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Motorola Devices

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Motorola devices includes all the various iterations of the company's mobile phones, wearables, and wireless network solutions.
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I am assuming by the little square thing, you mean on the slide out qwerty keyboard. If so, the square thing is a four way rocker switch (the bigger black square) to move around on the screen and the center gold button is to select with, all without touching the screen of the droid.
When facing the front of the phone there is a button on the top right hand side. It's a lock/on-off button.Hold it down while the phone is off to turn it on.
Press and hold '1' from the home screen. The phone will automatically call voice mail. Once connected to voice mail, use the instructions they give you via phone to set up voice mail by setting your password, name, and other settings.
No I have one myself (black and purple its so awesome) and they only have them in 2 styles Black and Purple (my favorite) and Silver , Black, And Red (Verizon colors). They only sell them at Verizon. If you recently had Alltel you may get a new phone now that your plan is under Verizon.
Yes. Verizon has gotten greedier. They require a data plan on all smartphones which of course includes the Droid Eris.
When a Japanese firm took over a Motorola factory that manufactured  Quasar television sets in the United States in the 1970s, they  promptly set about making drastic changes in the way the factory  operated. Under Japanese management, the factory was soon producing  TV sets with 1/20th as many...
Occasionally Verizon may run a special that offers a free Droid with a certain purchase order or contract. Call Verizon and ask if they currently have any specials on the Droid.
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It depends on the person. The screen is pretty small so if you have big fingers then this phone is a no go. If you have small fingers you won't find difficult to text. Go to a cellphone store and test drive it.
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as about the size of a iPhone or a iPod
By the time you read this the price might change but the Droid costs about 300$ if you want it immediately. Or there is an overnight shipping offer that costs 200$.
The Medic Droid is a droid which provides medical support in the field, the soldiers that do this are medics, so it was only fitting to call these droids "medic droids."
You must have a SIM card for the carrier you want to use and the  phone must be compatible with that carrier.
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It clearly depends on what is wrong with it.
Yes, the Droid is very nice. It's been said that it is the Cadillac of smart phones.
$200 with a two-year contract from Verizon.
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That would depend upon which phone had the best features or the features you want most. I suggest reading reviews and specs on each phone, then trying them both out at the applicable stores before making your purchase. See related links below.
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i think cause they have the same plug so that will be a YES
If your phone does not have a SIM card then it is classified as a  Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) phone. If you have a CDMA  phone, then your phone is not unlockable.
With your phone on the home screen, connect your phone's micro USB cable to your phone and to your computer. . Your phone will show a USB connection dialog at the top of the screen. . Flick down and touch "USB connected." . Touch "Mount". . On your computer, locate and click on the "Removable Disk...
This would be up to you as the purchaser. I suggest going to the Verizon store and asking to see a demo model of the Droid. Once you use it, you can then decide whether you want to buy it or not. As a Droid owner, I would say I love my Droid and would highly recommend it.
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Yes, you can. There are literally thousands of both free and non-free apps available in the Market which is easy to link to on your Droid.
yes.To make the answer a little more clear.Yes you can use a Droid, Droid 2, Droid X or pretty much any android with Metro PCS. I have the droid x and it works flawlessly with text and internet and all for only 45.00 a month. There are many guides online to help you with this.
Actually i was just searching for the same thing but at&t has compatibility with all motarola phones and i just saw that the Motorola droid is compatible with at&t. Solraven--> actually at&t is a gsm network and the droid is a cdma phone. at&t offers a couple phones that run the...
Double check to make sure: 1) you have AM/PM set right. 2) You have it set for the correct days. You can set the Droid to alarm only on the days you specify, and may have the setting wrong. 3) You have the correct alarm checked. 4) Your volume is turned up.
Follow these steps and you will never have a problem with the screen again. It takes about 15 minutes.What you will need:1. canned air2. Q-tips3. rubbing alcohol4. a piece of tape (i used duct tape)5. a number 6 torque driver (its the little star looking skrewdriver)Remove the back cover and the...
The Droid has conference calling. To make a conference call: . Call the first number. . Wait for them to answer. . Touch "Add Call" and call the next number. . When they answers, touce "Merge Call."
I personally like Droid better. It has lots more apps available.
Yes, it does. If you have a router or other Wi-Fi access, you can set your Droid to connect via Wi-Fi.
Yes, the Droid has a slide keyboard as well as the touch-screen keyboard. You can use either one you want.- But it all depens on the one u get.
Yes droids are very horribly organized, and I have yet to find one of my technologically inclined friends (I am too) that agrees that it is simple by any means. I would not recommend (its current version atleast) it to anyone.
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In my opinion, yes. But that question is totally debatable, since everyone has a difference of an opinion.
No, but in the future they will have an app for the iPhone.
