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Decorating a Christmas tree is a traditional Christmas activity. After the lights are on and the ornaments are hung, the gifts are placed underneath. Trees can be real or artificial, and are decorated in a variety of fashions. They can also be quite a challenge to keep upright if you have toddlers or cats.
Most Christmas trees are some type of evergreen. Here are some ofthe scientific names of common evergreen trees: Acer sempervirens (a maple) Cupressus sempervirens (a cypress) Lonicera sempervirens (a honeysuckle) Sequoia sempervirens (a sequoia) Ulmus parvifolia 'Sempervirens' (an elm)
It is essentially an anonymous Germanic folk song with a yuletide- but not Christian bent. The Tree is seen as a durable, year-round living landmark. I never could quite get into this angle- but Christ or Christmas are not even alluded to in the lyrics- How Green are your sweet branches- or words to...
A Christmas tree decorator's salary will vary a great dealdepending on what part of the country the person is working in andwhether the trees are for businesses or in private homes. Mostdecorators decorate trees for offices, stores, and otherbusinesses, and are paid an average of from $100 to $400...
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Christmas tree is not a person or a place, it is tree used a Christmas time. Families put presents under the tree to open on Christmas day
They represent the gifts that st Nicolas gave out on Xmas to the people of his village.
They are wired. Or at least almost always so. It is possible to have them operate in other ways. Originally, they were candles hung in the trees - not suggested. (Wow, what an idea! See a psychiatrist before you try this!) I suppose it would be possible to have LED lights with tiny batteries for...
I think about 400 each christmas. Because not everyone celibrates christmas
They generally decorae it similar to the US with a star and Christmas ordimates and lights at the bottom they put a little Jesus set(not all families though)
a bush and a baby pine tree :)
Sometimes peoploe do not beleave in chrismas. The good thing is that it brings happyness into your house. : )
Back in ancient times, many evergreens, such as "holly, butcher's broom, laurel and branches of pine or fir were considered to have magical or medicinal powers that would ward off illness." "On Christmas Eve, 24 December, Adam and Eve would be commemorated with the highly popular episode of the Tree...
The idea for the Christmas tree, as well as the other thought-to-be Christmas holiday practices, including exchanging gifts, "nativity" scenes, and even flying reindeer, predate Christianity and the celebration of Christmas itself (which some sources claim was instituted by a pope in the fourth...
In the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
they make us able to have Christmas trees on Christmas so believe in them! They also do it to make money!.
Germany around or before Martin Luther
All good Christmas tree lights are in parallel so if one bulb fails all the others still work. Series circuits are however easier and often cheaper to make as less materials are required.
first thing first check your spelling its Christmas well i think it is because of this Germanic tribes lighted trees (Tannenbaum) and celebrated the fest of light (Lichtfest) around the shortest day of the year, December 21. The Christmas tree is dated to 16th century Germany, and it was popularised...
yes, traditionally.
like a pine tree covered in cinnamon and happiness
Bags of chocolate coins for kids,also chocolate santas and sweets if they have a string attached.
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Thread a ribbon through the gap at the top of the page... can you see it? (Up there by the word GO.) Then tie the ribbon into a loop. Hang it by the ribbon on your Christmas tree. Very festive!
There are plenty. Like, delightful, embrassing, peacful, bueatiful, and I think that's it.
its not healthy to eat it but you can grind it and add water and make tree soup
its either plastic/inflatble or from a pine forest up north
well,it depends where you want to put it.u can put it on a table or a stand and ect........
Japan doesn't even have Christmas. They worship buddha not Jesus.
I use cotton wool and white glue, i also add a sparkle of glitter
It represtens Trinity and well basically it just looks pretty
You can buy trees from designated tree lots or stores like Home Depot. Some people go into the woods to cut down their own Christmas tree (may require a permit). Others have fake Christmas trees that they take out of storage in their garage or attic. Family Feud Answers: Store, woods, tree lot,...
Because it depends whether it is a vowel or a consonant. For example 'a apple' is wrong. 'an apple' is correct. 'a book' is correct. 'an book' is wrong. The word that begins with a vowel like orange, apple, elephant, then we will say an before it but with a consonant like book, computer, table we...
The most likely reason behind the tradition of some people stringing popcorn along they're trees is that in Europe, trees were decorated with berries, popcorn, and assortments of nuts to feed the birds who couldn't get food in the harsh winters. Although in Europe people do not put popcorn on their...
At the beginning, the Japanese decorated the Christmas tree withJapanese specific ornaments: small fans and paper lanterns, origami birds, animals… or evenSanta Claus. After a while, Japan started producing Christmas decorations inwestern style and during the 1920s Japan became the main...
It depends what type of tree... for a real tree, you need either a pot or a special stand. Don't forget to put a cloth or mat down under it, so the needles don't get all over the place. For a fake tree, it should come with a special stand and you just screw it in. Other than that, my best advice is...
