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Pokemon GO is a Pokemon game where you can hunt Pokemon in the real world, as well as catching, battling (solo and group battles), collecting, and hatching Pokemon all using the GPS on your phone. It was developed by Niantic Labs in a Partnership with the Pokemon company.
Not at the moment. Pokemon GO currently contains only Generation 1Pokemon, and Mudkip is in Gen 3, so it may be a while before theyadd it.
Your Pokemon should return to you automatically once it is deposedfrom the gym it defended.
You might be able to, though the game certainly works better onnewer devices. Make sure your OS is as up-to-date as your devicecan handle before downloading.
They seem to appear randomly on the map. Less frequently thanRattata and Pidgey, for example, but not impossible to find. Youcan also probably hatch them from eggs, if you are lucky enough.
Very unlikely. It only partially works on an iPhone 4S, so aniPhone 4 would probably be unable to play.
Once you reach level 5, you may choose a team: Instinct, Mystic,and Valor. Your personal choice will probably be influenced by whatteam your friends are on, the team's ideology, or your favoritecolor.
It's hard to find a unique name for Pokemon GO, since you have tofind one that is different than millions of other people. Try"Illuminutty." That might not be taken. If it is, try something youlike with some numbers after it. :) For example Sunshine34. Keepmaking the number higher until you find one...
You can earn coins by either adding your Pokemon to a gym your teamcontrols and then tapping on the shield symbol on the upperrighthand corner of the "Shop" screen, or by purchasing the coinswith real money.
Some estimates say Nintendo is making $1.6 million dollars everyday from the game. The revenue has probably increased since thatstatistic, since it is now available in more countries.
The numbers may have rounded up to 5km without fully reaching it.Walk around some more and your egg should hatch if it's still inits incubator.
You can get Pikachu candy by either hatching one from an egg,catching one in the wild, or transferring it to the Professor. Thesame goes for any type of Pokemon.
Tap on a pokemon, then throw a pokeball at it until you catch it.
That depends on what item you are referring to. In general, if youhave your account open on two different devices, it could bethrowing errors like that, or maybe you used up all of your potionsbut clicked one twice there at the end or something?
No, you do not need WiFi for Pokemon Go to work. But, you do needcellular data to play, and it does use much of your cell data planmonthly.
Don't hack. It against Niantic's rules.
Yes you do get Pokémon go on iPad Pro
Your phone may not have enough power to generate the image. Justturn off AR
You can get them by adding your Pokémon to a gym your teamcontrols, then going to the Shop screen and tapping the shield iconin the upper righthand corner. This, however, only gives you a fewat a time, and only every 21 hours or so. You have to pay realmoney to get Pokécoins in greater...
You should be able to rename a Pokemon any number of times in thegame.
App Store or Google Play Store?
The camera only turns on during the event you are capturing a wildPokemon. Sometimes the artificial background is on so you will needto his on the right right a little switch that says "AR". Once youselect that your camera should turn on.
This can sometimes be a problem if you live in a rural area or havean older phone. If Pokemon GO is never checking your location go tothe settings page and hit "Report a problem" and let the developersknow. In the future they may be able to see what is happening andfind a way to solve it.
Well the thing is I have a feeling that the exploding leaves inPokemon go mean that there is a new Pokemon being made. I could bewrong that was just a thought.
When walking around on Pokemon Go you might notice some green orblack leaves on your map. This just means Pokemon are spawning inthat general area. It does not mean they are at the source of theleaves, but about 100 feet around there.
When you are in Pokemon go look at the bottom left corner. Right byyour experience bar and level will be your nickname for youraccount. If you don't see it try clicking your EXP bar to open yourprofile.
What base (question mark)
According to Silphroad.com, it looks like Mewtwo has the higheststats.
No, unfortunately you can't currently. The creator of Pokemon GOhas not made the app compatible with Windows Phones.
Pokemon Go is developed and managed by multiple companies. The maincompanies are: Niantic, Inc and The Pokemon Company. Nintendo alsohappens to own a great share of the cooperation.
No it has been determined that an hour of use on Pokemon GO usesabout 12 MB of data. Compared to GB this is a very minimal use ofyour data. It is said that your phone battery will go quicker thanyour data plan.
Sometimes when you hit level 5 is does not automatically ask you tojoin a team. To fix this, go to the gym closest to you and click onit. When trying to enter instead of being told to come back lateryou should be asked to join one of the 3 teams.
Not yet, as the game is still in its beta phase, but this is afeature the developers plan to add in the future.
when you go back they usually aren't there if they're rare. But ifits pidgey then he'll probably be there and everywhere else.
