Questions related to the Russian Federation, (the largest country in the world) and its geography, history, demographics, government, politics, economy, people, culture etc.
Stalin didn't like Fascists and Mensheviks along with the Jews,Ukrainians, and many, many others as he became steadily moredespotic, paranoid and psychotic. His death-toll greatly exceededthat of Adolf Hitler.
Russia and Romania don't share a border. Ukraine borders both countries, the only country to do so. Romania is to the southwest of Russia.
Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact .
Da~ But in soviet Russia, Mother russia becomes one with you~
is the so called artic desert zone, which includes most of theislands of the artic ocean and the sea coast of the taymyr penisula
Nikita Khrushchev is the premier of soviet union during the cubanmissile crisis.
During World War II, the 'ruthless leader' of the Soviet Union wasJoseph Stalin (1878-1953). Having achieved absolute power in theCommunist nation during the 1920s, Stalin reigned throughout the1930s, during the whole of World War II, and for a number of yearsbeyond, until his death in 1953.
Russia is pro-palestinian mostly since the 1700's when t became the 'protector of orthodox christians. As for water distribution, Russia supports human rights and fair amounts of water is a human right.
The word is "Capital", not "Capitol". The capital of Russia is Moscow.
The word Marxism-Leninism is used roughly as a synonym for Communism. (Marx was a philosopher who wrote about his ideas for a Communist state, and Lenin was an early leader of the Soviet Union, which was the name Russia took during its Communist period.) China is still a Communits country, although...
Union of Soviet socialist republics
Rasputin: Also called the mad monk, seer, healer and prophet. Hewas born in 1869 and was a mystic man from Russia.
Western countries e.g. China, Russia, Mongolia, Western Germany Alot of these had communist governments introduced by the USSR. Berlin itself was split-The western side of the wall was mainly inhabited by western Germans and was communist, the eastern side was inhabited by eastern Germans and...
Many would say, Europe. Of course, there is a problem with that answer, because, geographically speaking, Russia occupies a large part of Europe (also a large part of Asia). To avoid this ambiguity, you can say, Western Europe. Again, some might say that between Western Europe and Russia, there...
Tsar Nicholas ll escaped to Germany with his family to escape the civil unrest. He was later murdered by the Bolsheviks on the night of the 16th July 1918.
Because there could be weapons of mass destruction aboard it + theycan use the satellites for surveillance.
robbing them of their individuality, forcing them to work in labor camps, and intentionally starving tens of millions of people to death to insure that everyone had enough food. :)
Fashion in Russia, unlike fashion in most Western Europeancountries, was not dictated entirely by the appearance of theclothing. Clothing had to keep the people warm and comfortable andthis need is reflected in the preferred Russian styles. In theperiod between the tenth and eighteenth century, much...
One of her failures was allowing the boyars to increase their stranglehold on Russian peasants. She took firm action to repress the peasants when they revolted against the harsh conditions of serfdom. As a result, conditions grew worse for the peasants, and even more were forced into serfdom. The...
4 years after the Romanov's executions, Anna Anderson claimed she was the missing Grand Duchess, Anastasia. it was after she attempted to commit suicide by jumping of a bridge these claims surfaced.
the bloody sunday occured from the british army who shot at 26 protesters and killed them all
Yes, she had two sisters and two brothers. Brother: Wilhelm Christian Friedrich von Anhalt-Zerbst (b. 1730, d. 1742) Brother: Friedrich August von Anhalt-Zerbst (b. 1734, d. 1793) Sister: Auguste von Anhalt-Zerbst (b. 1736, d. 1736) Sister: Elisabeth von Anhalt-Zerbst (b. 1742, d. 1745)
These nations were allies with Russia. At one time they were allies with Germany until they switched sides. So I included the Axis powers too. . Allies . Ethiopia · China · Czechoslovakia · Poland · United Kingdom · India · France · Australia · New Zealand · South...
Mao Zedong was the leader of the Chinese Red Army. During theSoviet-Chinese war the Army successfully maintained control of theManchurian Chinese Eastern Railway.
Communist. He wasn't a leader, though. He was selected to be Vladimir Lenin's successor, which would have made him Premier of the Soviet Union if Joseph Stalin didn't usurp the position so he could lead the country. If you want to know more, Wikipedia has a good article on him.
Czar Nicolas II was disliked because he had no idea what his people wanted. Up until WWI he removed himself from the public by isolating himself and his family in their palace. He did nothing to stop the spread of communism, anarchism, and nihilism in his cities and based his decisions on the advice...
No, kids cant vote in any country.
You cannot drive from Texas to Russia.
Stalin had many prison camps in the Soviet Union and had spys everywhere. If someone spoke out against the government, it would be looked at as opposition towards Stalin's government and would most likely be killed or put in one of these camps
yes , but only to thr romanov family where he could have a pychic healing effect on alexis romanov,s heamophelia but was regarded as a freak buy others
Peter the Great carried out social and economic reforms.
