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Braveheart is an epic action movie that tells the story of the Scottish hero, William Wallace. Played by Mel Gibson, Wallace led a Scottish revolution against King Edward I of England.
In my opinion the concept of this movie is a Honor, loyalty andharmonious.
Enya did not do a Braveheart song. There was just a file going around the net with that name attached. Nobody even sings in that song.
Yes, there really was a man named William Wallace and he led a rebellion against the English.
Historical Drama
Another language for brave heart
Mel Gibson wanted to do a film version of the book 'Braveheart' by Randall Wallace based loosely on the life of Scottish hero William Wallace.
Braveheart is so historically inaccurate i couldn't tell you!!
"MacCulloch" is a family name. The prefix "Mc-" [or "Mac-"] is a patronymic (name component) meaning "son of". In the case of the movie, "McCulloch" is the clan's name -- "sons of Culloch". They chant it in reference to the clan's victory.
A theme is a lesson about people, life, society, that the author is teaching his audience. It cannot be stated in just one word
mamores, near fort williams
Long lances and swords were used to kill the heavy horse men.
Yes. She is real and her name is Marion Braidfute
I think the name of William Wallace's brother name is John. :))) Good Luck!:)))
In the "Revenge" scene where Wallace kills the Sherrif.
the best show in the world. i love it. by the way my name is Milly doesn't like Braveheart. it is really sad though. there is a lot of yuck stuff in it though. .
It was mel Gibson who directed this movie and did the lead role as well, Mel Gibson as William Wallace after his wife is killed by the English.. He starts an uprising demanding justice that leads to a war for independence.
no, in real life when William Wallace died the queen was still younger than the age of ten
during Edward I aka Edward the Long Shanks reign he wanted to kill , and or out breed the scots out of Scotland and make it part of the British monarch so he outlawed everything .. Scottish in Scotland hence outlawed pipes ( bag pipes outlawed) playing outlawed tunes .
Braveheart is a 1995 historical war drama directed by and starringMel Gibson. The first battle in the movie is set in Scotland.
braveheart is 80% accurate becuz the other 20% is in there just to fill in the gap and make it a bit more interresting
Braveheart was filmed in Scotland and Ireland. the majority of braveheart was filmed in ireland.
He wasn't nick-named 'Braveheart'. That was just the name of the Mel Gibson film based on Wallace. the top sentance is a big lie he was nicknamed braveheart because of his commintment sand loyalty in the scotish war he never gave up and fought for his freinds and looked after his army and all he...
Braveheart is rate R for brutal medieval warfare.
what is the actresses name who played the girlfriend to William wallis in braveheart? Catherine McCormack played Murron
The film Braveheart was nominated for 10 Oscars. It won 5 of these awards.
Robert I of Scots (Robert the Bruce) and King Edward I and II of England.
The cloth that Murron gave him when they got married. It's so sad! :( It makes me cry
Aine O Connor stole the wedding cloth in Braveheart because she was cold and needed something to keep her warm during the long cold winter nights when Sir William isn't around to keep her warm.
A literal translation of the words brave heart would be calon ddewr - but it is not usual totranslate the names of characters, particularly not those made upby film makers!
There was no Battle of Stirling, it was the Battle of Stirling Bridge. There is no evidence that Wallace ever met Robert the Bruce or the French Princess.
"MacCulloch" is a family name. The prefix "Mc-" [or "Mac-"] is apatronymic (name component) meaning "son of". In the case of the movie, "McCulloch" is the clan's name -- "sonsof Culloch". They chant it in reference to the clan's victory.
Not really, it was directed by Mel Gibson who is an Australian, but the movie revolves around William Wallace who is a Scottish hero and it is set in Scotland so it is more a Scottish movie.
Mel Gibson portrayed the Scottish hero William Wallace.
No, it's based on a real person, but the film is Hollywood at its historical worst. I enjoyed the film as entertainment, but from an historical point of view it utter twaddle.
In North America its distributor is Paramount Pictures under Sony Colombia Pictures Sony Pictures Home Entertainment because Sony have a deal to distributed there library and future library. international Distributor is 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment for countries outside USA and Canada....
Answer . Mel Gibson himself
The term 'Braveheart' actually refers to King Robert the Bruce of Scotland who requested that upon his death his heart be removed and buried in the Holy Land. of course Hollywood got it wrong as usual they attributed the term to Sir William Wallace instead!
William Wallace (AKA "braveheart") was captured by the English king, known as Edward the Long Shanks , tortured and eventually beheaded. I don't know if this next part is true but i have heard that his body was torn to peices his arms and legs sent to the 4 corners of England and his head set on...
A Hollywood movie about the life of Sir William Wallace, Scottish freedom fighter. BUT the term 'Braveheart' was actually attributed to King Robert the Bruce before he died he requested that his heart be removed and buried in the Holy Land (Palestine)
Enya. Song is called For the love of a Princess
yes very similar! the shire soundtrack and the braveheart theme soundtrack.
The main title, features Uilleann pipes. It is one of the moreprominent themes on the soundtrack. In this track, we get to hearit in its entirety. It's easily one of the more memorable momentsfrom the entire score.
No. The 1995 Best Actor Oscar went to Nicolas Cage for his performance as a doomed writer in "Leaving Las Vegas."
In real life William Wallace never met a princess, So it makes little odds. Most of the film Braveheart is fiction starting with Mel Gibson's height.
beacuse he never gave up in war he was brave looked after his army and all he wanted was freedom! :)
Yes. The Mel Gibson biopic about Scotland's 13th century freedom fighter William Wallace was named Best Picture of 1995.
Yes. The Mel Gibson biopic about Scotland's 13th century freedom fighter William Wallace was named Best Picture of 1995..
Uilliam Uallas (in old Gaelic), or William Wallace (in English) Comment on above: Do we know to what extent William Wallace, a lowland knight, spoke or would have been addressed in Gaelic? I know that the Wikipedia entry includes it but was his name ever recorded in that form? Given that in...
It could be translated as Croí Cróga (Irish Gaelic) or Cridhe Cròdha (Scottish).
William Wallace wasn't in Braveheart. Wallace died in 1305. He was played by actor Mel Gibson. The sword was a re-creation of a Claymore.
Yes. It is actually quite obvious (thus why not mentioned orally in the movie), upon watching deleted scenes I saw the backstory of how she lost her sight in a terrible fight with a bear as a small child. Back to the question, yes she is blind, and you would be a fool to think otherwise.
It won 5 Oscars, including Best Picture.
Mel Gibson's 1995 film biography of Scotland's William Wallace won five Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Director (Gibson), Best Cinematography (John Toll), Best Makeup (Peter Frampton, Paul Pattison and Lois Burwell) and Best Sound Editing (Lon Bender and Per Hallberg).
None, Gerard Butler was not in Braveheart. His 1st big screen role was in 1997 Mrs. Brown. Although he was an extra on the set of The Bodyguard in 1992, he has said he's not sure if he made it into the film, because it was a crowd scene & he was next to cardboard cutouts of people.
The movie Braveheart is based in Scotland. The movie was filmed in both Ireland and Scotland.
because its hollywood. there are loads of things wrong or changed in the film, for example the battle at stirling when the enlish were defeated actually was battle of stirling bridge and the bridge played a major part in tactics used. also never met queen of france etc