Greenlandic Language and Culture

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Since 2009, Greenlandic has been the official language of Greenland. It is one of the Eskimo languages which are unique in that a word can be an entire sentence. In this category, you can find questions about the Greenlandic language and the culture of Greenland.
Qujanaq pronounce "ku-ya-nak"
Glædelig Jul (in Danish, since Danish is also official language in Greenland) Juullimi Ukiortaassamilu Pilluarit (in Inuit, Greenlandic)
I am guessing he is Greenlandic. Because it did say he sailed back to Greenland . But somehow in my textbook, it said something about Sweden, I can't remember
Greenlandic National Badminton Championships was created in 1980.
As they live in Greenland. FOR EXAMPLE-Indians are the people ofIndia
Inuit tamarmik inunngorput nammineersinnaassuseqarlutikassigiimmillu ataqqinassuseqarlutillu pisinnaatitaaffeqarlutik.
The word in Greenlandic is atuagaatilerisoq.
The word in Greenlandic is Qanimavunga.
The word in Greenlandic is qeerluttoq.
The Greenlandic word is Spanskisut.
The word in Greenlandic is naasorissaasoq.
The word in Greenlandic is siulleq.
Oqaatsit ataasiinnaat naammanngillat.
The Greenlandic word is nunaateqarneq.
The word "them" in Greenlandic is ukuut.
Butter is punneq in Greenlandic.
Pingasunik mikisunik qimmiuteqarpoq.
Tallimanik aappaluttunik kamippaqarpoq.
Seis is not a Greenlandic word. It is a Spanish word. It means sixin Spanish.