The total driving distance from Belfast, United Kingdom toMoscow, Russia is 2,267 miles or 3.648 kilometers. By plane the distance from Belfast, United Kingdom to Moscow, Russia isabout 1,698 miles / 2,732 km
Lenin's greatest achievement was staging the October Revolution in 1917. By doing that he was able to overtrow the existing Provisional Government and impose a new socialist one on the country.
No, Lenin had died in 1924 and the Cold War did not begin till after WWII.
Karl Marx is represented by Old Major in the book and is the founder of communism/animalism.
The White army was the counter-revolutionary forces that invadedRussia, leading to the Civil War of 1980 to 1920. The White armywas made up of United States, Japanese, French, and British armies,and their Russian conscripts.
Joseph Stalin in WWII, but 1924 is not during WWII.
George C. Marshall of the Joint Chiefs of Staff tediously and steadfastly pulled together an Armed Forces that could fight a two front war. He was able to get good fighting men trained and the forces supplied, He also helped with the strategies of many operations. His work contributed to the victory...
No one can change history. It has happened and cannot be changed. They can however change the course a country takes for the future. Two people that achieved this in Russia were; Vladimir Lenin Mikhail Gorbachev
the economy was controlled by the government and so that made it a command economy, but there was no compitition so there was a shortage of food .
Ivan the Great created the Kremlin.
Tsar Alexander III ruled Russia from 1881 (the year his father Alexander II was assassinated) to 1894 (the year Alexander III died).
Lenin adopted the name Lenin in 1901 after serving 3 years in exile in Siberia in a town on the River Lena. He took the name from the name of the river.
hammer and sickle which represents factory and farm workers in harmony .
Its Warsaw Pact allies . Hungary decided on independence from the Soviet Bloc, and the USSR organised the other countries in eastern Europe to put down the secession.
The Russian revolutionaries who took control of the government inNovember 1917 were the Bolsheviks. They were co-founded by VladimirLenin.
officially Czar Nicholas. Brother Michael was a General in the (wHITE) Army, at best an honorary czar,.better fitted for a Garrison Hat than a crown. he died in battle action- not political execution like Nicholas and family.
The most widely accepted figure is that Stalin killed around 20million. But there is no argument, both Hitler and Stalin where ruthless andblood letting rulers of nations, where the people of those nationswere just to frightened to do anything it. Both leaders led a reignof terror over many. Jews,...
No, China is 4th, Canada is 2nd.
The first capital of Russia was actually Kiev.
The early Russians did
6,592,800 square miles.
his plans were to keep everybody under control and to do what he says. also to be lieve what he said about people and trust him at all times and everything will be great if his people trusted him.....duhh who asked this stupid question anyway
99.4% of Russians can read and write. That leaves 0.6% of Russians that can't, which are their chilldren ages 2-4.
When the Germans invaded the Soviet Union, his plans did not work. Instead, of an all out attack to capture Leningrad, he decided on siege tactics. The Russians could withstand that. They were used to privations. Then Hitler's army kept going and not concentrating on one objective but on many. The...
Vlad vile was pretty bad in his eyes.
He may have hated some of the nobility, or he may have hated noone. He was a very good leader at times, and at other times, he wasdangerous and unstable. We can't be sure about who he hatedconsistently because he was mentally unstable, and would fly intorages. He killed his son during a rage, and he...
Stalin was born in 1879 and died in 1953. So, he was alive during the Second World War (1939-1945.) as well.
On June 22nd 1941 Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union at 0400 GMT. At 0500GMT the propaganda minister of Germany Joseph Goebbels announced a statement from Hitler declaring that the mobilization of the German army would be the "greatest the world has ever seen". In 1939 Germany and The USSR had...
Easter is an important holiday for Russia because they bless everyone in church and hide Easter Eggs for kids to have fun. They also set up fun games and activities for the kids. The grown ups also join in on the fun
Germany attacked the USSR and won many battles but in the end he lost to Russia's mighty force both in Russia and Germany.
The greatest battles of WWII in Europe/Asia were fought in the Soviet Union. The German Army was so badly beaten by the Soviets that only a token force of the German Army remained to face the Normandy Invasion of 1944.
Yes. Beginning in 1917, a series of revolutions destroyed the Russian royal system, removed Tsar Nicholas II from power, and formed a provisional government. Later that year, the powerful Bolshevik Party took over and slowly but surely replaced the provisional government throughout the country....
Not very, because a lot of people went without bread, meat, or even clothing the richest never cared about the poor just about how good they looked
He did treat his people very badly in some ways but in other ways he treated them as actual people like build schools for them.
Since Rome was then the HQ of the Church of the West, and Constantinople has fallen to the Turks, The Orthodox Church found it suitable to reassign Moscow as The Center of Orthodoxy Christianity, there fore being the "Third Rome."
USSR ended in 1991 because of: - Bad economy - Bad Leadership - Afghan war - Falling of Berlin wall - Government not liked by the public
cause communism is evil if you like it so much move to china and see how great it is you commy
Stalin's Idea of "Help" Stalin stole the peasants' food, their livelihood and their lives. They went without religion for 24 years. Although he did bring them up to date in their economy, he killed millions in the process.