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Carnival Cruise Line is one of the world's largest commercial cruise lines. Founded in 1972, Carnival Cruises have sailed many passengers aboard a relaxed vacation on the ocean, and set sail for many new adventures.
"Bang on the Drum," by Todd Rundgren
The laws are based per cruise liner, per port. Usually if you embark from an American port, then the laws on the ship are as such no matter if your on international waters or not. However, at most ports the drinking age is 18, so when you are at port you are free to drink.
Carnival Corporation PLC based out of Miami, Florida withoperations globally.
No, they can use a birth certificate for proof of citizenship. No passport is needed. Go to the Carnival website for more details as well, it tells you all of the accepted proofs of citizenship. Hope this helps.
We are planning a 'let's pretend still on Victory' night! We asked whilst onboard and I'm sure it was along the lines of bacardi limon, lime juice (fresh) mint leaves and soda.
I have never heard of any Line doing it. It's a massive earner for them.
Check with Carnival's website. If I remember correctly, you can use either a passport or your driver's license and a birth certificate. I've taken three cruises with Carnival and I've always used a passport.
The Department of Homeland Security issued the final regulations on passport requirements on March 27, 2008.. Effective June 1, 2009, if you are a US citizen and taking a cruise that departs from and returns to the same US port, you do not need a passport (but you will need a certified copy of your...
Royal Caribbean International the Allure of the Seas.
Call the cruise line and ask them the question. If they have not assigned the cabin number yet, they should be able to tell you when that task is complete.
Call Carnival Cruiseline and request the phone number of the ship Conquest
Yes you can but you will be asked to provide identification. The onboard stores provide things in a gift shop plus cigarettes,tobacco, and in your case alcohol.
It takes four days at sea from California ports.
US citizens cruising to and from a US port do not need a passport.
A Carnival Cruise Line ship has never sunk but there have been some notable mishaps. On the maiden voyage of the only ship in the "Golden Fleet", the "Mardi Gras" ran aground and was delayed. Shortly thereafter, the ship's slot machines were raided to get money to buy fuel so the ship could continue...
he newer ships are very nice for a good professional opinion as well as comments by people who have been on the various ships search Cruise Critic I love Carnival cruises. I have been 3 or 4 times. The staff is very friendly, the ports are fun, and they have a good variety of activities for kids as...
His name is Christopher, like the cruise director on the same ship.
I have visited the Bahamas and yes you need a passport its a different country proved by they drive on the other side of the road.
Most cruise lines, including Carnival, have their ships registered under "flags of convenience". That typically means they are registered in Panama, Bermuda, the Bahamas, or some other country that does not tax the operations of international cruise ship operations.
No! Carnival and RCL are major competitors. Carnival are currently the largest cruise ship company in the world and RCL are second.
Oasis of the Seas and the Allure of the Seas
Carnival Cruise Lines, 1972-1974, sales; 1974-1976, reservations manager; 1976-1979, vice president of passenger traffic; 1979, president; 1990-, chairman and chief executive officer.
By 2001 Carnival had a 35 percent market share and was a $16.3-billion company.
instituted a more affordable pricing plan that would include shorter trips. The packages included airfare to and from the port of departure as well as entertainment, meals, and activities on ship.
Arison's successful strategy of focusing on steady growth and on attracting a new demographic of people who wanted to take cruises resulted in the company's going public in 1987
1990-, chairman and chief executive officer.
Unfortunately, no. You are able to get "past guest" deals but your status does not transfer. I am platinum on Carnival but would be first time cruiser on costa, even though they are owned by the same company. Bummer, huh??
Mardi Gras * Carnivale * Festivale * Tropicale * Holiday * Jubilee * Celebration * Fantasy Ecstasy Sensation Fascination Imagination Inspiration Destiny Elation Paradise Triumph Victory Spirit Pride Legend Conquest Glory Miracle Valor Liberty ...
Carnival Cruise Line has many ships. They routinely sail in the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska, and the Mexican Riviera. However, they also sail to other locations. Contact a travel agent for schedules of a specific Carnival ship.
Carnival Cruise Lines places about 43,500 chocolates on pillows each night. That means that they place almost 16 million chocolates on pillows a year.
Yes, you need a passport. When you travel to other countries by plane,car,ship you should always have you passport along.
Carnival Corporation, the owner of Carnival Cruise Line, bought Cunard in 1998. Carnival also owns Princess, Holland America and Costa among others.
Royal Caribbean and Carnival are major competitors. It is doubtful that either owns any stock in the other. Both are publicly traded companies, and neither reports the other as a significant shareholder. Royal Caribbean owns Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Cruises. Carnival owns Princess Cruises,...
yes you do need a passport throghout the cruise, especially to get out of the Bahamas visitor center,but when you go back on the cruise they will give you a carnival card.
Ive heard that if you email Carnival they are usually very happy to give up their recipes
Yes. While you may choose to stay on board, the cruise line may not let you book without a passport. In the event of an emergency (illness, running aground, ship fire) evacuation at any port may be necessary. Disimbarking and embarking would become an issue.
No, they are two separate cruise lines. But they are both under Carnival Corporation & plc. Carnival owns 11 cruise lines and 100 ships.
Carnival Victory is part of Carnival cruise line. Carnival victory party isn't a specific place, event or object. There are parties sometimes on the Carnival Victory.
Are you thinking of a good thing to do this summer but your not yet sure what activity would be the best thing for you and your family? Cruising is one of the activity that most people choose during this summer and with the availability of cruise ships and their destinations, surely there would be a...
It depends on what you call "best". The newer ships are deffinitley what you call better, but they are a lot more money. The ones built in 2005, 2006, 2007 are still fairly new and still loads of fun! Older one's seem to be more, not as well as the newer in my opinion, but I'm thirteen, so it's just...
