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The 1979 model of Ford Mustang was based on the larger Fox platform that featured larger trunk and restyled interior to accommodate up to four people. It was available in three body styles – convertible, coupé and hatchback.
Relays are located in the engine compartment fuse panel
Look on the distributor cap there is a plug in for your tach. Answer That is not correct.... you will need to hook up four wires, actually three to make it work, but four will get the lights working too. Start by locating a good chassis ground and connect the black tach wire to it. The red tach...
If you mean for checking if you need new brakes, just feel it, if there's a lip around the outside that is getting pretty define your probably going to need brakes pretty soon
Not a whole lot to be honest do you have Mods on the car hoe much weight it carries anything, is te engine cleaned out, is the tranny still good these are all questions you have to ask yourself if your local mechanic can also figure it out for you
I think you meant the Lamborghini Adventador. In that case, ithas 700 horsepower.
The 2007 Ford Mustang 4.0L V6 has 210HP. The 2007 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L V8 has 300HP
Depending on year.. as low as 145hp in the L65 in the mid 70's 295hp "gross" in the first in 1967 370hp "gross" in the original 1970 lt-1 405hp 1993 ZR-1 350 was the highest production 350 at 405hp
The stock engine, a 5.0 or in reality a 4.9 liter had approx 225 horsepower.
no it can't. the radiator core support on a 94-98 are the same, but ford changed over during the 99-04 model years to a design that angled back on the ends to accomodate the newer design headlight housings.
It has 300 horsepower if its a V8.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. The 4.6 L - SOHC - engine in the 2001 Ford Mustang GT is rated at :. 260 horsepower at 5250 RPM and 302 lb-ft torque at 4600 RPM
Answer . You remove them from inside the trunk. In the coupe anyway. I don't know about a convertible..
22.5 U.S. gallons ( 85.2 liters )
With many modifications yes. you must realize these are completely different sized engines, and the car is actually built around the engine and trans package. Smaller combo's got 4 lug wheels with lighter duty running gear while the v8's got a beefier one.
You first have to unbolt the engine from the motor mounts and unbolt the engine from the transmission. You then will remove the motor from the truck to make replacing the mounts easier. The mounts should each be held down by four bolts going into the frame. Remove or cut these bolts to remove the...
can anyone tell me how to remove a transmission from a 1993 ford mustang 4 cylinder? Thanks
if you cant get your theft light will not stop flashing rapidly your car will not start,it could be your keys are bad or your transceiver is bad your best bet is to take it to the dealership and they will pin point the problem instead of you replacing un necessary parts
On the 3800, its a simple optical gate, that reads the teeth in a toothed wheel. If you crack open most ball-mice, they work on the same concept.
its located right in behind and above the radio, underneath the dash. its a grayish color
Looks like the Gt500 sold for about $5,995
supercharger is belt driven and turbo is exhaust driven. supercharger boost is based on rpm and turbo boost is based on load and exhaust volume.
that head unit does NOT have an internal amplifier so you MUST use external amplification. You cannot hook it up to your car speakers and get sound. It is a pre-amp head unit ONLY. No internal amp however makes for the cleanest purest audio source that could be had in that day so it is a superb head...
Yes, it is the exact same enging block and heads. Upper intak would need to be changed and possibly the exhaust manifolds.
Answer . \nTrouble? Noise maybe or a wild speedo gage? \n. \nUnscrew the cable at the dash side (from under the hood) and spray some WD40 inside the cable. Try that or replace the cable.
GT 172 hp, Thought if you're lucky enough to get your hands on a 2003 GS-R its 180HP
There may be no specific flat rate time for a repair like that, the cost will vary depending on the labor rate and how much time the technician takes to perform repair.
Answer . \nhaynes repair manuals are good but you can go to and they have online repair manuels as well it a good site for a lot of information on repair work.
Answer . If you look in your owners manual it will tell you the steps to take. It's kind of a pain and the requirements are exact so you have to do it right or it won't work.
It is located on a tag attached under the coil mounting bolt, all 1964-1970 models had these tags. The tag included displacement, assembly plant, model year, change level, engine code (useful in identifying high performance engines) and date of production. These are easily lost or sometimes...
The 351 was not available in the 68, but the 289 was so just use those mounts, the 351W is a small block and is the same as the 289.
There will be differences with the input shaft, and possibly bell housing, it depends on the transmission model and engine you are trying to match up, not every 1990 had the same engine or transmission. Good news is that no matter what you decide you want there is a conversion kit available, just...
\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \none reason could be the clutch, or pressure plate dont buy any cluthes or cluth kits from autozone!!!!!!\n. \n Answer \n. \ncould be a blown fuse. fuse has to be working to get out of park.\n. \nDepends what you mean by "stick". There are two cables involving the...
Your alternator is not working properly
5 quarts total, 4 in the tank and one in the filter
standard engine has about 280-345 horsepower ======================================================== A 1990 Ford Mustang 5.0 is rated at ( 225 horsepower from thefactory )
The steering is locked.What you need to do to unlock it is to just turn the wheel a little bit as you turn the key and the ignition and the steering wheel will free up.
Answer . I had the same problem. Took it in to the dealer - the little sprocket that turns the other wheels was worn out. They replaced it along with a new motor - covered by warranty..
check out the online repair manual for your car at its free and it helped me find all the fasiners for the plactic bumper cover for my 1979 mustang when I was getting it ready for paint Most American cars remove the back seat by simply pushing the seat toward the back of the car and...