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I guess you would never really know until either you have one or you've touched one!
you have to go up to your droid and hit it with a ball peen hammer....dont try using a regular hammer, it wont work
I don't think so their is any way of doing this other than to get it free from some lucky draw :-) If you are looking for Android software then you may get it free from internet.
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If it is under warranty call Motorola. They usually have a one year warranty.
I already have a cell phone.
It goes in the left hand side of the phone, towards the bottom. It takes a mini SIM card.
it is the last 4 digits of your number..ur number is 555-6204it would be 6204.
you allways hav in touch with virizon phones so are allways in touch. by:Ali
Yes, id you purchase the global plan.
No. The Motorola Droid is only available on Verizon Wireless at this current time.
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yes it does, to find it go to settings and then to wireless & networks
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press options , then save picture !
yes you can. but you will have to pay atleast a $40 activation fee an you will be able to use your Motorola with all the metro pcs functions and plans once you set it up. you can even call to check 1-888-863-8768
sneeze is the only program you can use from will The simple answer is "yes." I use Gmail, which is forwarded to Outlook on my computer, and the messages are synced on my Droid. A disadvantage is that the Droid does not have a "select all" option so you cannot delete all the messages at once. You can...
The lock button on the top is also a button for other options. Hold the button down for a few seconds and then there will be a few options: to enable airplane mode (in which all signals are disabled) and then the shut down option. Hope this helps.
I'm pretty sure it's unlimited,,,I have almost 5,000 just from one person and all together with other texts I have over 10,000...
It is a web-enabled mobile smart-phone.
you get to decide whether you think it is good or not it is your opinion
By far the best is Sleep for Android and it has a picture of  a sleeping droid. This app let's you choose any song and it records  how you sleep and if you snore. It gives you tips on how to sleep  better without waking up in the middle of the night after it  records your sleeping habits. It is...
It depends which one you get. As of early June 2011:If you get the Droid x2 you only get 500mb or so of RAM, you only get 3G, but you get a Dual Core Processor.If you get a Droid Incredible 2 you get 700mb or so of RAM, you only get 3G, but you get a front-facing 1.3mp camera.If you get the Droid...
Facebook is already included on the Motorola Droid.
i have a problem how to unlock code for my phone motorola v9,i really forgot my password...please help me...i really need it
Go into the apps Market and go to "my downloads" and delete it from there.
Yes, you can. Press the phone option and dial the needed number.
The only place to get them is at Verizon stores.
Sadly, not at this time and probably never going to be. It's a smartphone like the Blackberries so never likely to be prepaid.
To delete text messages, if using the touch screen, go to messaging. Then press the little button at the bottom that had the 4 lines (it is next to the little house symbol). When options come up, click on delete threads. But warning: doing this will delete ALL of your messages. I don't know a way on...
The Motorola Droid, of course!
There should be an app called the 'Market', and when you click on this app, it takes you there.If you can't find the app, touch the search key, and type in 'market'. A list of all apps with this in the name will appear, which is probably just the one that you're looking for.
The Droid Incredible is better than the Droid because it is faster, its lighter without the slide out qwerty keyboard. (The keyboard on the Droid sucks anyway.), and HTC sense in better than stock android.
The number to safe link
it is imposible to unlock the i880 with out the serial number as  Motorola has programed the codes randomly and differently for each  phone. (ie. each i880 has a different number). However if you  Google "Motorola i880 unlock code (provider you need)" you will get  a cheap service in which you...
yes and its a great phone.
Hi...I emailed the company and they took the games off the market in 2006 and the web site was removed in 2010......I hadn't finished mine either...
Wait a few minutes while recharging the battery...the Droid will not turn on if the battery charge is too low.
Yes, MotoBlur is similar to HTC's Sense UI in that it is amanufacturer skin that's laid over Android OS. The difference withMotoBlur is that it has more social networking features served upcompared to its rivals.
First, don't turn it on. You need to try Silica Gel Packets to dry out your phone. There was a good article on associatedcontent.com, http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1028188/how_to_dry_out_your_iphone.html?cat=15, that explains how to dry a wet cell phone, iPods, or any electronics. You...
You will be able to purchase the Droid X on July 15, 2010 for $200, although reviewers can get it up to a month earlier.
Not that I'm aware of. When I got my Verizon Motorola Droid, there wasn't a Skype app. The only online app besides Google apps I saw was Facebook. But I suppose you could buy it from the App store, since I was able to download the MSN messenger app for free.
goto your phone settings, select the reset option and select the second option.... the phone will reset, restart and then work normally...this thing happend 2 me yesterday and phone working fine now..one problem is that date and time cannot be changed.. if u find a method, kindly mailit 2 me ...
If you want to unlock your Motorola razr mobile phone from  the network lock,I would suggest you to get an unlock code from  Unlock-zone.com at reasonable price.
I found how to enter them but mine dont work.
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