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2016 Presidential Campaign

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This category is for questions and answers about the 2016 political race for presidency of the United States.
Mostly no. . Hillary Clinton took a middle of the road approach, being in favour of existing law with Roe V. Wade, and in favour of limitations on late term aborti0ns, presumably in the 3rd trimester. .
Yes, she is pro-choice. Hillary Clinton has stated that she supports the legal decision ofRoe v. Wade, allowing for legal abortions, but also allowing forlegal restrictions on abortions beyond a certain time period, aslong as the life of the mother and instances of rape are alsoconsidered. (Meet the...
No but Rick Hendrix was elected a delegate in North Carolina for the Democratic party   I spoke to a lady and she said Rick Hendrix was working with Hillary Clinton.
Hillary graduated at the bottom of her class.
  there is no compersion obama is better
yes for taking a poo in front of the queen
Some people do and some people don't it just depends on that person
  It's highly unlikely since she's 60.
  It helps her by doing and saying things to help her get elected
It means that he wasn't a hardcore liberal, yet, he wasn't a hardcore conservative either. He was a mix of the two- one for some issues, and the other for others.
If you are asking what is the relationship, during the president's first term, he was her boss. He chose her to work for him (and the American people) as Secretary of State. But before she was in the State Department, she was his rival-- she tried unsuccessfully in 2007-2008 to get the Democratic...
Hilary Clinton was born on October 26, 1947.
Calm enrgetic and very nice
Hillary Rodham Clinton heterosexual. She is married to Bill Clintonand has a daughter. Hillary Rodham Clinton did not believe in gaymarriage until 2013, but she is now a strong supporter of LGBTrights. No, Hillary Clinton is not gay.
Clinton and Jolie are ninth cousins, twice removed, both related to Jean Cusson who died in St. Sulpice, Quebec, in 1718.. Source: By DENISE LAVOIE , Associated Press
  Hillary Rodham Clinton was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2000.
According to the Anti Nepotism Act of 1967, she would not be able to make Bill part of her cabinet. The act prohibits a public employee from employing a relative in the same dept as himself/herself.   No. Doing so would violate the Anti-Nepotism Act of 1967.
    No, she never commited a murder.
He started to be a magician when he was about 5 or 6 years old.
    It is a fine town. Better than what?           Almost nothing. She is down in the numbers and I heard she has a 5% chance of winning.     Lol, you are asking an opinionated question and in my opinion nothing makes her the better candidate because Obama is!
Yes, she is a better candidate because she has Bill Clinton to help her, she has so much experience, she is a fighter and doesnt give up as we see in the primaries, she is a woman she had the guts to run as a president even though she is a woman, there has been elections since the 1700's and not 1...
Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago.
Hilary Clinton won 21 states, CA NV AZ NM TX OK SD AR TN KY WV FL OH IN MI PA NY NH MA RI NJ
  Vote Hillary   I am a 13-year-old boy who has been inspired by this '08' Election. With two unbelievable Democratic candidates to choose from, one has truly caught my interest - Hillary Clinton! She has worked for the people for many years. She has helped to make America a better place. She...
  she is a very strong person an i believe she can end the war in Iraq an help us .
I dont know why people choose her, its pathetic. theyre either choosing her b/c she is that other dudes wife or b/c shes a woman. most women go off of emotion and other ppl voting for her are not thinking what a woman president would do to this country, and this is all coming from a woman!!!! its...
Hillary Clinton is not leading in the young votes, but she has some. Some of them, just like adults, agree with her views. But others would like to see a woman become president, since our country is severly lacking in overcoming sexism.
  no, does she look like it. and tell me is your mom Puerto Rican. i need someone to loveee.
They were married in 1975.
Clinton begins her speech by addressing Mrs. Mongella, distinguished delegates and guests. Her audience was advocates for women's rights in countries all around the world.
  Yes, presently (May 08) she is the junior senator from New York
There is nothing to prevent her from being appointed to that position, although since she is presently the Secretary of State it is doubtful that Obama would see any advantage in removing her from one critical position to put her in another.
In 2008, Hillary Clinton lost to Barack Obama in the primary. In 2016, Hillary Clinton came out the victor against BernieSanders. Martin O'Malley was also a notable candidate, but hewithdrew quickly.
  I think the whole discussion will change once the primaries are finally over. Hopefully John McCain will not be drawn into the same with the Democratic candidate. This has gone on way to long for most of us.
