The Most Dangerous Game

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"The Most Dangerous Game" is a famous 1924 short story by Richard Connell. It is taught in many high schools and colleges and has been adapted numerous times in film.
Rainsford leaped upon the rail and balanced himself there to get greater elevation but his pipe hit a rope and was knocked from his mouth he then lunged for it and reached too far and lost his balance and fell in the Caribbean sea
The theme is to hunt or be hunted.
Possibly, terrified, curious, strange, depends on the part.
Richard Connell Richard Connell wrote The Most Dangerous Game .
In the story Rainsford hears the sound of gun shots so he runs towards the sound. He then slips and his pipe flies out of his mouth. Then Rainsford jumps to try to catch his pipe but he jumps to far and falls in the ocean. Then he swims to the island.
Joel McCrea played Bob Rainsford in the 1932 film The MostDangerous Game .
General Zaroff knew who Rainsford was because Zaroff read the hunting book that Rainsford wrote.
I think the most dangerous game is Russian roulette. You play with a gun. Put one bullet in one of the holes. Go around each time and click the gun. One person will get the gun and shoot himself. DO NOT ATTEMPT If you refer to the short story "The Most Dangerous Game", the game was to see if the...
Rainsford's physical condition, his experience, and his intelligence help him survive.
He uses the tricks of hunters
General Zaroff proposes a hunt, but only the General will be hunting because Rainsford will be his prey.
Very dirty, Many dead people die
Rainsford appears and surprises the general. (apex)
General Zaroff, a Cossack expatriate, lives for the thrill of the hunt, and has resorted to hunting men (the most dangerous game) on his deserted island.
Rainsford is the ideal prey because he has "courage, cunning, and above all, the ability to reason."
ransford was on a high branch of a tree and the dogs fell in the quick sand lake thingy underneath him I thought it was a pitfall trap filled with sharpened stakes that Ransford made that killed a dog.
Rainsford meets Zaroff; Rainsford learns what the "game" is; Rainsford participates in the "game"; Rainsford eludes Zaroff.
Three quotes from the short story "The Most Dangerous Game" can be:1)the moist black velvet. 2)fishy blue eyes. 3)muffled throb of the engine.
Rainsford sails by island Rainsford reaches island Zaroff hunts Rainsford Rainsford eludes Zaroff
rainford , the hunted is not being hunted
"The Most Dangerous Game" is said to take place in the early 1920's on a small island somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. ( at night on a ship=apev)
he believes the weak are on earth to give the strong pleasure
Rainsford, having killed Ivan with a knife trap, runs from Zaroff and his dogs and leaps from a cliff into the sea. The general takes a long time to return to the chateau. He has dinner and retires to his bedroom -- only to find Rainsford waiting for him there.
Rainsford sails by island (start of story) Rainsford reaches island (fell from boat) Zaroff hunts Rainsford (action of the story) Rainsford eludes Zaroff (end of story) (alternatively - in the first half of the story) Rainsford falls off the boat. Rainsford meets Ivan. Rainsford meets Zaroff. The...
General Zaroff is a Cossack expatriate (the story is set in 1924) who left Russia when the Tsar fell. He has been a soldier and a hunter, and has built a palatial retreat on a remote Caribbean Island, occupied only by him, his hounds, and a huge deaf-mute servant named Ivan. His only passion in life...
Rainsford falls off the boat and swims to the island after hearing gun shots.
We were reading this in English class.. -killers -rich/wealthy there are more, however, montresor was sneaky in his killing, zaroff was upfront. also, montrsor killed for revenge, and zaroff killed for sport.
The short story titled 'The Most Dangerous Game' was written by Richard Connell. The novel was written by Gavin Lyall.
"The Most Dangerous Game" Mapping of Ship-Trap Island Must Haves: Title to map Legend with symbols to represents important items on journey Compass indicating north, south, east, and west Facts to Track Rainsford's Journey Caribbean Sea Island is to the right of boat Headed...
General Zaroff is the the static character because he doesn't really change throughout the story. When Rainsford first meets him, he is amoral and would do anything for the "thrill of the hunt". Later on in the story, he is still amoral and would do anything for a good hunt. He is not a dynamic...
The mood is omnicious and suspenseful.
He found animals simple and uninteresting.
I think whats so ironic about him is that he see's himself as such a great hunter and nothing more than that, but he really isn't. What he really is is a murderer. But maybe this isn't really irony. I think this question would suit the man who fell off the boat at the begining better. I can't...
Having been a soldier and a hunter his entire life, he now waylays unfortunate sailors to become his human hunting prey. Although they are promised freedom if they can elude him, his skill and knowledge of the island make it virtually impossible for them to escape.
