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Animals enrich our lives in so many different ways. The Animal Life category is for questions and answers about animals of all types, including pets, sea life, and farm animals. You can ask questions or find information regarding animals, their history, care, health issues, breeding, and behavior.
There are several bird species that are found in River Thames, including The Mute Swan, The Canada Goose, The Mallard Duck, The Greylag Goose, The Great Crested Grebe, The Coot, The Grey Heron and The Moorhen. You can also find mammals such as The Water Vole, The Otter and The American Mink.
the one stuck to my windscreen
Isn't that the breed that almost went extinct?
The average male is 35-65 pounds, and the average female is 30-60pounds. So, including both genders the average pit would be 30-65pounds. If you multiply this by 3, three average pit bulls couldweigh between 90 and 195 pounds.
your dog should be fixed before it turns one.
all animak except unicellular animals
Chub mackerel are widespread in the Indo-Pacific. They are absentfrom the Indian Ocean except for South Africa from KwaZulu-Natal toWestern Cape, and are replaced by the closely related Atlantic chubmackerel in the Atlantic. The chub mackerel is widely distributed,usually found in the northwestern,...
Another name for a harrier pup is a pack dog
If you have the kind of dog who views everything within reach as apotential snack, you should be careful about what kind of airfreshener you use. Dry potpourri can be a fragrant addition to aroom, but it can also lead to an upset stomach or worse if your dogdecides to sample it. Hope this helps!
Yes, because it's so similar to the measles virus. However, even ifit replicates in humans, it has no effects on us. But if a human iscarrying the virus, he or she can still potentially pass it onto ananimal.
You can feed them: \nCrickets (alive or dead)\nMealworms (alive or dead)\nTurtle pellets\nkrill\nshrimp\nsmall fish (for bigger turtles)\n\nAll of these can be found at most pet stores like PetSmart or Petco.\nThese are just some of the things you can feed them and I suggest you ask a professional,...
insects usually dont eat zooplankton. They eat algae.
Raise awareness, make posters and websites.
you cook it in the oven for 15-30 mins. then salt and addd garlicfor some taste.
The Habit of temperate evergreen squirrel is in chipmunks andsquirrels.
Pigmentation spots (dark mole-like spots) may occur especially inchinchillas with the beige gene but this is nothing to worry about.
it honestly just depends on what it is, if its something that youreally don't feel comfortable doing then I would talk to them aboutit and let them know how you feel
Looking at an adult duck's plumage can help you decide.Female ducks generally sit on the nest, usually on the ground.Nature, very sensibly, gives female ducks camouflage to protectthem, and their nests from predators. Their feathers are generallya nondescript brown or grey, so that they and their...
Answer . No it is the other way around. Seagulls eat crabs. . Answer . No it is the other way around. Seagulls eat crabs. .
Timothy or Tim or timmy any you like
The ivory trade is the commercial, often illegal trade inthe ivory tusks of the hippopotamus , walrus , narwhal , [1] mammoth , [2] andmost commonly, Asian and African elephants . Ivory has been traded for hundreds of years by people in suchregions as Greenland, Alaska, and Siberia....
He probrably just wants a cuddle! Give him some attention. He maywant to be held, or get up on your face, or maybe he's just soexcited to be with you that he can't hold still!
It is important to know the birth cycle of many animals. Young deerare generally born during the spring or summer time in Virginia.
Tigers don't go in much for shelters. A female tiger will seek out a den when she's about to have cubs.But it's usually a pre-existing feature, like a gap between somerocks, a fallen tree, maybe just a dense shrubbery, and she won'tdo much to improve it. They go under a tree or rock, or if they are...
They look like they are wet. Their wings are saggy. Butterfliestake time to let their wings dry out so they can fly.
No. Another answer about Do cats huddle, different people might use theword huddle when they actually mean cuddle. Yes, cats love tohuddle or cuddle together with other cats, dogs, and any otheranimal that will let it lay by him or her, even their humanfriends.
this is a common misunderstanding. There has been rumors aboutpeople getting sick after eating shark and swordfish, but there isno real toxin in either species. Thats why they are just rumors
Any age! In fact, I've seen a nine year old show a yorkie.
