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None because there were never any snakes in Ireland.
Half a hole cannot be dug as it will always be a hole. However, to dig a hole half the size of the ones dug, It takes onewoman one day to dig half a hole.
Animals that eat only insects are called insectivores. Examples of insectivores are aardvarks, frogs, and anteaters.
Janus was a roman god, and had two faces.
in my opinion they are all pretty awesome!
Put a bucket of water on top of the door and ask them to go into the room but don't let your mum walk in
Walkthrough: Click the globe twice near Mr Soggy's table and get a chewing gum. Pick up a ruler on the classroom table. Combine the ruler with the chewing gum. Use the combination together with the airvent and you will get a rubber band. Shoot the rubber band onto Mr Soggy's glasses. Get the...
Well hopefully they will get skinnier lol
Some only americans will understand, because we are stupid.
All of its uncles were 'ants'
Anybody ALWAYS has a good joke...
"I went to a Sears white sale and bought a caucasian family." Heard it on Arsenio Hall (and thought it was hilarious). Of course they do. If Group A interacts regularly with Group B, then sooner or later each will have jokes about the other. "How do you recognize a WASP? They get out of the...
So this duck walks into a hardware store (or library) and he says to the guy "Do you have any grapes?" the guys like "no, we're a hardware store" so the duck waddles out. The next day the duck walks back in and say s"Do you have any grapes?" The guys like "uh no?" So the duck waddles out. The NEXT...
you just say "Yo Mama" then something mean Don't focus too much on realistic jokes. Think of something that isreally funny and apply it to a person. And there you go!
Twelve. It does not matter what you refer to, there are 12 anythings in a dozen.
cereal. plain ol' cereal.
Chuck Norris once ate an entire cake before his buddy could tell him there was a stripper in it. Chuck Norris can strangle you with a cordless phone. Wizards can walk on water, Chuck Norris can swim on land. Chuck Norris counted to infinity. Twice. Chuck Norris sparlkes in the dark. Beat that,...
at the end of the rainbow
Pictures can't talk . Unfair - we've been hung, but we were framed!
The Turkey sandwich would because he would gobble up the chicken sandwich!!
Tampa, Florida USA
You can point to your name badge and say, "Right Now!".
The legs are from another riddle. Maybe it was "moves but has no legs"...? The "mouth but never sleeps and a bed but never sleeps" is a river (mouth, riverbed).
que yo no entente yo no ablas engles
lick the dirtyest part of the cafeteria floor at school for 1 minuit.
Drunken and bubbleless. Barred soap, check the bar's soap list
i don't know the 18 hour bra but i know a bra joke it goes how do you catch a bra? set a boobie trap!
Jerry Seinfeld wrote the books., Maybe with Barry Marder
A riddle is a statement or question or phrase having a double or veiled meaning, put forth as a puzzle to be solved.
Pea soup fog is fog that is extremely thick, or heavy.
The answer to this riddle is a candle. The candle is tallest whenit is young (unlit) and is short when it is old (when it ismelted). When it is alive it glows (candlelight). It dies becauseit gets blown out. It can also be blown out or die from yourbreath.
What's a henway? About two pounds.
Yes. Record one or more moos, and put them on a playback device which is designed to moo with the timing of a cow.
Few belive in the existence of phantasmal entities. Many believe ancestral spirits inhabit plants, animals, everyday objects, etc.. It all depends on your type of ghost.
When he sits on the thrown
SOME folks are sensitive about their age, so be careful... Besides, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! -Get it? I like to tell people (especially those I've never met) that they don't LOOK a year older...
trick question chuck Norris is god
They are a variant of the Black Bear, arriving in our world with colors ranging from black through brown, cinnamon, silver-blue, and yes, white. The white bear are known as "spirit bears" or "kermodes".
She is an awesome person who cares about others.She is also one very smart person who has answered many unanswered questions.
there are lots but ill tell you a few today root beer joke: what do trees drink? A: root beer get it ROOT beer skeleton joke: what did the french skeleton say before he ate his food? A: bone appetite get it? BONE appetite? not bon but bone! every one might know this one the chicken joke:...
Jack Black's first movie was "Our shining moment." It was a made for tv movie.
IF it rains in April plant life blooms in May
me (I am a man with a mother, but no brothers or sisters)
None for 1 and 2...... 3: Moving Chair 4: The Plan 5: Not Fair 6: The Experiment 7A: Hennigan 7B: Mrs. Backwords 7C: Bribe 7D: Agents Within 8: Broken Projecter 9: Olympic Run
In Act I Scene 5 (the party scene) he plays the jolly host and makes jokes about accidentally stepping on girls' feet when they have corns.
What came first the chicken or the egg?
- I can be made out of metal or plastic or both. -I'm easy to carry -I connect small items and if you shake me I will jingle. -I am always within reach, but i can easily be lost -I come in different forms, shapes, colors and sizes -I can be electronic too -I can help promote your...
No no one should make fun of short people with short jokes its just not funny its like calling a tall person skyscraper its stupid and mean and yes i am short
That is the reflection of the sky and how light scatters.
A screw, which is basically a wrapped incline.
Elizabeth was highly intelligent. She had the knowledge ofa scholar and was one of the smartest women of her time. She had afiery temper and you didn't want to get in her way when she wasangry. She was very intuitive. When Elizabeth became frightened,she often said she was sick and took to her bed...
Becuase they never land there
Yes, please, I would love one.
Why haven't the aliens found us yet? They already have, they'rejust looking for intelligent life too.
A Clerk in the Butcher Shop's height is 5'10. What does he weigh? Suppose you are a Bus Driver. At the first stop, nine people get on. At the second stop, nine more people get on. At the third stop, two get on, and all but those two get off. Then, at the next stop, those two get off. What is the...
A cowboy rides into town on Friday. He stays two days, and leaveson Friday. How'd he do it? A: His horse's name is Friday.
they enjoy it but it just falls whole, out of their anus after afew seconds
Time flies without wings.