Fire Bellied Toads

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Fire Bellied Toads, named for their brightly hued abdomens, are eight species of small frogs from the genus Bombina. Their red and yellow bellies serve as a warning to predators in the wild.
I would suggest a slide show of its' natural environment.
Fire belly newts are smaller than a marble when they are born.
blah balhh all right, you should not put a toad and a newt together just because they are both fire bellies they might fight all the time and the newt does not secrete as much as toxins as the toad does and also the newt is much stronger so he will kill your toad and maybe eat him and there are a...
The fire bellied frogs live in northeastern China, Korea, SouthernJapan, And southern parts of Russia.
Well after a fire belly toad has offspring the sometimes eat their young...
Fire bellied toads are green or brown on top with a brightorange/red underside, with small black spots all over the body.They also generally have little orange caps on the tips of theirtoes.
Usually around 40-45 days the tadpole will metamorphasize into asmall toad and at that point you need to make sure you have plantsand islands for them to live on
it depends on the food but it will devolop into a frog in 6 weeks :)
I have a fire belly toad myself and after talking to someone at Petsmart, I found that they eats small crickets that you can by at the pet store. They also eat other small bug, but since I'm not sure what could hurt them, I would recommend that you just feed them the crickets.
gut loaded crickets
yes, but there are certain things, the fire bellied toad is a little shy, and the two have very different living necessities, and the chubby frog might try to eat a small fire bellied
well if you were to lick the belly then the frog will soon turn into your very own prince
Yes, fire-bellied toads are amphibians.
yes indeed they can but the water can have chemicals frog the bellied toad that can make the wood frog sick so water need to be changes daily
Yes but I would not suggest feeding them moths as a primary diet. The best food is 2 inch red worms. You can feed them with chopsticks or tweezers.
the female frog will stare at the male a lot and mostly evry night you will hear the male bark like like a puppy
A fire belly toad in an amphibian who has a stomach that looks like fire. Its bright red/orange/yellow can warn its predators that it is very poisonous!
They are a long-lived species as frogs go -- Typically they live for 10-15 years, although there are a few records of some living up to 30 years, believe it or not.
No, there needs to be a male and a female.
Fire bellied toads eat crickets. They eat 2 or 3 every other day. They can also eat 1 mealworm two times a week instead of crickets. Once a month or less often sometimes, I feed my toads 1 wax worm each, then skip a feeding. They eat no crickets on wax worm day. On the feeding after the skipped one,...
fire is 1 bellied is 2 and toad or toads is 1 all together is 4
You really should not handle a fire belly toad, because they produce toxins that can be irritating to the skin as well as to the eyes. If you do choose to handle your fire belly make sure that you thoroughly wash your hands afterwards with warm water and antibacterial soap.
They usually don't, they feed on insects. But a large toad may eat a small fish.
Because the green one is a Chinese or oriantal Fire bellied toad and the brown one is a European fire Bellied Toad.
There are many types of toads. Fowler Toad, Common Toad, American toad, Fire Bellie Toad, and Barn Toads. Of course there are more than that but those are the ones i am more familiar with.
They are brown or green on their backs, and red and orange on their undersides. They shouldn't be grey at all.
fire belly toad is not eating his food
Your nearest pet shop...
Fire bellied toads have a red, orange, or yellow belly and under side. Their back, head, and every other part of their top side is either green, tan, dark brown, or a mixture of these.
It depends on the toad. On average one fire belly toad will eat around 10-12 crickets a week, in the spring and summer. They tend to hibernate in the fall and winter and may not eat for weeks to months on end. You should feed your fire belly as much as he/she can eat in a few hour period - and on a...
Yes, but they first must make proper arrangements on the living situation. Snakes are relatively tidy animals while toads are known to be a tad messy.
Nope - that's the only fluid they would drink in their natural environment - so never give them anything else !
No, most toad species are solitary so it is ok to keep only one :) but if you want you can keep two or more.
A fire Belly Toad can hold its breath for approximately 16.3 seconds.
No, you cannot get warts from any toad. However, with fire bellied toads it is best not to handle them as they secrete a very toxic poison in their skin. Wash well with soap and water after handling them.
You just need to be responsible.
Uh, I really hate to put you down, but my dog ate my fire bellied toad, he puked green puke that night and was dead the next morning. He was really old though, 14 years. So it might just be because of that.
The cat will get very sick with anomuosacutrisus and it's only chance of living is if it takes a drug called casnotramous
It can jump at lest 6 inches high.
You should not handle fire belly toads or any other kind of frog, toad, or newt. The oils in your skin can harm the animal. Some toads, frogs, and newts have poison that they will release when they feel threatened. Fire belly toads, and most toads have this poison. It is okay to handle them if you...
No, not usually. Fire belly Toads and Newts are put together all the time, and seem to enjoy each other's company. If they do start to fight, separate them right away.
take the cat to the vet as soon as possible ! fire belly toads have a toxin on their skin that is highly poisonous.
NO ! A Royal python's (from their Latin name Python regius) diet is rodents - such as mice, gerbils or rats, depending on how big the snake is !
Depends on how much the toad weighs brotha.
Goldfish should only live with goldfish with the exception of weather (dojo) loaches, bristlenose plecos, or mystery/apple snails.
No. It would taste absolutely foul, and you might feel quite sick, but a healthy adult or teenager would not die. Children are at increased risk, but it is likely you would be fine. However, it is very dangerous to touch any unknown frog or toad, and never lick your finger after touching any frog or...
Yes from lack of liquid, they must keep their flesh hydrated, similar to your mother's throat, but the liquid is my semen.