new, you should test for overallstrength of the flooring. Have two or three large people stand ineach area where the bed foundation will contact the floor. Listenfor any ominous cracking sounds while filling the waterbed.Sometimes you can use 1/2" plywood to...
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You will need to call the locations directly for rent based incomeoptions
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You rent an apartment fom someone who owns the whole building, youown a condominium, or rent it from someone else who does.
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1. You start off building a dorm as a residential lot (it must beresidential) and then use a cheat to change the lot type. Build your lot first. Make sure you have everything you need/wanton the lot before you do the change because changing it afterwardsis a bit of a pain. 2. To operate properly...
Freshmen at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign must live in either University Housing or Private-Certified Housing. Costs vary depending on the type of room and meal plan selected. Private-Certified Housing is typically more expensive than University Housing, but this greatly varies from...
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If you signed it, then you're entitled to a copy. If you're referring to someone else's lease, then you have no right to a copy. If someone wants to give you another person's lease, that doesn't violate any law I know of.
In most states it is illegal for landlords to raise a tenants rentduring their lease period. Where it is legal, the landlord canraise the rent based on the items that need to be fixed, or doubleit to make up for financial losses.
The US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) states that you can have2 people per bedroom, plus one. However, local zoning laws may onlyallow a count of 2 people per bedroom. Section 8 only allows 2people per bedroom. Being related or not does not seem to be anissue.
Moving out after your rent runs out is chancy; you may be evictedbefore you plan to move. You may also be liable for the remainderof the lease. Discuss the issue with the landlord, and you may findsome help in response to your advance notice.
I normally list all of the following types of contracts and leases on Schedule G: Residential leases (like a rental lease for where the debtor lives, EVEN IF it is only a verbal month-to-month arrangement), cell phone contracts, lot rent agreements, land purchase/sale contracts, home owners...
When a tenant dies the death does not automatically end a lease.Each state has their laws with tenant deaths. In one state, thelease will end after 60 days of the death.
While renting your property, you need to ensure that your tenantsare qualified for handling or residing in your property. Screeningtenants helps you to get qualified tenants and you will get anopportunity to know your tenants better before signing lease orrental are steps for...
Sound depends on the structure between the floors - trusses, cementor other means may have different effects. If the floor above youis carpeted, you may not hear the same sounds as if it is tiled andpeople are rolling their chairs. How the people above you move -clumping around, or softly walking...
IN june it ranges from 100 GBP to the south Kensington area of750GBP per night
You can claim EIC if you have the filing status 'married filedseparately'.
No housing information has been reported to the College Board. Thus, I assume the school has no campus housing. In addition, read the following and then the choice is yours. WARNING For colleges and universities within the United States and its territories, the critical issue is the schools...
If I'm understanding correctly, two were in the apartment, the landlord threw you out, and now wants to sue you for rent that the one remaining behind may have incurred. In any case, regardless as to details, if both your names were on the least, you are most likely both liable. You may consult...
Prospective tenants the opportunity to apply for propertiesboth online via the property listing or by printed application. Itwas remember also applications would not be processed until theproperty has been viewed and all prospective tenant applicationshave been received In case of online it must be...
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Nothing entitles the tenant to 'break' it. But if the conditions are broke by the landlord first, or if a situation specificed in the lease comes to be that allows, one may be no longer bound by the lease. For instance, if the landlord fails to provide needed repairs, such that it is untenable to...
The three parks that would give me answers all said there was no formula as such, but when city land taxes went up, then pad rents had to go up. This seems logical to me.
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This probably depends on the laws of your state. In Massachusetts, there have been rulings that, if a deposit is paid by a governmental agency, the deposit gets returned to the tenant. It's likely the same result with a deal entirely between private parties. Massachusetts law specifically states...
Actually, it's quite simple. You need to contact the housing authority of your choice at
security deposits protect the landlord if the tenant fails to pay rent or causes damage to the rental premises beyond normal wear and tear. a renter can not choose to pay rent with any portion of that deposit.
Residents can't alter their living space without permission.
Answer . Most of the time the answer is “Yes.” However, if you notify the landlord right away, he can usually have an appliance repair person there very quickly so you don’t lose any food items. If your refrigerator "died" and it was not your fault, that is you did not improperly operate it,...
