Senior Citizen Discounts

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Senior citizen discounts are discounts offered to people over a certain age. These discounts exist as a way to alleviate some of the financial pressures put on those who are retired. Senior discounts can apply to a range of different ages, some starting at 50 years of age, while others not until 75.
Kroger offers a 10% discount to Seniors all day and every day on Kroger products. You only need to go to the customer service desk and ask about it. They will add it to your Kroger shopping card. I have seen sites which say the discount is limited to certain days but I have received the discount...
No, Kmart doesnt care how old you are, they just want your money.But if you apply for the Kmart membership card you can get things for better prices. . Not on general merchandise, but Kmart does offer a discount for people over 50 for up to 20% off on prescriptions. It is called the GoldK ...
NO that's bad seniors are extremely loyal to the stores and give a senior discount . if more people asked for it that might get them moving in the right direction.
No, but they offer a 10% discount to active & retired military personnel and veterans with a Veterans Photo ID from VA Medical Service. Lowes will do the same and also offers all veterans the 10% discount on Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Veterans Day.
Yes. On the first Tuesday if each month
The age for the Dunkin' Donuts Senior Citizen discount is forpeople who are age 55 year or older. The discount is for 10% off ora free coffee.
Senior age at Golden Corral is 55
Apparently, Kohls has raised the senior citizen age from 55 to 62 then lowered it to 60.
Yes, they have raised it now to 60.=(