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According to the National Christmas Tree Association, 22.3 million live Christmas trees were sold in 2002,
The most popular trees are the balsam fir, Douglas fir, Fraser fir, noble fir, Scotch pine, Virginia pine, and white pine.
the annual value of the U.S. Christmas tree harvest is around $440 million, with about 17,000 farms working nearly 137,000 acres.
it depends on what tree your looking for... but whatever tree you want you want to make sure its healthy, which you can tell by the branches if they are weak its not a very good tree because you might want to put lights on the tree also make sure you pick a full tree that isn't to bushy but is just...
in the start of December
The star was originally placed on a tree to announce the birth of the baby Jesus. Some people also put angels on, and they represent the announcement of His birth.
It does not, it is a tradition adopted from the Pagan celebration of Yuletide on the Winter Solstice, which is close to Christmas. There is no certain account of the actual birth date of Jesus of Nazareth, so the date of Yuletide was chosen for its celebration. Many other Christmas traditions come...
yes, the people in sweden do have christmas trees and they prefer(mostly have) them decorated with red&green bulbs
Yes, people in Sweden have Christmas trees. The first Swedish Christmas trees were decorated with candles. Later they made their own decorations out of paper and straw.
That is the correct spelling of "Christman tree ornament."
You buy some Christmas fabrics, take a needle and thread OR a sewing machine, measure the tree length around, and sew it. Glad to help!
There are approximately 25-30 million Real Christmas Trees sold in the U.S. every year. . There are close to 350 million Real Christmas Trees currently growing on Christmas Tree farms in the U.S. alone, all planted by farmers. . North American Real Christmas Trees are grown in all 50 states and...
because trees sines of Peace
because Germans introduced us to the idea and it caught on. it was queen Victoria who thought of putting presents under the tree
A tradition is to put an Angel on top if the Christmas tree, However a star is a tradition too. Some people even put Santa Claus on the Christmas tree.
Ornaments! Also, pictures of your family members tied on with string, perhaps a lovely star, and an angel at the top. Some people hang lights, popcorn strings and garlands. We always put red ribbons, tiny little models of birds, and multi-colored flower blooms as well. Then we'd toss handfuls of ...
For the most part, no. Iraq is predominately Muslim.
the pine tree's needles never fall off in the same way leaves do, so it stays green throughout the whole year. This is a symbol of how God's love for us never fails. Also, the tree appears to take the shape of an upright triangle, symbolizing the reason for the season...
they put ornaments on their tree
Farmville issued the 2010 Christmas Tree near the beginning of December. Thanksgiving on Farmville hadn't yet ended! It will probably follow a similar pattern in upcoming years.
No. Christmas trees were first used as decorations, in fact, at first, they were not associated with Christmas at all. The trees were used in a country called Livonia, which is now today known as Latvia, in the 1440's. The trees were used in guilds, schools and apprentice halls and were...
The tree is traditionally given by the people of Norway
They come from Christmas tree farms, mostly in the northern half of the U.S., but there are some farms in every state.
Not really, though there is a tradition of having a Christmas tree at the White House every year.
the Queen gets her tree from Sandringham Gardens
They don't. Most Indians are Hindu, and as such don't celebrateChristmas.
i is a tree! its important cuz its tradisional
It began in the Middle East, trees were traditionally cut down, brought into the home, and decorated, just as xmas trees are today. Evergreens are a natural symbol of hope and the promise of renewed life in the spring during a time when most plants are barren in European climates. Today, the...
they put paper and food on the trees
The Christmas Tree has a long history pre-dating the birth of Christ. In ancient times evergreen trees were used to decorate homes for the celebration of the winter solstice. Martin Luther is said to have introduced the custom to Protestant Germany in the 16Th century from where it spread gradually...
the new york tree in time square
we put Christmas balls on tree's to make it look presentable and to look decorative a nice touch to a Christmas spirit
Because it symbolizes the ever green tree with Jesus its the same as him he will always be pure and holy just as a ever green will always be green.
Not really, because the majority of Japanese people arenon-Christian.
Christmas tree because its a holiday name.
The Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree has been presented to the people of Britain from the people of Norway since 1947 as a token of thanks for help received during World War II.
The custom arose in Germany, and was transplanted ( pun intended) to the United Kingdom by Prince Albert- husband of Queen Victoria. The custom caught on in The British sphere! By the way the German song -O Tannenbaum does not once mention either Christ or Christmas.
In fact it was a president from England named Franklin Pierce. America found out about it when Pierce insisted he have a Christmas tree when the holiday came around. Then the tree was posted about in newspapers all over America. Now most Americans have a Christmas tree to decorate when Christmas...
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Most people use a type of conifer. It differs depending on which part of the world you are from. Some people have plastic trees.
Christmas trees are grown around the world, they are quite simply evergreen trees that people have decided look pretty. There are farms for growing the trees, but I know a good number of people also get their trees from out in the forrests where the trees gro naturally. Therefore the trees can...
Representing the star over Bethlehem, it arrived atop the Christmas tree after Christianity "borrowed" paganistic tradition.
Just keep their base full of water. If you refill it every day, the tree should last the month.
No. A Christmas tree is not part of the Periodic Table of Elements.
I think no because well u can saw it cut it down or more but be careful because if u use a real Christmas tree they can come on fire and burn your house! I'm not trying to scare u! Sorry if i did
3 triangles on top of each other
Albania decorates their tree with lights, (fake) fruit, snowflakes, cotton, paper decorations, and balloons.