Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch, developed by Apple Inc, was released in April 2015. It is a smartwatch that connects to iOS devices, and runs on Apple's own Watch OS.
The cheapest one is $299. It is the Sport Model.
The price of the Apple watch has not yet been released.
The Apple Watch is manufactured by Quanta Computer.
They are predicting early 2015, so I would think between Januaryand February because thats when their products came out last year.
In certain situations it will, but you cant text or call withoutit.
The cheapest one is $299 for the Sport Model.
An Apple watch costs $345-299
the size of a normal watch.
April 24th, 2015. the watch comes in Gold, Stainless Steel, andmany more. prices start at $349 Apple does not announce when they will reveal products
The cheapest one is $299 for the Sport
The Apple Watch is available in Australia.
Yes! You can download apps from the OS app store on your iPhone!
It is water resistant, almost water proof. But to be general itsnot water proof.
Only in the Apple store in New York.
The cheapest model of Apple Watch is the Sport. This watch sellsfor $349 plus applicable taxes.
There are no monthly fees that are due. However, you may choose aplan that includes paying installments for your Apple Watch.
One big advantage is that you can always know what time it is,wherever you are. Depending on the type of watch, it might also double as jewelry, aphone, a speaker for your music, or many other features.
In order to use certain functions, like texting and playing games,but to listen to a certain playlist while jogging you don't as longas it is downloaded on your 8GB of storage.