The average gas bill for a three bedroom apartment in Indiana wouldbe approximately one hundred and seven dollars a month. This is forcooking, heating, and hot water.
In many states it is illegal for a landlord to hold from a prospective tenant any material facts in the rental of that unit, such as that a death occurred in that unit. But the tenant would have to prove damages that resulted from the withholding of that material fact.
Answer . It depends on what state the two 17 year olds live. They need to check to see what their state's "Age of Majority" is. Most states have laws that establish 18 years of age as the age of a person who can legally enter into contracts. If that is the case here, then it is possible to as the...
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The general rule is up to two adults for each bedroom. A bedroom is a room of a least 70 square feet, with at least one window.
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That really depends. In Pakistan it could cost like a dollar for a small business, while in Manhattan it could get to a few dollars per square foot. Next time try being more specific.
It depends on your own circumstances.
A local realtor can answer your question.
like a top of the building look out into a valley/city/town
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Since the default has nothing to do with the landlord, and is not his fault, you would be breaching the lease, and would be liable for the rent until the end of the lease, unless he rerents it.
Lovely as this finish is, it is time consuming and quite expensive, not to mention not very easy to clean. I would not recommend doing this treatment in a hallway, kitchen, bathroom or any other high-traffic area... but it would lend a certain luxuriousness to a bedroom or even a formal living room....
Get it in writing. By the way, your heat pump won't work if covered in snow, but then, if it's cold enough to snow, it won't work well anyway.
Answer . They are very nice for dorms. The one I was in was a four bedreem where each person has a separate bedroom with their own deadbolt. There are two bathrooms in the hall. There is a big living room and a little kitchenette with a sink microwave and fridge. The firnished Riverside couches...
That would depend. Some dorms have wardrobes. Some have closets. Some will just give you a dresser and a desk. You'll have to look into the rooming situations in the universities you're interested in.
Answer . it depends on how many children you have and if you want two to share a room or not.
To be evicted means to be put out. If a person that is renting fails to uphold their part of the agreement by not paying rent or by destroying something or playing their music too loud, etc.. and they fail to meet the terms of the lease then they can be evicted or told to move out. First there...
The average monthly cost of power varies by state. However, therange is $74.62-$203.15 per month. The Pacific region of the UnitedStates average electric bill is $122.71.
You cannot get a house at age 17. This is because you would need tosign a contract and you cannot sign a legally binding contractunless you are 18 or older.
All 50 states allow renters to be charged a security deposit whenrenting. The amount is left up to the discretion of the landlord,but typically it is equal to the first month's rent.
It is only legal for a landlord to break his lease and evict histenant under certain conditions. The landlord must file an evictionnotice through the courts.
That depends on the laws of your state. I suggest you repost your question, indicating which state the property is in.
If the landlord will accept the parents signature, yes. Until they are 18, they cannot legally sign a contract. But the parents can allow the child to live there and can sign the agreements for them. There are also some states that allow a minor to sign agreements for necessities, such as shelter,...
Yes, although the landlord is obligated to attempt to mitigate his loss, in this case by trying to re-rent the unit.
Some landlords perform extensive background checks on prospective tenants, some do not. Eventually, a person who has been evicted would find a landlord who does not bother. Also, explaining the situation up front might help. Whether to rent to an individual is entirely at the discretion of the...
In the United States, the amount of time you must give a tenant who has not paid the lease before you evict him varies according to state law. In New York it is hard to evict a tenant. As a result, some landlords simply abandoned their buildings. In other states it is easy to change the locks and...
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Please give us more information than this for an informed answer.
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I recently did mine (totally ) for a parts expense of just under $200. this inlcudes 40 ft 3/4 and 20 ft 1/2 PEX, 7 undersink shutoff valves, a laundry fitting box, all necessary PEX fittings, a 3/4 ball valve, and a PRV. - It took me about 12 hours for actual removal and replacement of piping. -NOT...
That is entirely at the landlords discretion, as long as no discrimination is involved in the decision. (Race, sex etc.)
I own an older double wide in NJ and decided to paint over one of our bathrooms since the floral pattern might have looked good 20 years ago, but has not for at least a decade. I found that if you thoroughly clean the walls with TSP or similar after lightly scuffing the surface with a scothbrite pad...
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