Each Pokémon knows two moves, and sometimes the second move variesbetween two of the same Pokémon. When added up, there's probably afew hundred moves available in PoGo. This pales in comparison tothe number of moves present in standard Pokémon games, but for amobile game that is trying to...
Best team all depends on your area and how many people there are ona certain team. No one team is better than the other. It just mightbe easier if you know your location and gyms around you are acertain team.
People are obsessed with Pokemon Go because it is the first game inPokemon history where you can go out and catch Pokemon yourself andbe your own trainer. Not to mention it uses the old original 150Pokemon from the beginning of the Pokemon company.
Team Mystic is the most popular one.
There is no prize. Sorry, buddy.
New York city is known as the highest spawning ground for Pokemonin Pokemon GO. The most common Pokemon you will see are Pidgey,Spearow, Zubat, Rattata, Machop, Machoke, Oddish, Gloom, Magnemite,and Weedle.
being a very busy city with a high population; you would be able tofind almost any pokemon outside of the regionals, exclusives andparticular raid boss's.
You can, actually, but it takes patience and persistence. You haveto walk past all of the starters three or four or five times in arow, and if you do, then a Pikachu should appear.
being a very busy city with a high population; you would be able tofind almost any pokemon outside of the regionals, exclusives andparticular raid boss's.
being a very busy city with a high population; you would be able tofind almost any pokemon outside of the regionals, exclusives andparticular raid boss's.
being a very busy city with a high population; you would be able tofind almost any pokemon outside of the regionals, exclusives andparticular raid boss's.
Miami Florida, being a very busy city with a high population; youwould be able to find almost any pokemon outside of the regionals,exclusives and particular raid boss's.
being a very busy city with a high population; you would be able tofind almost any pokemon outside of the regionals, exclusives andparticular raid boss's.
Turn on your location GPS settings in your device. Some alsorequire google maps.
All the pokemons can come to you with incense
Pokemon Go is popular you have access to playing online andcatching Pokemons!
You will most likely never find 1000 CP Pokemon in the wild. Youwill be able to start powering them up to that level once yourtrainer level hits around 20.
Collect eggs at pokestops.
If you rename your Eevee Rainer, it will turn into a Vaporeon, andthen you can rename it something else if you prefer. Sparky = Jolteon Rainer = Vaporeon Pyro = Flareon Be sure to correctly spell the name and capitalize the firstletter. Also, if you evolve three Eevees without doing anything...
I mean you just say Pokemon Go nothing special, just like when yousay the word "huh?" it is pronounced the same in every language(butI don't know about spelling) so yeah, as far as I know, there is notranslation for Pokemon GO in Spanish mindblown :0
You have to go to pokestops and spin it. You have a chance to get an egg
The original app is always working. There may be forced updatedevery so often but it is always functional
I think it is mostly people who 1. Think Pokemon is stupid andjuvenile, and 2. People who think that cell phones are ruining theworld and that Pokemon GO is making it worse. In my opinion,Pokemon is fun and enjoyable even for adults. I love playing withmy brothers and nieces and nephews. I also...
Encounters caught on, more places can enhance the chance encounter Pokemon Go Level Up
Pokemon go was made by a Misha Silenosti
That's what usually happens when the game can't connect to the GPS.If that signal is lost, then it doesn't know where you are, and itcan't display what is around you. Make sure you are allowing thegame to connect with your phone's GPS, and if it already can, trychecking your internet connection. If...
Yes, but the game isn't really built for the iPad, so it might beglitchy. I was having problems with it quitting a lot on me, but Iwas using an older iPad. Newer ones might work better.
You can't get back things that you delete, but you can go topokestops and get new things.
You can use incense. Sometimes they just spawn where you are if youare not moving.
When you see a Pokemon on your screen nearby or in your location,tap on the Pokemon, then flick your finger upwards on the screen tothrow the Poke Ball when you are in a "battle" with it. Sometimes,the Poke Ball can miss, but it'll allow you to try again. When thePoke Ball absorbs the Pokemon, it'll...
When clicking on the "allow the app to use my real location" itdoes not actually use your current GPS location, this just allowsthe app to detect GPS location services and will bring you to unionsquare (tutu). in order to get to your home location, you mustsearch the GPS location of your city and...
Pokémon Go was created by Niantic and Niantic is within the USAboth company and property
There are a lot of fan theories about this. Some people think that Ditto is hiding out in the form of other Pokemon, or that there is some trick in the game that we haven't found to get a Ditto (or to get Ditto to reveal himself). Ditto is supposedly in the game's code, so it is there, but so far...
Although both Pokemon GO and the main series of video games havemany similar features, there are also some significant differences.Here are some of them: . In the main series of games, Pokemon may be traded with othertrainers and between games. . There are no teams for trainers to join in the...
