Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is a junior US Senator from Texas. He is a candidate in the 2016 presidential elections.
yes he defeated democrat paul sadler
Calgary, Alberta.
Not as far as I know, and I teach there. It would certainly beinteresting to have him on campus; but actually, he studied about amile up the road from us: he was a graduate of Harvard Law School,with academic honors, in 1995.
Some people say no, citing the "natural born citizen" wording asmeaning only born in the geographic boundaries of the country. Others say that the phrase has meant (since before the AmericanRevolutionary war) a more expanded interpretation of citizenship,and that yes, he is eligible, as the natural...
Ted Cruz was born on 1970-12-22.
The first term of US Senator from Texas Ted Cruz, who replaced Sen.Kay Bailey Hutchison when she resigned in 2013, ends in January2019, so he is up for reelection in November 2018.
Any natively born American citizen can become President. Ted Cruz would be an excellent president, but is too intelligent to be accepted by ordinary American citizens. So, he COULD, but he probably WON'T be President. Which is a darned shame, because he would be a good one. Certainly better than...
No, although some people that are strongly opposed to his views maysee him as insane, there has been nothing to point towards itactually being true.
He qualifies as a citizen because his mother was a citizen. By thatlogic, even if Obama was born in Kenya, he'd still be eligible.
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The idea is that everyone would pay a specific percentage of totalincome, without credits or deductions. While they are sure thatthere is money to be gathered from the poor and immigrants andwelfare queens than the wealthy, the basis is flawed. It is an easytalking point, but in reality, not...
No, Ted Cruz was born in Canada.
His mother was a U.S. citizen (so was Obama's mother). In otherwords, he IS a US Citizen.
His mother was a U.S. citizen (so was Obama's mother).
Ted Cruz believes that all americans should be taxed the same nomatter how much they make. This is opposed to scaling tax rateswhere you are taxed more as you become richer. Both proposals haveups and downs, and taxation is a complicated issue. What is rightis for you to decide. It is possible that...