  Both have different policies and ideas on how America should be run. One disagrees with certain policies and ideas that the other holds, and so therefore, you have a battle for the Democratic nomination.
hillary Clinton hasn't really changed the world that drastically at the moment but when she runs in 2012 i have a feeling that she'll make an impact. So far she and Eleanor Roosevelt has made a get way for First Ladies to have more power. For more facts, why don't you just look it up?
She has at different times been part of the legislative and  executive branches.
  He was in his male calender stage and was as horny as maturing bull and with his wife challanginging his ststys with her raising one it was fit for the stage.?
Yes, Bill and Hillary Clinton are still married as of 2017.
In 2008, that was a possibility, but it was very unlikely as theattacks had become very embittered, with elements in HillaryClinton campaign even resorting to thinly veiled racism againstObama. In 2016, Obama would not have been eligible for Vice Presidentafter having been President for 8 years.
Despite their difficulties in the past, she loves her husband Bill (the former president). And she loves her daughter Chelsea. She was also close to her mom Dorothy, who died in 2011 at age 92.
Attorney General of Arkansas, Governor of Arkansas, and President  of the United States
William Clintonwon the 1992 presidential election defeating incumbent PresidentGeorge Bush and independent candidate H. Ross Perot. In the 1992presidential election William Clinton received 370 electoral votesand George Bush received 168 electoral votes. The popular votetotals were Clinton 44,908...
Hillary Clinton has 2 brothers. One of them is named Tony Rodhamand the other is named Hugh Rodham.
They haven't broken up yet and it's a year later. So no.
  barack obana baby   barack obama girl
Hillary Clinton received 2,926,441 votes to Donald Trump's2,970,733 votes, losing Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes..
  They married October 11, 1975 in a methodist ceremony in their living room. They have been together 32 years.
Yes, I would think so. She sure did a couple of years ago when she actively campaigned for the nomination and she took a position which keeps her in the public eye.
== I believe they met at Yale University. ==   They met at a bar. Chelsea was conceived....and they were married. Unhappily. : (. That's where Lewinsky came in. ;). I <3 Bill   They met at a bar. Chelsea was conceived....and they were married. Unhappily. : (. That's where Lewinsky came in. ...
she worked on the Children's Defense Fund and was appointed to the U.S. Legal Services corp. by President Carter
== OK ,while bill was in Arkansas at school Hilary was teaching there they met after class was over and then a few years later they got married. ==
Answer . It is important to realize that some politicians running for President or any other office will make all sorts of promises, but many are not kept. Hillary Clinton and Obama need votes! They will do anything to get those votes to win and they zero in on different areas of society such as...
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Her first name is Hillary.
i don't know she changed her last name to Kane
  Reagen Democrats and women put her over the top in Pennsylvania.
SAT scores are not public information. However, Hillary Clinton was  a National Merit Finalist, which means she scored at or above the  99.5th percentile on the PSAT and mostly likely earned a  commensurate score on the SAT (i.e. 1500+).
  Of course not; she prefers them medium well.
Chelsea Clinton got married on July 31, 2010.
No, she is not a lesbian. This all got started when she was campaigning for her mother in the Democratic Presidential Primaries in 2008. Chelsea went to gay bars to solicit support for her mother, against Senator Barack Hussein Obama.I can remember when the late Texas governor Ann Richards, when she...
  I think it's very likely to be an Obama-Clinton ticket.
    I'm guessing about around 168 pounds Hillary weighs, depending on what height she is. Or I may be wrong. Let me know if I am.
Hillary Clinton believes that the death penalty has not been used responsibly at the state level and indicated that it should be reserved for the federal level, specifically for serious offenses like mass-killing terrorism.
Hillary Clinton was influenced greatly by hermother, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech inspired Hillaryto do some form of public service.Her mother influenced her because she taught Hillary to:believe in firm social justice, to be open hearted to the less fortunate...
  == Answer ==   Sorry, who is "Bell Clinton"?
No, Hilary Clinton does not currently have cancer.
Answer . Yes he did with Monica Lewinsky. The reason for it is the same reason many men have for cheating on their wives .. because they love women and need more than one and are selfish and ego maniacal. The reasons between Bill and Hillary Clinton are private.
No I do not think he supports her very much. Remember the affair he had during his presidency? Hope you remember. It has not been proven however.
Bernie Sanders was born on September 8, 1941.
Bernard "Bernie" Sanders is 75 years old (birthdate: September 8, 1941).
Wellesley College in 1969 and Yale Law School in the class of 1972.
Yes, she did in 2008, losing the primary to Barack Obama, and againin 2016, losing the general election to Donald Trump.
No, she is American.
  by paying the doctors and sending all the homeless to the doctor   by paying the doctors and sending all the homeless to the doctor