Billy the Kid

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Billy the Kid (William H. Bonney) was an American Old West gunfighter. He was a notorious outlaw during the 1870s and 1880s. Due to his high profile and violent lifestyle, he only lived to be 21 years of age. He was killed by a sheriff named Pat Garrett.
If you mean did he have solo gunfights, no. Billy the Kid was a keyfigure in the Lincoln County War in New Mexico. He fought for theTunstall faction. Credited with 21 killings at the time of hisdeath, there are only four verified kills that can be credited tohis. He participated in shootouts...
he was a hero to some people
We know with out a doubt he owned and used a Colt Model 1873 Army SA in 45 long (single action) and a Winchester Rifle Model 1873 44-40. Both of these weapons are in Billy's possession in the only known photo of him. Billy has his Colt on his left side and is holding his Winchester (which was his...
Billy the Kid was known as the worsed outlaw in the wild west, but as a youngster he was known as the horse thief, so he had many horses, not only as young, but also as an adult (if you can call it that, as young as he was when he died, 22 years) so (i would say) there's no possible way to know all...
Billy the Kid died on July 14, 1881 at the age of 21.
Actually that's more of an opinion... but thanks for sharing! :)
Elizabeth Mays and Billy Mays lll and his parents are Billy Mays Sr. and Joyce Palm.
well I'm pretty sure it was because he was so young. it sounded cool too. you know William to billy and then add on something catchy and obvious: the kid. Billy the Kid
The Lincoln County War. It was a small town in New Mexico (Territory).
Yes. It may not have happened exactly as Pat Garret described it, but he definitely did shoot and kill Billy.
No Billy the Kid didn't have kids. All the women were scared thathe would kill them, so they didn't bother.
no but he is (was)very smart , his writing was very readable and almost error free ! ( ifound this out on fact v.s. myth.
He came from New Mexico
yes. He was accused of much more than he actually did and his hunters were ruthless
He was shot in the back by Pat Garret.
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yes he was indeed. He was shot in his left shoulder and was injured
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His first Theft Billy the Kids'd first theft was, he stole some cheese! He stole cheese from his local grocer. ~Luv Chloe~
A small squirrel called Dandilion, he belonged to Billy the Kid's neighour ( whho was called Ima. Ignoramus) he gave it to a random girl he was crying becease her cat died. He then ran away to mars and now lives with his alien friend. He became immortal when he found the pot of gold at the end of...
Pat Garrett killed Billy the Kid.
Billy the Kid died on the 14th July 1881, aged 21 .
Billy the Kid had a crush on his Silver City grade school teacher, Miss Mary Richards Billy the Kid was killed by the same gun that one of his gang members used. Pat Garrett the man who killed "the kid" confiscated the weapon in a shoot out when that member surrendered.
William Bonney, aka Billy the Kid was shot and killed by Pat Garrett in a darkened hotel room in the tiny village of Fort Sumner, New Mexico Territory, on July 14, 1881. (The American territory of New Mexico did not officially attain statehood until 1912)
Billy the kid was in a group called the Regulators. They were a group of outcasts like Billy who wanted to be "cowboys". The Regulators always had each others backs.
Yes, they have met only once
Billy the kids mother is Catherine.
yes billy the kid once liked Celsa Gutierrezz
Yes. Billy the Kid was premiered in 1938 in Chicago and choreographed by Eugene Loring. I performed this ballet many years ago. It's one of the only times I heard someone speak on stage. Billy says, "Who is it?" in Spanish. Which apparently he said in real life and that's what got him killed by...
He was a great out law as a young kid, he grew in the wild west and he became a well known person to stay away from dew to how dangrous he was.
Billy the kid could speak very fluent spanish. He named his dog Pedro.
William H Bonney (1859-1881).
Garrett went after Billy the Kid after the Kid had escaped from jail, killing two men in the process. He arrived at Peter Maxwell's ranch on July 14, 1881 to question him about Billy's whereabouts. As Maxwell and Garrett sat in Peter's darkened bedroom in Old Fort Sumner, Billy unexpectedly entered...