Answer . cruise ships range from 300 to1,025 feet long
Carnival Dream. It has more amenities, better public areas is newer and easier to access than Carnival Legend.
It's too soon to be certain of the cause, but the owners of the ship have claimed that the captain diverted from the preplanned course for the ship and moved too close to the land. I think it is to be scrapped. You can probably find out on to find out for sure.
Carnival Cruises can be worse than Royal's Caribbean Cruise's service. The ships in Carnival are built weaker just like the Carnival Splendor, which had an engine fire for no reason. Carnival company never revitilizes their ships as much as Royal Caribbean. On a Carnival Ship, sometimes at night,...
just to be safe you should probably take it, but keep it safe and don't misplace it!
Costa Concordia is owned by Carnival Corporation which also ownsCarnival Cruise Lines.
If you mean which cruise line carnival owns, than Cunard. Cunard is the most luxurious cruise line in the world. If you mean which carnival cruise ship is the best, then the Carnival Miracle. It is the highest rated Carnival Ship on
No, and it wouldn't be Carnival Cruise lines, it would be Carnival Corporation Plc. which is the company that owns cruise lines like Cunard, Holland America, and Princess Cruises. Royal Caribbean International is their own company. Them and Carnival Corporation Plc. are the two most competitive...
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3 1 to keep with you and 2 for dispatch if you are traviling alone that is per person
It actually depends on how big the ship is.
If you enjoy other peoples' children.
Its $15.8 billion in annual revenue would give it the No. 159 slot on the Fortune 500 list if it was incorporated in the United States. (Carnival lists its headquarters as Panama, allowing it to avoid some U.S. taxes as a foreign ship carrier.)
titanic was built in the early 1900s, technology and materials for building the ship are far more advanced now.
The second ship carnival operated was the Mardi Gras. This ship wasscrapped in 2003.
You are only allowed to smoke in designated smoking areas to avoidfire.
On formal night women wear cocktail dresses or evening gowns.
Carnival Cruise Line's offer packages that allow customers to travel to the Caribbean, Mexico, the Bahamas, Canada/New England, and Alaska with more specific destinations then being determined on the final location.
Carnival Corporation has never had a direct accident. The onlynotable accident is in terms of the Costa Concordia accident.
There are many things that a Carnival Cruise consists of. There are many different dining experiences, shows, bars, clubs, casinos, spas, and much more. There are also chances to get off the boat at many different locations and go shopping during what is called a shore excursion.
Carnival Cruise Lines offers international cruises, in-country cruises, and destination cruises. Family and couples only cruises are other options.
Yes, carnival Cruise Lines does offer cruises to Alaska. These cruises depart from Vancouver, British Columbia and Seattle, Washington. The cost ranges from a little more than $500 to several thousand, depending on amenities.
No, it does not travel to Cancun which is very disappointing even though they have the largest fleet in the group, with 24 vessels currently in operation.
There are four different types of bedroom suites available on the Carnival Cruise Lines. The most basic is the Interior cabin option. It is also the smallest room. Then there is the Oceanview which give you at least one window to view the ocean. Next, there is the Balcony which is larger and is also...
The Carnival Cruise Line that wrecked cost over 130 million dollars in damage and repairs. Aside from the suffrages that monetary loss made to the company there was a slight drop in Carnival stock and slightly lower numbers for passengers booking cruises through Carnival.
The Carnival Cruise Lines are based in Doral, Florida and is British owned. Ted Arison founded the "line of Fun Ships", Carnival Cruise Lines in 1972.
One of the things that sets Carnival Cruise Lines apart from other cruise lines is their hands on community service projects organized and lead by their employees. These volunteers call themselves F.U.N. (Friends Uniting Neighbors) Team.
Cruise Ships undergo very rigorous inspections by the United StatesCoast Guard, and by local, and federal law enforcement to ensurethe safety of all guests.
Rates vary on the time, length.
The types of games on a Carnival Cruise Ship varies. There could be casino games and gambling games for the adults, arcade and board games for the children and family, and there could be contests.
The most popular destination on cruise vacations is probably either the Carribean or the Bahamas. Other popular cruise destinations include locations in Mexico, Europe, and Australia.
Cruise lines do not often have ships that are not being used. When the heavy cruise season ends at one place in the world, it is usually just beginning in another.. Most ships do have a time every few years when they are in what is called "dry dock" when they make minor repairs or renovations. Dry...
Carnival Cruise Lines currently has a range of 24 cruise ships in a variety of different categories. There are the Fantasy class which includes Carnival Fantasy, Ecstasy, and Paradise. The Destiny class has the Carnival Destiny and the Triumph class has the Carnival Triumph and Victory.The Spirit...
It is fairly rare for a Carnival Cruise ship to crash, however, there have been two crashes. There are no reports of cruise ships that have sunken though.
The most famous carnival cruise is the Disney Dream. Some other known and famous carnival cruise ships are Ruby Princess, Liberty of the Seas, Celebrity Eclipse and Carnival Magic.
No. Carnival Cruise Line is owned by Carnival Corporation
Carnival does not release that information publicly.
Cruises in Mexico on the Carnival Cruise Line cost from about $250 to over $600 based on the duration of the cruise, the desired accommodations, and any other additional costs.
Carnival Cruise lines is one of the famous / well known cruise liner.This Cruise liner offers various exotic locations such as Alaska, Bahamas Bermuda,Caribbean, Hawaii and Panama Canal.
Carnival's website will offer cruise tickets. It will probably be cheaper to go through a local travel agent as they usually can put together custom packages for the best price.