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You take whatever is happning and turn it into the most abruptlyfunny thing you can think of. Or say what its reminding you of. forexample, ' This reminds me of that one episode of______"
there is no 5 season it was cacelled July 23, 2008
No, he left a note saying he wanted to come over for ice cream and brains. It told me to leave my front door unlocked, and my front lawn unguarded. LOL (from Plants vs Zombies)
No, chicken only live in Earth!!!!!!!!! ------------- And you know this HOW?
Yo mama is so stupid that she grabbed two quarters and acted like she was listening to 50cent!! Lmao
Go and change all of the clocks in the house 2 or 3 hours ahead or you could put a post-it note over the bottom of the computer mouse so it does not work. LOL this is mean tell somebody that you love them and then an hour later tell them April Fools!! Hope this helps also search pranks online at...
If your parent and their parent are married then it's your step parent but if they're not then there's no relation.
I'd check yer butt, cause people always say "If it was up yer butt you'd know!" so I'd start checkin there.
Parachutes. They were skydivers. The open pack has a released parachute. The closed pack never released its chute, thus the dead man.
knock knockl ? who's there. Oats Oats Who OATS
Taste because insects taste horrible
Joke: You get someone wearing Nobel bottoms. Serious: Jews can be hippies; there is nothing to cross.
swag is for cool people
By forming carppools. carp...ha. Another stupid math worksheet.By forming carppools.
You take out the "S" of the word seven and it would say Even
Pinch hitter on a baseball team. Actually, there were TWO men at home with masks... :)
Fuel. use it once, see it before, see it after
she only opens when he does it for her.
Slowly when the summer goes away
None. But one. Or was there two times 3? That means six. Or was it eight time 2? That would be sixteen, that's fifteen too many. The answer is one.
No where...... They don't sell it anymore... =] sry
If this is a number I think three
coz the dolphin is vegetrian
The very first one to get eaten ...the top banana would be perfect compared to the ones underneath- ripe and not bruised.
Fruits that start with "R" are: raspberry, rowan, rambutan,rhubarb, redcurrent, rockmelon, and raisin. !
a butcher is 5foot 10 inches how much does he weight answer -meat
Magnum, perhaps. A type of gun, a possible brand, and a P.I.
why did god make blacks stink?so blind people can hate them to!
Six. One to screw it in and five to figure out how to build one!
being disoriented. lol
A dirty joke. Actually, jokes can be rude without being dirty. Joking about race, nationality, handicap, or sexual orientation can be rude, even if there are no references to sexuality nor bodily functions.
There is a such word as courageous. It means you are full of courage and no fear what so ever
Just google "funny jokes" and you are bound to find one
It's a superstition/belief some people have. No one knows forsure if it's right
One if you stop being afraid and do it already! . Actually it would take 1 chicken because chickens are awesome.
there were the minotaurs minuons
Mark Lee is gay due to the fact, that once, he was in the pool. His step-dad told him to get out. Once he got out. His step-dad inappropriately touched his butt and said," Mark, Sleep with me tonight, I will comfort you." Then Mark said, "Okay, I need to be comfortable. because I'm so RICH!" Then...
i know this isn't exactly a very sophisticated answer but i basically think they were made for fun. i love them and they are very amusing toys for all ages !
Well if I didn't listen to music anymore, I'd go INSANE cause like, MUSIC = LIFE :O While music is something wonderful to many people , not listening to it would only allow more time to listen to the rest of the environment. And you would be more aware of your surroundings.
Chicken Flu has absolutely nothing to do with what currency is used. The currency of Germany is the Euro (€), and has been since 2002. Before that the currency was the Deutschmark.
The answer is "Out of harm's way"
scholastic search a book to read on famous jokes
Right when school starts you give a note to the office saying your mom has to pick you up at a certain time and when its lunch and its really crowded you sneak out.
From the Internet-Google
well California is both hot and cold in the south it is hot but in the north such as Dublin or San Ramon it is cool
You're so cool that you make me dance underneath a dead dog onWednesdays of every second week in June and October with a largecollection of $10 sunglasses by my feet with a jacket full ofstereotypical Asian people with unusually large tongues but lickinghoney out of beehives by the tip of the lake...
Q: What did the watering can say to the broken snowboard? A: Dartboard! ----------------- -You didn't say it had to be funny!
It was named after the perennial stream, Red River, that flowed through the town, coming from the northern slopes of Wheeler Peak.
Bb, Bb, C, Bb, Eb, D Bb, Bb, C, Bb, F, Eb Bb, Bb, Bb(up an octave), G, Eb, D, C Ab, Ab, G, Eb, F, Eb
Fifty stars on the star-spangled banner.
yo mama so ugly she walked into a haunted house and came out with ajob application. yo mama so ugly and I mean so so ugly that when she raised you,instead of a birth certificate she got an apology letter! yo mama so stupid she went to the dentist and asked for a bluetooth!
the forest never sleeps. if the forest sleeps all the creatures and plants would have died.
i don't know, but you better not use a real fox tail because if you do you are a horrible person almost as bad as a poacher and you have no care for anything or anyone accept yourself. ):-p
Take off your old tire and put on a new one!
hi illegal man. wat u doing.r u hanging out or something.
One of the most famous peanut jokes is: Two peanuts were walking down the road when one was "assaulted" (a salted). Get it? ANOTHER ONE: A preacher decided to make a home visitation to an elderly woman in his congregation. He arrives and she invites him in to sit in the living room. She asks if...
look in the easy places first most people will put them in easyplaces because they think your to smart to look there
There were four people in each sailboat, together. Not ALL together... This "word riddle" would have been easier if there had been proper punctuation.
THey read penguin books.
Dare someone to eat something gross. Dare two of the boys to kiss. Don't let it get out of hand though.
1. Get to level 7 2. Put it down on a table, floor, or other sturdy surface 3. Grab a baseball bat 4. Beat the **** out of it
Some sites are listed below the answer, and they have jokes such as: Yo mama's so fat, that the last time she saw 90210, it was on a scale.
Perhaps the chicken didn't even understand it was eating another chicken? Or maybe because it liked the taste of it? For the future maybe you should reconsider asking questions such as these :)
Only in the cartoons!I don't believe it does. Probably mucus or something else I assume.
Answer: "Chicago" always starts with a C, and "End" always starts with an E
He said, "May I show you around?"