He was best known for being a Outlaw! He killed 9 people during his years, He started at age 16 and then was killed at age 21! I'd say what he was best known for was killin a sheriff
my great great great grandma used to know this kid she was his friend she told me and he killed those people in california that was so sad. Answer Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. His killings are the stuff of legend; possibly between four and nine people.
Garrett was hired to be a law enforcement officer
Henry McCarty. He also had an alias of Henry Antrim and William H. Bonney
Sheriff Pat Garret shot Billy the Kid while avoiding recapture .
No. He was born in 1859 in NYC and after the death of his parents at 15 he and his brother began their life of crime. He died in 1881 and his name "the Kid" came from his association with "The Gang" in AZ
William Henry McCarty. He took the alias William H. Bonney when he was a teenager during the Lincoln County War. The newspapers came up with "Billy the Kid" about a year before he was killed at the age of 20.
Hard to say? Considering the time and photos I've seen. I would guess his rifle to be a 1873 Winchester Lever action carbine. The caliber would have likely been 45 long colt or 44-40. His Pistol would have fired the same rounds as the Rifle.
Billy the kid wasn't married and I can't right off remember theson's name which by the way was born out of wedlock
seeing as they both have the same last name...... yes
Yes, 'billy the kid' William Claiborne , not 'billy the kid' William Bonney.
It doesn't appear so, while there were rumors of a possible pregnancy the girl never named Billy as the father. If there is a decendent of Billy he or she doesn't know it.
Many thought he was left handed because the Tin-Type picture displayed him as left handed. However, those Tin-Types reversed the picture. In reality, Billy the Kid (William H. Bonney, born William Henery McCarty Jr.) was right handed.
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He had a half brother on his mother's side. The identity of his father is unknown so he may have had half siblings on that side as well.
why did billy the kid contribute to society
He was shot in the back by Pat Garret.
No, Billy was more of a punk criminal.
William Bonney. He was a teenage outlaw in the 1870s. Started with petty theft at about 15, got into stealing horses, killed his first man before he was 17, fought in the Lincoln County Wars. Died in 1881 at the age of 19 or 20. Supposedly he had killed 20 men before he was shot by Sheriff Pat...
William H. Bonney .
There is only one known photograph of Billy the Kid, (William H. Bonney, born William Henry McCarty Jr. also known as Henry McCarty, Henry Antrim, Kid Antrim). The photo was a 2x3 inch TinType (melaintype, ferrotype) and remained in the same family until it was sold to William I. Koch for 2 million...
It is worth NOTHING!... As there were never any wanted posters issued for William Bonney A.ka Billy the Kid... The closest thing to a wanted poster was a reward notice the governor put in the Las Vegas Gazette in December of 1880 . So any "Wanted" posters for the kid are purely souvenirs and have...
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Because William Henry McCarty, alias William H. Bonney, alias Billy the Kid was a vicious killer. It is said that there was a reward of $5,000 for his capture.
Being so young and being wanted for the murder of several men, apparently not all of which he murdered. He was also known for the somewhat nonchalant attitude to dangerous situations and in taking lives of others.
While there have been some rumors that he fathered a child, there has never been any verifiable proof of it; most reliable sources say that he had no children.
Billy The Kid was about 12 years old when he killed his first person.
Billy the Kid was born in 1859 in New York City. Little is known of his early life and it is believed he and his brother were left orphans when he was 15. The boys turned to petty theft. On the run from the law the boys went to Arizona and joined a gang called The Boys to fight with them in the...
he was shot by a former friend and lawmen pat garret
Yes He loved to sing along during the long rides back and forth to New Mexico
Billy the Kid was born on November 23, 1859.
The killer that killed his father(real dad)
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Billy escaped from jail on multiple occasions and committed 21 murders before his death in 1881.
It's kind of complex. He stayed an outlaw because there were too many relentless people hunting him. His mother died when he was about 14. The next year he stole some laundry, went to jail, escaped and asked his former step-dad to help him out. The guy turned him away. Billy tried making an honest...
Billy the Kid occupies a romantic position in American history. He was an outlaw whose shootings and killings were confined to the bloody Lincoln County War against other outlaws and rustlers.