Freeze plugs are located on the side of the block below the exhaust headers, and at the end of each cylinder head.
1965 and 1966 Gt350's had a 271 hp 289, modified to produce 306 hp. . 1967 and 1968 Gt350 had the 289 with a COBRA aluminum hi-rise. . A GT 500 was added, equipped with the 355 horsepower 428 Police Interceptor. Carrol Shelby stopped production of his 2 seat Cobra sports car in 1967, the...
Remove the center bolt for the C/V joint... remove rotor and brake caliper, there is 4 bolts that holds it on, remove the bolts and it will come off and install in reverse order. ============================================================== This isn't true for say, a 1989 Acclaim which has the...
The 1992 Mustang LX 2.3 liter, 4 cylinder engine had an increase of horsepower to 105 due to two sparkplugs per cylinder. The V8 model had a rated horsepower of 225.
transmission's dont have drain plugs......... the metal they are made out of are to thin to tap threads...... to drain a trans. you have to lossen the pan bolts. once the car is on ramps start with the boltsw that are lower than the rest... since the pan will be at an angle go from one side the the...
Maybe 10 on its own. With other mods like a bigger throttle body and exhaust it will help out more.
Bad blower motor or bad fuse. Check the fuse first it is a cheap fix it is the problem. I Have 1996 Mustang and mine was blowing out the defrost and it ended up being vaccum line. 1/8 vaccum line located on the firewall I followed it across the engine to find, it broke from the boot it was plugged...
A practical speed of 160 mph (257 km/hr) has been reported, and "flat out", it will do about 186 mph (300 km/hr). For 2010, the 5.4 liter DOHC has been increased to 540 horsepower, with a redline of 6250 RPM. The fifth and sixth gears have ratios of .74 and .50, down from .84 and .63, so the top...
It's under the hood.Lift ur hood,stand at the front of the passanger side and look straight down.It has a ball shaped top..unlike a curl or,many people can't tell that it's a dip stick.
Answer . \nCheck out this website. This pertains to late model GM and Ford vehicles.\n. \n
You didn't say what engine, be a little clearer, is a 9-C1? or a civilian car, a 6 cyl perhaps? jr
132 mph (211 km/h) 0-60 mph (0-96 KM/H) 7.0 sec
My 1991 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 L ( 302 ) was rated at 225 horsepower
As far as I know the GEM ( Generic Electronic Module ) controls the 4x4 on the 1995 Ford Explorer and I believe that is in the center stack of the dash behind and to the left of the radio
Answer . \ncheck the coils .they might be bad. Answer . \nI'd try plugs/wires and fuel filter first. If it backfires when revved up while running rough, probably a spark problem, plugs, wires, or coils. But could also be a fuel problem (filter or water in gas).
well some 65 fastbacks came with a straight 6, some came with a 289, and some where shelby's , you didnt say which one ? i never seen a 96 chevelle ss 396, so i ll go with the mustang by default
The drivers side of the engine
No, but it's VERY close behind the '10 GT. The new 2011 V6 only has10 horsepower less. Sends chills down my spine knowing it can getmax fuel economy of 48 miles per gallon and this performance!
*~*~Fuse Diagram~*~* . \nGo to:\n. \nGood Luck!
Answer . \nRemove the oil pan. This will give you access to the pump.
Answer . \nshould be on the drivers side on the middle-front side of the block just above the oil pan lip
This is really too broad a question for one answer. The Mustang has had more than ten V8 engines, plus a number of different inline six and V6 engines as well as some 4 cylinder engines. The worst 0-60 times were probably the 1974-1978 Mustang ll cars. If you're more specific, I can give you a...
Open the drivers door , and on the door latch pillar you will see an information sticker that shows the original size tire on the vehicle from the factory
Answer . one horsepower is equal to about 750 watts....So you would multiply the amps times the volys to get watts.....240 x 15.5= 3,720 / 750 =4.96 hp...the approximate horsepower would be 5 hp
Answer . \nNot exactly sure what you are asking. If you are talking about the pcv valve it will always be located on top of the valve cover. If you are talking about the evaporative purge canister it is located near the spare tire underneath the truck(at least that is where mine is). If I...
.054 inch , according to
Answer . Many of the Saturn L series automatic transmissions do not have a dipstick. They are the "new breed" of transmissions that are SUPPOSED to be trouble free. When you take it in to have the transmission serviced they will make sure it is filled and not leaking. Other than that, follow the...
Answer . While in the auto open the glove box. With the ignition switch turned on press the yellow button inside to the left of the glove box. It should release the trunk lid. If it does not the trunk release or the wiring to it may be bad.
All Mustangs operate on a 12 volt system.
check out www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces ). click on Owner Guides. You can view the owners manual on-line
They are fast like Ferrari's Angry and hot like red guys Priestliest like 9-fast rockets Spanish-talking cars Hard cars Scuttling-to-pieces
A liter only has one 't'. 5.2 liters is 5200 cubic centimeters. That's about 317.3 cubic inches (source: Google calculator)
Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid in the 5 speed manual transmission according to the 1997 Ford Mustang Owner Guide
6 quarts ( 5.7 liters ) with engine oil filter change - for the V6 and V8 engines in the 1997 Ford F-150
There are lots of choices for add on parts for 97 Mustang. The most inexpensive power adders include, a cold air intake, headers and a freer flowing exhaust system. If you want on demand power, a Nitrous Oxide kit can add 100 or more horsepower instantly at the flick of a switch and its not too...