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Catwoman is a DC Comics character. She is considered an antiheroine, and has a complicated, sometimes romantic relationship with Batman. She was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.
Sorry.... no! :P (^@^)~
Catwoman is a villainess/heroine of DC Comics' Batman series. The original "Catwoman" on the 1960's TV series was played by Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt. In her first "Batman Returns" movie appearance (1992), she was played by Michele Pfeiffer. In the non-Batman movie "Catwoman" (2004), Halle Berry...
Cats ability to survive high falls have given them the reputation to have 9 lives, and Cat Woman is supposed to share some of the cat's characteristics - so she got 9 lives too.
Depends on where you live and your price range. Try a local comicbook store, or a local comic book convention.
That would depend on the writer.
Catwoman is the Batman's antagonist /enemy .
Bill Finger, Bob Kane
No, not really but she says "meow" sometimes.
Well they are both very capable of combat and gymnastics but who isbetter. Well to me I think catwoman would be better at gymnasticswhile batgirl might be better as gymnastics. Personally I thinkcatwoman will win as she trained herself in both areas as she isboth advanced at both. Anyway this based...
Cat woman is the enemy slash secret cutie to the masked man Batman. Cat woman was a very conspicuous woman who was sick of getting screwed over. So she made the cat woman costume to start being a vigelante but ended up being the nemisis to Batman.
If you mean the 1966-1968 televison series, 'Catwoman' was played by Julie Newmar in 13 episodes, and Eartha Kitt in 5 episodes. There was also a 1966 theatrical film based on this series and Lee Meriwether played 'Catwoman' there.
No, Batman does not like Catwoman he likes Wonder Woman :)
Catwomans powers are; flexibility, agility, speed and night vision.
Catwoman was directed by Jean-Christophe "Pitof" Comar. It was released in July 2004.
As a thief, she is a villain in a sense. But her behavior is notinherently evil or malevolent toward others.
Bane will be played by Tom Hardy. Anne Hathaway was selected to play Selina Kyle, but it has NOT been confirmed that she will play Catwoman.
The answer is both. During the early Batman comics she was a villain. They later had it that she was still a villain, but Batman and her would be in love. In more recent years she has teamed up with Batman, and had fallen in love with him. But she often goes back to her old ways. She is like a cat,...
Cameron diaz
No, she wears a black cat suit.
Catwoman is a human female incapable of unassisted flight. Meow!
In the episode "The Knights of Tomorrow"
They don't say but she lost 7 of her lives.
Whatever color the artist/filmmaker wants it to be. Traditionally, it's been mainly black and/or purple.
Are you asking about her costume? Catwoman's costume is black. As the character has been drawn for animated movies and many comics and graphic novels, Catwoman is racially ambiguous, perhaps in an effort to illustrate the commonality of issues that all women of any race may face. Actresses who...
Lee Meriwether (TV) Julie Newmar Michelle Pfeiffer Halle Berry Anne Hathaway (Yet to be released)
In Arkham City there are points covered with Bats flying everywhere where you can switch characters from Catwoman to Batman. It's the same with Catwoman, there's a point with Cats laying on the ground usually positioned on rooftops.
Batman never kissed Catwoman but she did kiss him.
Not only is she female, she's fictional. So no.
neither she is neutral
Probably between 5'7"-5"10"
no she is a thief
Catwoman loves Batman probably because he is a male version of herself. Justice is a big thing for them. They are both dark and run into each other a lot.
Yes, Catwoman (Selina Kyle) is in The Dark Knight Rises.
she can it was awsome with her in it
Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt
well yes but it depends on what she does!
Catwoman. The infamous protagonist of the Batman series created by DC universe. The character not only features in the animated series but has her own film.
You could always recreate Catwomen into something she's never beenbefore.
Catwoman is not stronger than Batman, however she is far more agile than him.
No. But she's smarter. Poison Ivy is always mad at Catwoman. She plans to kill Strange.
Michelle Pfeiffer is wearing her Catwoman's costume in Batman Returns. This version of Catwoman's catsuit was made out of black PVC. In the 1960s the suit was green in colour.
They dated a little bit in Batman returns.
Superheroes with the letter c our only one is Catwoman
Catwoman appeared first in Batman #1 in Spring 1940.
Catwoman was created in 1940.
Catwoman was released on 07/23/2004.
Batman does have relationships with both Catwoman/Selina Kyle and Talia,
She is about 22 or 23
Nightwing Escalation - 2011 Catwoman Chocolates and Mobsters 2-6 was released on: USA: 5 December 2013
Catwoman Nine Lives - 2005 was released on: USA: 11 May 2005
Somewhat good and somewhat bad.
Anne Hathaway in the newest one.
No not really because Catwomen is a very strange figure.
They are only married in what if stories and one episode in thebrave and to bold cartoon thus far.
Originally Catwoman was a shy individual who was pushed out of a window by her boss, a magical cat gave her feline powers, she then hunted her murderer down and seeked revenge on him, in the recent film Catwoman was being chased by henchmen when she ended up in a long sewage pipe, the sewage pipe...
Yes, often, it's practically how catwoman says hello.
Yes, I am Catwoman, hear me roar. I'm not kidding.
assuming you asked this question for no good reason; i would say either because cats are feminine and ferocious or because it would be weird to name a part dog part lady "Catwoman", dont you think?
She is a cat burglar.She usually steals items from jewellery shops.She sometimes behaves well because she likes flirting with Batman.
It's between her and Ra's al ghul's daughter Talia
It's an interesting thing really, I mean, she does steal from banks and museums and messes with batman, but she's never really killed anyone on purpose.
no catwomens a comic book character
No she is a villian.
First of all you spelt Catwomen wrong! Catwomen is Tammy so its not any stuiped Hally Berry or how ever it is spelled. Any way Catwomen does a lot of cool stuff like jumps on tables and she has a magical power and her eyes change colors. YOU GOTTA LOVE HER...I know mouseman does:DD
Yes, their will be 3 sequals of catwoman and will follow a storyline of her as a criminal before she turned catwoman,..christopher nolan will direct them with either anne hathaway or Marion costallerd, burce Wayne will appear in 2 & 3 cause of the followed story line, harley Quinn & bane will be in...
Become a peak athlete, have good hand-to-hand combat, have burglary smarts, love cats, be able to seduce Batman, get a skin tight catsuit with sharp claws, and have bullwhips.
Black Leather.
In the recent film cat woman was being chased by 2 henchmen and ended up in a sewage pipe the sewage pipe was turned on. So cat woman was pushed out of the pipe along with all the liquid. The pipe was high above the sea so when she was forced out she drowned in the ocean. Afterwards she was found...
Catwoman, Selina Kyle, first appeared in Batman #1, spring 1940.
5ft 7inches she is not that tall compared to Vagina Hilton who stands 8 ft tall!
In the comics, Catwoman is a villain. But in The Dark Knight Rises, she ends up partnering with Batman and turns out not to be a villain. Yes she makes her living by crime; making her a villain. However unlike other villains such as Joker, she is not ruthless, she has a conscience that keeps her...