The Soul of the Great Bell (Short Story)

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The Soul of the Great Bell is a Chinese folk tale, later written as a short story by Lafcadio Hearn. The Chinese emperor demands that a bell maker produce a special bell that will be heard for 100 miles, or he will kill the bell maker. The man's daughter learns that only if a pure maiden is sacrificed will the bell be forged, and gives her life to save her father.
i think the characters are Ko-Ngai,Kouan-Yu... Son of Heaven, Celestial, August.. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit. The characters are: . Kouan-Yu . Ko-Ngai . Yung-Lo other characters: . astrologer . Ko-ngai's serving woman
The Characters of the story The Soul of The Great Bell are: . Yung-Lo . Kouan-yu . Ko-Ngai ako to c trexie umpad hahahaha
Learn to sacrifice and make right decision(s)
The setting of the story "The Soul of the Great Bell" was nearlyfive hundred years ago at the City of Peking (now called Beijing).
The story is told by a narrator in the third person.
Thank you for that wonderful question. I think The soul is beingthe bell of the great bell and the soul. It will become the soul ofthe soul in the bell of great soul and the soul became a good bell.It should be the great bell in the soul but the soul of the bellwill be the bell of the great soul...
The Great Bell is very important as it helps with conflictresolution. From the Great Bell, we come to learn that confessionis not only good for the soul alone but everyone in society.
the climax is when ko ngai jump in the materials
tapulana bata-a pangutana nalang sa mga bato uy
Learn to sacrifice and make right decisions.
kaya nga tinatanong eh ? shunga lang !>_
First sacrifice: The refused a hundred suitors because she is afraid that her father's home will be desolated by her absence Second sacrifice: She sold some of her jewelries to pay an astrologer in helping her find a solution for her father's problem. Third sacrifice: She knew that she would...
!The Great Power, Comes with the great Responsibility!
sa puet ng nanay at tatay mo kantotan pagkakantot nila sa isat isasige pa sige
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The script for the story of the Soul of the Great Bell are notavailable. However, one can view this story on video at locationsincluding YouTube.
huwag mong itanong sa akin dahil hindi ko alam... kaya nga ako nagsesearch tapos itatanong mo pa sa akin... cheee manigas ka
because the story shows of how the bell was created
The Soul of The Great Bell by Lafcadio Hearn is the story of a MingDynasty king, obsessed with the production of a great bell withperfect tone. Despite endless effort, the desired result neverhappens. One day, the daughter of the king, who dearly loves herfather, overhears that the only way to get...
In the end of the soul of the great bell, O-Yuki asked Minokichi about the White Woman, of which then they explained about the night in the fisherman's hut. It was then that Yuki claimed it was her and threatened him if the children should ever complain about him. That is when she melted away...
ko ngai -loving daugther kouan yu -great follower
what is Reaction of The Soul of the Great bell
because the story showa of how the bell was created
the son of heaven,ko-ngai,kouan-yu,fuh-yin,yong-lo
Chinese traditions are reflected in the story the soul ofthe great bell
This short story was written by an American-born author (LafcadioHearn) who fell in love with Asian culture and retold a number ofChinese and Japanese folk stories. In this one, the bell reallydoes have a soul, as I will try to explain. The legend fromhundreds of years ago tell us that an emperor in...
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because of the gravity between the earth and outerspace.
He was the father of Ko-ngai,the girl who sacrificed herself justto save her father.
The value learnt is to always clean you're teeth twice a day, or decay might start to form and there is a slight chance of gum disease
The soul of the great bell
A princess died to make the bell ring properly.
I think the climax is when Ko-ngai jumped into the mixing of the marterials needed for making the bell.
Plot Nearly five hundred years ago, the Celestial August and Yung- Lo commanded the worthy official Kouan- Yu to make a bell that the sound thereof might be heard for one hundred Li. He therefore called the master moulders and renowned bellsmiths and all men of great repute and cunning in foundry...
The theme of the story is Life process because it is showedin the story the experiences of Kouan- Yu and Ko- Ngai and what achild can do in order to save his/her parents.
"The Soul of the Great Bell" is about the daughter of a Chinesebell maker. She wants the casting of the Great Bell to be flawlessfor the emperor so she makes a great and noble sacrifice.
The official bell maker was commanded by the king to make a specialbell that would produce a clear, strong sound that could be heardover a great distance. His first two attempts was disastrous andthe king was angry, and threatened him that if he failed anothertime, it would cost him his life. The...
young lo,kuan yo,ko ngai