Milton Hershey

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Milton Hershey was an American confectioner and entrepreneur, best known for his famous Hershey's milk chocolate.
80 million hershey kisses are made each day. Facts about Milton Hershey include that he was born on September13, 1857. Before he founded the Hershey Company he started theLancaster Caramel Company. He is 88 years old.
Milton hershey was 88 when he died!! :-).
some of them are: Reese's, kit kat, woopers, york, whatchamacallit, thingamagig, krakel, mr. goodbar, and more -go to wiki to see all-
Yes, they were oriental
yes he did you can see it at the hershey museum
He was quite the philanthropist.
He had one sister named Serena
he is still remembered for his chocolate because milton hersheymade 90 millon people happy with a few bars of chocolate
Milton Hershey built his chocolate factory in Derry Church which is now Hershey, Pennsylvania.
Milton Hershey had many accomplishments. His biggest were creating his Hershey's Chocolate empire, establishing the Milton Hershey School, and creating Hershey, Pennsylvania.
Yes, Milton Hershey made his own town called Hersey, Pennsylvania
No. He did create a chocolate bar especially for the soldiers in the United States Army, though. It was called ''FIELD RATION D.'' The ''D'' stands for ''daily.'' One bar lasted for a day, and never melted in the soldier's pack.
no, not at all, many times he found himself penniless, but every time he did manage to pull himself out of it, even during the depression.
Milton Hershey made approximately 100,000 dollars in the beginning of his career but later on made about 3 billion dollars but gave his lives saving to Hershey industrial school after his wife Catherine (Kitty) died
1) He did not give up on having a chocolate company 2) He succeeded in life even without a good education 3) He made CHOCOLATE !! :) !!
No, they did not. Kitty had syphilis which caused complications in bearing children.
Chocolate used to be only for rich people. Milton Hershey wanted chocolate to be to the poor. Hershey chocolate was the first ever chocolate avalible to the poor. Without hershey chocolate, there wouldn't be Snickers, Milky Ways, there wouldn't be that if there was no milton hershey. even though it...
it shut down it's original factory and laid off lots of workers..
He founded the Hershey Chocolate Company and the town of Hershey, PA, and he established / began the Hershey School.
yes Reese's was a separate company that bought Hershey chocolate for it's product. Hershey's eventually bought the company.
1909 founded the Hershey Industrial School, a school for orphan boys. 1890 starts a caramel business in Lancaster, PA, business is not only good, its great 1900 sells his caramel company for $1 million, and devotes his attention to making chocolate.
Milton Hershey was the man who created and founded the world-famous Hershey Chocolate Company. He was also very involved in cahrity work, and created the town of Hershey, PA along with the Hershey School for under-privledged children.
Milton S. Hershey was born September 13, 1857; Mother Teresa was born August 26, 1910. Milton Hershey was 52 years old at the time that Agnes Gonxha Bojashiu, later known as Mother Teresa, was born.
Yes, Milton Hershey did have two sisters named Helena Fisher, and Lily Cossman. They both died at a young age. Not many people know about these sisters of his. They all had a different fathers (hint: there last names) and did not see eachother very much. Helena was the oldest out of them all, and...
Milton Hershey did not play any sports. All he did was help his dad in factories making chocolate. That was on of his favorite things to do. And he was amazind at it.
moved around a lot, he didn't get a good education, Milton, got a new baby sister, too, her name was Sarena. He was 4 years old when he got a new baby sister. When Milton's parents ( Henry and Fanny Hershey ) started talking about a war, little five-year-old Milton became frightned and in the garden...
the separation of his parents
Milton Hershey's first successful candy making making businesswas selling caramel. He started the Lancaster Caramel Company. In1900, he decided that since his best selling items were caramelsdipped in chocolate that he wanted to pursue chocolate making. He sold his caramel company and with the...
ptobably he makes milk chocolate
\nSeptember 13, 1857
Milton Hershey didn't invent chocolate. His importance was in making chocolate affordable to all.
best chocolate of century
he was awsome Miltion Hershey heped other people by giving Miltion Hershey School to less fortunat kids that cant pay for their college. He gave all his wealth to MHS (Miltion Hershey School). He pays for everyones college that goes to that school. He also made the yummy chocalate we all eat today,
Milton Hershey built his first factory in 1883, called the Lancaster Caramel Company in Lancaster Pennsylvania.
I would say he is a Captain of Industry because he was the most well known chocolate salesman in like 4 years of him selling chocolate. Even till today he is still the number one company in chocolate sales. Also he excelled extremely fast. Therefore he is a Captain of the Industry.
He gave us chocolate, as well as providing housing and a decent wage for his employees.
A Germen Candy company was showing how chocolate was made. Hershey was Convinced that this was the future of candy making. Hershey then worked no-stop on perfecting a formula for milk chocolate.
he actually died of pneumonia
importers and traders bank of New York City
Milton Hershey was born in September of 1857, making him 153 years old if he was alive today.
Just Hershey Milk Chocolate Bars. All of the others were created by people today.
Catherine Elizabeth Sweeney guess what my last name is Sweeney.
Milton Hershey grew up on a farm in Derry Church, Pennsylvania.
Some character traits of Milton Hershey is confident , kind , and fair .
Milton Hershey School is a real school. It is a boarding school for unfortunate children. Students at Milton Hershey School (MHS) are provided with free clothing, food, shelter, bed, top rate education, allowance, jobs, recreational activities, Hershey Park Passes, and much more.
smart, candymaker, businessman, caring, brave
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he became famous because he made the Hershey chocolate!
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As of 3 January 2010, there is no information showing Milton Hershey having been a Freemason.
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well he was acutally a girl and he got horny so he made as a toy to play with his self but then he sucked on and then he ate and he invented the candy
he was many characteristics : jason daniles
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milton hershey invented the 1st chocolate bar in 1654
One of the biggest lessons we can learn from Hershey is failure and persistence. Hershey tried many times to create a good recipe and he failed many times until he got it right, creating one of the most recognizable candy companies in the world.
Ration D Bars and Tropical Chocolate Bars .
His achivements were that he opend a waffle factory with his boy friend and they kissed right at the sight of it (he was gay)
Milton Hershey found Hershey company in 1876.
September 13, 1857 (Sunday) Derry Township, Pennsylvania, United States
no. he kept moving in his childhood.
Yes. Milton S. Hershey died on October 13, 1945.
Milk chocolate was invented by Swiss chocolatier Daniel Peter in 1875. Milton Hershey developed his own process which made milk chocolate more affordable to the average person. Hersheys started producing milk chocolate in 1900.
because he does what he wants
" Give them quality. That's the best kind of advertising in the world. " " If we had helped a hundred children it would have all been worthwhile." "Caramels are only a fad. Chocolate is a permanent thing." "If I ever become rich, I am going to use my money to build schools to give every...
Milton Hershey and his wife had plans to go on the Titanic, but his wife became ill which caused them to cancel their reservation.
Yes, he did. It is located in Hershey, Pa and is called Milton Hershey School. It was established in 1909.
Milton Hershey was first an apprentice then he became a Hershey Choclate maker at the biggest choclate factory!
No, Milton S. Hershey died at the age of 88 on October 13, 1945, in Hershey Hospital, a year after he had retired from the board.