I think that the reason Pokemon GO is super popular is that it is a mixture of quirky and new, super accessible, inexpensive, happy memory, and fun. It is also something that appeals to all ages, and is easy to play. Although Niantic's previous game (Ingress) incorporated similar gameplay, as well...
From the main menu (click the Pokeball from the main screen),choose Items, then choose a potion. One you do that, it willdisplay any of your Pokemon that are hurt, and if you click on oneit will apply the potion you selected. If you need to heal morethan one, you can just click on another Pokemon to...
Good question. Many people try to use it the same way you useincense, from the items area. However, lures are used in adifferent way. To place a lure, you need to tap on the PokeStop, and then (beforespinning to get items), you will see a little whiteoval/pill-shaped area. This is the module spot...
If you are having trouble finding a gym, try playing near urbanareas.
Cause of pokemon people died they are coming to places that aredangerous they will focus on their phones not caring where theyare. some people are kidnapped and the POKEMON GO stopped.
There's only one way to get Pokecoins for free: put your pokemon ingyms and collect from the gym defender bonus in the shop.
You can, but it doesn't work very well. It blows up a lot and theapp will just quit when you try to do complicated things.
They're rare, so you just have to find one by chance.
After you reach level 5, you just have to enter a gym, and you willtrigger the encounter where you choose a team. Make sure you think about what team you want to join ahead of time,and check with family and friends, so that you can play together ifyou want to. Choosing a team is permanent, and you...
First, you have to reach level 5. Get in range of a gym, tap on it,and there should be a button on the bottom right that lets youbattle.
Unfortunately, you can't. Once you choose a team, that is your teamforever. Make sure that you think about which team you want to join beforeyou make the decision. You might want to get with your friends andfamily and decide together, so that you can support the same team.
Your choices are Team Mystic, Team Valor, or Team Instinct. As far as hunting, your team doesn't really matter. Teams come into play when it comes to controlling gyms. Each teamis supposed to have a different philosophy on how to train, but inthe end, it usually comes down to one question. Where...
You can choose a team after you reach level 5. You will have achoice between Team Valor, Team Instinct, and Team Mystic.Professor Willow will lead you through the rest. Just be sure youpick the team you want the most, because you won't be able tochange it later.
Evolution in Pokemon GO is dependent on candy. You slowly collectcandy of different types as you catch Pokemon of that type (ifPokemon are evolutions of each other, the candy will be named afterthe lowest evolution). On the screen for an individual Pokemon, it will show the cost ofPowering Up or...
If you are trying to transfer and you cannot, it might just be abug in the game, or you are using an older phone that can't handlethe game very well. In general, the game does allow you to transfer Pokemon, but onlyto the Professor. To do so, first tap to view the Pokemon that you want to transfer...
You basically throw Pokeballs at Pokemon to collect them, and themore you do that, the more you level up and are able to get betterPokemon and better Pokeballs. You can also evolve your Pokemon the more you catch the same type,and you can battle at local gyms to take them over for your team.There...
If it causes traffic problems or a public nuisance, yes.
TUTU app must release the latest API. The original app will forceupdate every so often but the developers of TUTU must manuallyinput the latest API into their programming. When Tutu is down,updates are taking place. be patient and check in periodically.
Nicknames that are not already taken by previous users.
The game is a collaboration between companies mainly in the UnitedStates and in Japan. However, Pokemon is a game that is famous allover the world, so people all over the world have something to dowith it, as far as translating, localizing, promoting, etc.
No, Pokemon GO itself is not dangerous. Paying attention to yourphone instead of your surroundings is dangerous, especially whiledriving. Going to dangerous places and trespassing is dangerous,and you shouldn't do either one, even if you might be able to catcha cool Pokemon. As long as you remember...
Not really. The game needs to know where you are so that it canshow you the Pokemon around you and track your steps, but itdoesn't use any of that information to spy on your or do anythingwith it outside of the game itself.
With such a big, popular game, it is going to be harder to stop thecheating, so the Pokemon Company and Niantic are taking a harderline now. Instead of soft-banning people and then allowing them back afterthey play nicely for a period of time, they are hard-banning themand not allowing those users...
According to Niantic's FAQ page, these are some things that can getyou banned: "Falsifying your location, using emulators, modified or unofficialsoftware and/or accessing Pokémon GO clients or backends in anunauthorized manner including through the use of third partysoftware." It's sad that...
We looked through several sites for the answer to this, and thebest one that we can find is one that Eurogamer.net tested. It wasa Oukitel K4000, which they got for less than $100 on eBay. PokemonGO seems to play really well on it, and it is very durable with alot of other cool features, like a...