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to much power it goes about 80mph it does 50mph wheelies its crazy power
Depends on the weight of your boat , but mine will run 26- 27 mph at 6000- 6100 rpm (depending on load) usually 3 people
Mach 0.89 or 950km/h or 512 knots
The max speed of a P-51 is 437mpg
The Scream Machine MINI Reaper 140 mph. // The regular size Reaper 117 to 122 mph. --------- Roger Purcell -- The King of Scream
The model from 1994-1996 top speed is 105 mph.
63. If you have a 2007 like I do I clocked it against a 2006 Ford mustang gt and got 73 mph also my 2006 Honda trx250 goes 60
233 miles per hour, tested on the national german race track.
80 mph is definetly too fast. i have a 05 CRF 250 and it tops at83.
Answer . The world record for the 50 meter freestyle was set in 2000 by Alexander Popov. His time was 21.64 seconds. This translates to 2.31 meters/second.
The Standered Exige has a top speed of 150mph however i own an Exige S 260 sport and have had it at 165 at a local track
A Hare can reach a top speed of 72km/h (45mph)
There are many determining factors. If it's all stock, about 45 mph.
In relation to speaking about the top auto to look at on the wideopen highway, there exists more information on autos that willpleasantly fit the bill. The good news is, many of us don't get totalk about that will listing right now - advertised . can makeright prolonged slow controversy....
My 93 will do 138+, I suppose if yours does not have a speed sensor, your car will do the same. I haven't really had the opportunity or balls to top mine out, but when I do I will let you know. I've topped mine off at 180 , the needle says it will only go 140 but my gps tells me the speed I...
makes for a 0- 100km/h (0- 62mph ) time of 5.5 s, and an electronically limited top speed of 250 km/h ( 155mph )
61-62 mph with full gas and 210# driver.
41-42 miles per hour. Give or take the richness of the fuel, but Irecommend removing the restrictor plate if you are a biggerrider/want a higher top speed.
8000mi/h if no strong wind current occurs.
Around 200-215mph at talladega with drafting.
4,499 cc V8 engine that delivers a total of 570 HP at 9,000 rpm and a peak torque of 540 Nm at 6000 rpm. The engine delivers an outstanding power output of 127 HP/liter and 120 Nm/liter. All this while delivering only 307 g/km
I've had mine up to 181mph. No one believes me though because the specs say like 160 something but my speedo doesn't lie
Depends on whether it's an SE, R/T or SRT
The Bullet Buckeye 2.5 EV went 307.7 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats on 8/27/2010.
997 stands for the generation of the porsche, not the model. it could be 911 turbo, 911 gt2, 911 carrera, how would i know, but here is some facts. Fastest 997: 911 GT2 (340 km/h)(210 MPH) Most popular 997: 911 Turbo (310 km/h)(190 MPH)
The Viper 2008 / 2009 got a 0-60 mph time of 3.7 seconds, a 0-100 mph time of 7.6 seconds and a Quarter Mile-time of 11.6 seconds at 126 mph (203 km/h). Dodge's claims for top speed are 197 mph (317 km/h) and 202 mph (325 km/h), for the Roadster and Coupe respectively.. courtesy of www.TheViperStore...
I dont know the top speed but i have been as high as 130 mph and it still had plenty left.
Depends on the model. The fastest: 911 GT2 [330 kmph][205 mph] The most original: 911 Turbo [310 kmph][193 mph] The newest 911 turbo s is even faster. I bet no one knows how many 2013 Porsche 911 turbo s cabriolet werebuilt?
My dad bought me a brand new one back in 1986 and it would haul me at about 40-45 mph tops. Granted I was 9 so didn't have to pull much weight around. That 4wheeler had amazing reliability. We put it through hell and it never quit running.
The Ford J4 factory cars at LeMans in 1965 was about 230 mph down the front straightaway. A J Foyt and Andretti were the drivers.
It's electronically limited to 155 miles per hour
A stock Yamaha TTR250 with 14/44 gearing can reach a top speed of 87mph or 143kph.
the maximum velocity of a rocket is approximated by: Delta_V = go*ISP*ln(M i /M f ) where Delta_V = the change in velocity g o = 32.2 ft/2 2 ISP = the specific impulse M i = initial mass M f = final mass mp = propellant mass mo = stage inert mass mf = stage total mass This...
The top speed of the Citation X is 536 mph.
top speed of a 300 lakota is around 55mph
RM 125 will be at the minimum 30 hp, top speed can be changed with the gearing, 90 mph with in reach, no problem. RIPP
Top speed of the 170cc bike is approx. 140 km/h to 150 km/h.
I think it will do 165 miles per hour.
The top speed of a Lotus Exige is 170 mph and can go 0 to 60 in 3.8 seconds.
Approx. 108 mph is the top speed of this machine.
my 2005 te 250 top speed is 75 mph on dirt in 6 th gear
for a flying spur or continental it is just under 200mph
Top end should hit 150 mph
I used a GPS to test my 06 TRX450ER. All stock except HMF slip on. It ran 76MPH.
the normal Murcielago goes 205mph, the newer lp640-4 goes 207mph and the newest murcielago, the lp670-4 sv goes 209 with the big spoiler and 213 with the small spoiler
The F-22 can hit almost mach 3 I believe
a stock rx 135 5 speed wid very good condition can rage up to 140 km/h and the same is just a silly issue for a port bore rx
my 50 cc moped can go 30-35 at top speed
Top Speed is around 140km/h @ 8400 rpm
\nMy 2002 Ford Escape XLS 3.0 v6 has a governor at about 108, but feels like it could do around 120-125
From what i remember from my time doing some maintenance on these machines, the top speed was around 1,8 mach (times the speed of the sound) at an altitude (12km). But that was only with a sleek plane not carrying weapons.
Flat out on a level road with a good wind behind you, probably 55 mph.
about 2400mph. But believe me, the military does not want you to know it....
as of now a user has recorded 98 kmph...after servicing a few times it will go above 100 kmph...its important to not put too stress on the engine by doing 90+ kmph when its still new reduces fuel efficiency and wears out the engine pretty fast
Speedo stops at 186mph (300km/h) - however engine output is not limited at this point - have seen ranges from 192-197mph.
I got mines up to 165 in a automatic, but did a couple of mods like change the heads and etc
The 2011 CTS-V is registered for 330 km/h but i believe is governed for around 275km/h
I purchased my 08 CBR 1000rr June 6th of this year. I haven't had many chances to open it up yet. On the few times I have it was for very short distances. I was taking it home from the dealership on the interstate going 70. I dropped from 6th down to 4th and gunned it. It lifted the front wheel off...
According to Top Speed its around 129 mph.
376 mph ( 605 kph) is the land speed record for motorcycles Many road race machines can reach 200 mph on a long straight.
That depends on how steep an incline you're descending, what kind of tailwind you've got helping you and how good in the saddle you are. Oh, the car? same thing.
between 135 and 140 between 135 and 140
I had mine up to 286km or 176mph. That was in 87, and I was 135lbs.
4x AWS is alleged to be the top achieved/recorded record. AWS is the acronym of "Average Wind Speed".
The Shortfin Mako is probably the champion speedster of sharks. It can reach a top speed of 46 miles (74 kilometres) per hour. Although some believe that it can go faster but have no proof of this.