The exposition is where the setting is established and the characters and introduced; so in "The Most Dangerous Game" it would probably be up until Rainsford falls off the boat and swims to General Zaroff's island.
Richard Connell never states exactly what Brainstormed looks like. He largest mostly up to the reader's imagination.
he was sleeping and that happen was in his dream.
the rising action is when the general tell him he doesn't hunt animal but people
he at first did not like or want to hunt but at he end he hunted the general zarrof.
He kills him, becaues zaroff hunts for humans and tries to kill/hung rainsford but rainsford out smarts him and ends up killing zaroff in the end.
Hes killed several animals from all over the world including jaguars and cape buffalo
An example of flashback in The Most Dangerous Game is when Rainsford is being hunted and he thinks back to a time when he was in Africa.
One is- The Cape buffalo head, one of the largest and most dangerous animals to hunt, is a symbol of General Zaroff's skill as a hunter to kill it.
Zaroff prefers to hunt humans because it provides more of a challenge. Humans can think logically develope fully formed ideas and contemplate next moves. Animals go upon only instinct. Humans make for the tougher hunt.
he was given a hunting knife a sack of food and hunting clothes
He has a "fake" lighthouse, which leads ships to jagged rocks and then Zaroff comes and "saves" them and then that is where he begins to hunt the men.
We don't really know what happened to General Zaroff in the end. Itis very unclear on how he died because his last words end in midsentence. We can infer from this that Rainsford either stabbed himwith something he was holding or he simply pushed him out of thewindow making him fall to his pack of...
The title is a play on the word game which can mean a challenge or sport. It can also mean hunted animals. In the short story (set in the 1920s), the "most dangerous game" is both. On his mysterious Caribbean island, Russian expatriate General Zaroff has taken to a different kind of hunting --...
Obviously his name was General Zaroff . There was also Sanger Rainsford who is the protagonist
ivan a) Rainsford b) Rainsford and Zaroff c) Rainsford, Ivan, and two of the captive sailors d) Zaroff, Ivan, and one of Zaroff's best dogs
The main events of the short story are set in the late 1920's (see reading link below). They are: 1. Rainsford, a big-game hunter, falls from a yacht in the Caribbean. 2. He swims to an island and discovers a palatial chateau. 3. He meets a Cossack expatriate, General Zaroff, who lives alone...
The climax is the turning point of the story. It mostly falls in the middle or at the end of the story. In other words it is when Rainsford changes his personality.
\An island in the middle of the Carribean Sea that has little to no contact is a perfect place for General Zaroff to play his game and get his hunts. Since there are no laws applied on the island, whatever General Zaroff says has to be done. Therefore, if there is no setting Zaroff wont play his...
When Rainsford was suppose to die, he didnt. Zaroff did, though..
we have to guess.... but Zaroff is believed to have died Actually we know who died because Rainsford said (well thought) he never slept in a better bed. I used that phaise because the general said "splended one of usis to sleep in a furnish a repast for the hounds. The other will sleep in the...
Booby traps. Notably a pit-fall and a knife on a cocked branch . Taking the fight to Zaroff by invading his bed-room
Rainsford has to catch three cats and five tigers in threedays.
Rainsford doesnt participate willingly. Zaroff basically "encouraged" (threatened really) Rainsford with his massive russian bodyguard.
He gives his visitors a supply of food and a hunting knife before he goes and hunts them but he doesn't give them an option of wanting to be hunted or not
the traps were made by the main character dude...the protagonist...think his name was Rainsford...ya Rainsford cause he was being hunted by Zarrof, Ivan, and Zarrof's hunting dogs.
The Most Dangerous Game II Predator Supreme Rainsford's Inheritance Won by might is right enough A Taste of Blood A Persuasive Distraction Gratifying and Seductive An Enchanting Flavour
he used a 357 colt magnum revolver S series (1887)
Darkness, light, savagery, betrayal
Well, there are many. 1) Dont judge other people unless you knowthem inside out. 2) All life has value 3) Never underestimate people Hope i helped :) I'm taking the story too haha
The first intimation of danger on the island occurs before Rainsford even swims to shore. He hears the cry of an animal being hunted; it is a piercing sound of an animal with which Rainsford is...
General Zaroff is a Russian cossack that hunts people b/c he thinks hunting animals is to easy for an experienced hunter like himself. He meets Rainsford and decides to send Rainsford out on the island to fight for his life. Zaroff then ventures the whole island searching for Rainsford. failing to...
Yes, in fact Rainsford is now inclined to hunt the more dangerous game himself.
The generals next victim will be Rainsford.