Roald Amundsen

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Find details about Norwegian Roald Amundsen who led the team to first set foot at the South Pole -- 90 degrees S in December 1911. His passion for exploring also took him to the North Pole -- 90 degrees N.
Roald Amundsen first reached the South Pole. The reason this is not well-known is because he did not want anyone to call him back. His traveling companions couldn't even send letters because he was afraid that it would betray where they were and someone would tell him to retreat. A good source to...
His Nationality is Norwegian
On their trip to the South Pole, Roald Amundsen's team encountered some bad weather. They wisely chose to rest in their tents, rather than exhaust themselves and risk frostbite slogging through the howling storm.
He was a member of the Belgian Antarctic Expedition (1897-99). This expedition, led by Adrien de Gerlache using the ship the Belgica, became the first expedition to winter in Antarctica.
No that honour goes to Sir Edmund Hillary from New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay from Nepal, on May 29th. 1953. . Roald Amundsen was the first to reach the South Pole beating Robert Scott's team by a matter of days. Wrong explorer - Roald Amundsen was in the antarctic and Sir Edmund Hillary was the...
Scott started at Cape Evens on Ross Island. Amundsen started at the Ross Ice Shelf at the same time as Scott.
Roald amundsen wanted to explore because he wanted to locate the south pole
July 16, 1872 when he explore the north pole and December 14, 1911he reach the south pole and the expedition has been review back in1910.
Roald Amundsen was a noted Norwegian explorer. He planned to be the first to the North Pole, but having been beaten by Frederick Cook and Robert Peary, he then altered his plans to make for the South Pole. He set out for Antarctica in 1910, and became the first to reach the South Pole on 14 December...
he travelled antarctica,the south pole and the north pole so all those icy places
he was afraid that Robert Scott would've defeated him to the south pole by getting there first
A noted Norwegian explorer.
His own dogs. The ones that survived at the end he treated them luxuriously for the rest of their lives
On December 14, 1911, Amundsen and his team of five arrived at the position of the South Pole.
antarctica the south pole. he just wanted to beat robert scott.
Roald Amundsen was born on July 16, 1872.
Roald amudsen childhood was better than most because e was an intelligant person who new what he wanted in life
I think the question should be why did Amundsen change his plans. He changed his plans at the last moment because of Peary's claim to have reached the North Pole in 1909. He did not inform anyone of his plans and was vilified for a while over it.
roald went to Antarctica to find the south pole.
Four : The North-West Passage: Being the Record of a Voyage of Exploration of the ship "Gjoa" , The South Pole: An Account of the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition in the "Fram" , The First Flight Across the Polar Sea and My Life as an Explorer .
Amundsen set sail in the Fram for the North Pole in 1910,and while at sea, altered his destination to the South Pole.
freezing to death, no food, no shelter
Some food was powder milk, fresh frozen seal meat, buck, wheatgerm, butter, cream, cakes, tinned meats, tinned California fruits,tracts, pudding, pies, pastries, seal steak, bread, whortleberryjam, cheese, coffee, and staple beverage.
several thousand applied but only 15 lucky people got in.
he used to lick lollipops for a living then died licking A STRAWBERYY 1
Dogs, Inuit suit that was modified. check BBC's website, search exploration to the Antarctica
Roald Amundsen was Norwegian.
Amundsen spent several years in Antarctica, 1897-99, and againbetween 1910-1912.
Roald Amundsen was Norwegian, from Fredrikstad.
Roald Amundsen led the team of people who were first to reach theSouth Pole on December 11 1911
he discoverd what no one else has done before him. He discoverd thesouth
No. Amundsen purposefully trekked to the South Pole, to be thefirst human to claim this feat. There is little evidence that histeam did any 'exploring' while they were on the continent.
Roald Amundsen left Oslo on the start of his Antarctic expedition on the 3rd of June 1910.
No, he was never married.
Norwegian Roald Amundsen led the first team to set foot at theSouth Pole.
No, he was never married.
Rould Amundsen was born on July 15, 1872, and led the team ofexplorers who first set foot at the South Pole in December 2010.