Pelicans are rare on the Virginia coast. There are too many migrantand resident species to list here.
they need ice because they're bodies are warmer then most ofanimals, and would heat up to non- usual temperatures, and wouldget very sick.
the pig is like all other living animals. it needs water, food, shelter. pigs can not be dumped in mud, it needs a friendly biome.
in runescape there is no such thing as toxic amout of shark or sword fish if your talking about a real life situation as your doctor for advice hope this helped add me if you have any question (CYCLON3X111)or(illdog9512)
In general insect blood is colorless, and it is because they do not have hemoglobin to carry oxygen. However, there is an exception. Larvae of a fly that live in water with very low oxygen levels do have hemoglobin and their blood is red. The hemoglobin does the same thing for them as it does for us...
no, they are omnivores-they eat plants and meat
Vermin are "wild animals which are believed to be harmful to crops,farm animals, or game, or which carry disease". Mice, like rats,can carry diseases. Mice also eat crops, commonly corn, and areconsidered a pest and vermin.
Yes, it is recommended that you do so every 3-4 months
yes they do eat frogs (eww) :P
cabbage and tomatoes are said to be good, but im not 100% sure
A group of whales can be called a huddle.
Because like their lingo (slang) they are only found in Australia. Thank God for that and the seas between them and us.
It is approximately 150 days (5 months).
Yes. A koala has 2 arms and two hind legs.
bark cactus seed green and other stuff like that that you knowherbivores would eat
no they do a dog lover
Yes you can. I introduced two 6 month old female babies to my 4 year old female guinea pig and she did fine with them. Just remember that some personalities don't go good together, so you will want to watch them and make sure they get along.
The difference is a chicken rooster are only male. Peafowl is thebreed name for both male and female, a male is called peacock, afemale is called peahen, their babies are referred to aspea-chicks.
First, take the cat to the vet. If there are no urinary tract orotherwise problems, place litter boxes in places where he/sheshould not be doing his wee-wee or poo-poo. If you can't do that(like if your cat is doing his/her business where you have towalk), make the place where he's going as...
It can fly up to about 102 mph
Just one - the Eublepharis hardwickii - also known as the Eastern Indian Leopard Gecko. .
they haven proven anything about how many animals are there+
In 1836, Texas became independent, the Mexicans left, leaving theircattle behind. Texan farmers claimed the cattle and set up theirown ranches. Beef was not popular so the animals were used fortheir skins and tallow. In the 1850s, beef began to be more popularand its price rose making some ranchers...
this is what a leopard gecko looks like.
Perhaps you are thinking of a sting ray.
Actions have reached $1500. That's all I know.
Grizzly bears can live in woodland areas . Rosimar~
well since dr. suess tends to like rhymes in his books, but I thinkits because the book "the cat in the hat" is a bestseller so Ithink its because of that.. Rosimar~
Why are you asking this question?
a dog and a dog its not possible to have to different animals make something
it is because they can see better during the night and they can't see good during the night. .
when they are around 6months I believe... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- To other contributers: I think this is right if it is not plz edit thanx, Ms.USA
Predators of Eastern Blue Birds include owls, hawks,climbing snakes, raccoons, and squirrels.
As the question is a bit unclear it is difficult to say what thisrelates to. I assume you are talking about a psychological/socialexperiment of sorts. But I still think this is a Dad joke and thesubject is Australian fauna, more likely Kangaroos or Emus, whichcannot walk backwards or talk.
Zebras live in Africa.
After 9 minths if age, any breed of dog is typically considered anadult
whey protein or soy protein
Yes, but you want to check the sex of the geckos. If you put males and females together they will probably breed.
The lynx kittens stay with their mom until 9 months old.
If you touch it, the mother might think it's not her baby because it has your scent. so, she'll try to kill her own baby to get rid of it
Some goldfish, depending on the breed, may develop differentcoloration.
bush turkeys can only fly for a limited amount of time
The following is copied from rolltide as the official story. . The story of how Alabama became associated with the "elephant"goes back to the 1930 season when Coach Wallace Wade had assembleda great football team. . On October 8, 1930, sports writer Everett Strupper of theAtlanta Journal wrote a...
Yes, you can! It also depends on the accessories that you have inyour tank. Research the required items/temperature of water foreach fish. :) Hope I helped.
Impala - One of the most widespread and common antelope speciesof the Serengeti, the Impala is certainly the most elegant antelopes. Only the maleof this species possesses horns.
Depends what kind of mange it is- you will need a vet to diagnose it for you as they will have to take skin samples to look under the microscope. Some types of mange require prescribed lotions (one's from pet shops don't work!) some require special insecticide drops that go on the back of the dogs...
She became interested in gorillas during a trip to Africa in 1963according to
That is exactly why the live in herds. Over millions of years they have developed complex social rules to enable them to prosper in groups. It must be working because they have been around for quite a while.
People eat trout. It is excelled broiled or fried.
No, they only live in the Himalayas... ^.^
you are more likely to get killed by a coconut then a shark most shark attacks are non fatal
Yes, though it is much less severe than turkeys. There is a 10%chance for a chicken to die of blackhead disease.