Pocket Frogs

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Pocket Frogs is a video game app available in both the Apple App Store and Android Market. The game, developed and published by NimbleBit, enables users to develop their own frog habitat and learn about different frog species.
you can get them from the pond but, its rare that you get them there unfortunately. But, if you go to "pro shop" in the menu you can get them there but, I think you have to pay with real money...
To get a new habitat in the game pocket frogs which you can find at the apple store, you have to reach level 2 and buy them in the shop.
Easiest way to get a Chroma frog in Pocket Frogs is to have one sent to you as a gift. I'm all about trading the Chromas. Send me something good (level 12+ or a Chroma) and I'll send you a Chroma (I have two kinds right now and am working on breeding more!). My Plus+ account is Sim2737
Find a shelter for the amphibians
Go to the pond and find presents, get level ups, sell frogs, sell scenery...
The easiest way is to breed two purple carota anuras together and you will get a glass carota anura.
One way to get the Glass Frog is to breed different frogs in hope of getting one. There is a very small chance that the baby will be one. You can also look for them in the Pond, and breed with them, though they are VERY rare. OR.....Instead just breed two purple carota anuras and you will 100%...
It seems to be infinite however after lever 17, nothing much seems to happen...you breed the same frogs over and over, there are no new ones. I am up to level 19 and things are starting to get a little boring.
Touch the piece of scenery you want to mave and hold it for about 3 seconds. Three circles will come up. One has a dollar sign in it, place it in this circle to sell the item. The middle one has and arrow on it, use this to move it. The last one has a gift on it, use this to send it to a friend....
Anura, Crustalli, Velatus, Clunicula, Marmorea, Puncti, Tribus, Lanterna, Glacio, Zebrae, Adamantis, Africanus, Ludo, Partiri, Nasus, Roboris, Bovis, Mixtus, Calyx, Viduo, Stellata, Serpentis, Spinae, Nimbilis, Cesti, Sagitta, Amfractus, Ornatus, Sol, Lucus, Ligo, Corona, Arbor, Ocularis, Insero,...
1: Place finger over scenery and hold it there. 2: There should be 3 icons a little below mid- screen. 3: Drag scenery over the mobey icon and hold. 4: Confirm sell.
No they do not. I haven't been on my pocket frogs in a year. Just logged on and they are all fine so im guessing they dont die.
Any chance you set the time back on your iPhone? I've heard of people doing this on purpose to "peek" into their eggs. Maybe you travelled to a new timezone? At any rate, setting the clock back forward or just waiting will let your frogs grow up again.
In order to level up, you have to gain XP (experience points). There are a few ways to get XP. You can breed your frogs, catch the extra large dragon flies in the pond, completing award challenges, and taming frogs. You need 2525 XP to reach level 2.
The happier the frog, the quicker it will jump/the more likely it will be to win the race. For one potion, you can restore all of the frogs happiness. Its also part luck; if you eat lots of flies, then it will become happier, which, like before, means a faster frog! (: good luck!
The easiest way is keep breeding but to do that you need a lot of coins and getting coins is easy if you have potions you can make your frog eggs become adults instantly and selling the adult frogs makes you a lot of money so that you are able to keep breeding. I am at level 9.
Random, u get Chroma color by chance....
Magus, veru, and singum rarity: 16 (Add me) polliwog 7777777
Click on your frog...the stats should come up. Click on BREED. Then you should see all the little pictures of frogs. Click one and it'll give you all the possible frogs you can give birth to. Choose the one you want, then click the button that says BREED and the price next to it.
First, tame your frog and wait for it to grow into an adult (or use potions) tap your frog (frog focus) there's a heart that says 'breed' tap that find your frog you want to breed and agree with the given price to breed. TIPS: the amount of xp is the same number of coins you spend. The rarer the...
you cant enlarge a HABITAT, but you CAN buy another habitat. go to the habitat menu and look below your last habitat at the bottom. BEWARE! THIS COSTS COINS!
You get the app at the app store and get it for free. That you click on the app on the home menu. Than it wil tell you all the info once you log into +plus.
First you must collect all the frogs in the set. Then you go to the weekly sets page and press 'Redeem Set'(first option). You will be rewarded with the amount shown underneath the frogs.
I have not found one yet, but I sure am looking! If anyone finds one, please let us all know! Love this game even more every time I play it!
umm hi the rarest frog is any frog that basically level 16 or legendary.There is many level 16 frogs so any level 16 frog is it.
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The fastest frog in Pocket Frogs is the Orange Chroma Veru (speed 108 stamina 108)
First you'd need friends to send them to. Tap one of your frogs you'd like to give away. In the frog's status press gift. A screen with your friends will appear. Tap one. To send a frog cost one stamp. A window will pop up comfirmimg your delivery. Press cancel or send(if cancel you will have to do...
First you must return to one of your habitats and in the bottom right corner is a green button that says 'menu'(if you can't see the menu button, tap the screen and it should appear). The menu will replace the habitat. To return to your habitat press the red 'x' in the bottom right corner.
First, breed your two most valuable frogs. (Yeah, it'll get you broke, but it's totally worth it!) Now, once you have your nursery full, go to settings. Tap on general, then on Date & Time, then Set Date & Time. Now, tap on the first bar. Set the day two days into the future. (If you reach the end...
As long as one of the frogs has a glass gene and one has a chroma gene, then yes. Otherwise, breed a crustalli with any other frog with those traits, and it'll be a mix between. it's random at best.
press on the frog then press pond
All you do is go to the pond and find another frog and tap it and a box will come up saying breed or do not breed
you know when to sell it when it is fully grown (you can find the age in the 'Maturity' bar) that is when you get the most money for it.
yep. ive been playing for a while and ive got 12 of them