There were 5 in the mission: Amundsen, Olaav Bialand, Helmer Hanssen, Sverre Hassek and Oscar Wisting.
Amundsen completed an expedition in 1906, and planned next to'conquer' the North Pole. In 1909, he learned that the North Polehad already been 'conquered' by Cook and Peary. Amundsen decided to head for the South Pole, and learned EnglishmanCaptain Scott was planning a similar expedition. Amundsen...
amundsen took 52 dogs with him to the south pole
Raoul Amundsen led the team of people who first set foot on land atthe South Pole in Antarctica.
he wanted to be the first man to discover antarctica
Roald Amundsen died on June 18, 1928 at the age of 55.
Cool Antarctica reports that there were 20 souls in thatexpedition: "Amundsen, Roald - expedition leader Beck, Andreas - seaman and ice pilot Bjaaland, Olav Olavson Gjertsen, Lieutenant Fredrick - first mate. Hansen, Ludvig - Seaman and ice pilot Hanssen, Helmer Hassel, Sverre Johansen, Hjalmar...
he was a very brave man.
he had four children cause I'm doing a project on him and he had four children
The Gjoa Expedition, led by Amundsen, indeed found a passage by wayof the 'Baffin Bay, the Parry Channel and then south through PeelSound, James Ross Strait, Simpson Strait and Rae Strait'. Because their ship had a shallow draft -- the route they tookproved not to be a commercial route.
Amundsen studied medicine until age 21, after which time, hedevoted his life to exploring wild and uncharted places on earth.
december 14 1911 is what i was told in geography but amundsens day is the 13th
Amundsen sailed a ship, the Fram , to Antarctica as a way totransport his gear, equipment, personnel and supplies toAntarctica.
Yes, Roald Amundsen's expedition to the South Pole was supported by a crew of nineteen men, all personally chosen by either Amundsen or his mentor, Fridtjof Nansen, sailing on his ship Fram . Amundsen handpicked a party of five men to join him on his journey to the Pole. These men were Amundsen...
Nobody! He hosted his own expidition! Everybody knows that!
Amundsen's full name was Roald Engelbregt Gravning Amundsen.
Roald Amundsen was the first person to Sail through the Northwest Passage.
Amundsen explored his whole life from age 21 until age 53.
Amundsen explored from the age of 21 until his death at age 53. Hisexpeditions are innumerable.
Nobody 'made Roald Amundsen die'. He died on a rescue expeditionwhen the rescue aircraft disappeared in the polar north. It wasnever found, nor was any trace of the expedition, so the cause ofdeath may never be known.
Amundsen's first expedition to Antarctica took place in 1897 when he joined the Belgian Antarctic Expedition as First Mate. This was the first expedition to over-winter in Antarctica.
because he made it to antarctica
Roald Amundsen was 39 years old when he reached the South Pole.
Amundsen set off exploring at age 21 and he did so, actively untilhe died at age 53. His departure dates depended on his destination.
Amundsen left a note in his Poleheim tent at the South Poleindicating the position of his camp -- about 2,500 yards from themathematical pole. Amundsen and his team spent seven days at the pole, taking sunsightings with both sextant and theodolite to confirm theirposition as 90 degrees S.
Amundsen was a native born son of Norway.
Roald Amundsen's team spent 1910, 1911 and part of 1912 inAntarctica. As well, Amundsen was also part of an exploratory teamin Antarctica in 1897-1899.
Amundsen first went to Antarctica as part of the Belgica Expeditionin 1898, which was the first expedition to over-winter on thecontinent, their ship having been frozen into the sea ice. . The Belgica Expedition whetted his appetite for polar exploration,and he returned in 1911 to 'conquer the...
Amundsen was partially sponsored by Norway, not Mexico.
Amundsen began exploring at the age of 21.
Even though Queen Maud of Norway was born into the British RoyalFamily, there is no record that she influenced any awards from theBritish to Roald Amundsen. This avoidance could also have been influenced by Amundsen'ssuccess at leading the team to first stand at the South Pole, aquest of the British...
Amundsen was a Norwegian, and it's possible that some of hisfunding was from that country.