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under 18 the bases are 40 ft apart
It is a maximum of 12, but can be divided so that there are 18 2/3scholarships.
well there is about 15 million organized softball teams in America alone .. I have no clue about worldwide unfortunately ..
In baseball the PH is a substitute batter; usually for a short time. Generally, the term refers to anyone who can step in for someone else at work.
10u softball is 35 ft. 12u to 18u is 40 ft. 18u gold and older is 43ft.
Either kaitlyn lowe or natasha watley.
The home run in softball is the same as in baseball. When the batter hits the ball over the outfield fence in fair territory it is a home run. It is also considered a home run if the batter hits the ball inside the fence and is able to run all the bases and back to home plate before being thrown out...
Jeez, first of all, you need to catch up on reading that rules book of yours! A strike is a pitch thrown by the pitcher and hits the catcher's glove so that the catcher doesn't have to move her/his glove at all. Or if the pitch is in the "strike zone", the umpire may also call it a strike.
It really works your whole body! It makes you have strong arms and calves! And it is a good way to lose weight and get in shape!
The fastest ever recored softball pitch is 95. By a 18 year old in Texas!!
because when the player hits the ball of the bat the inertia on theball will go out farther.
There is no education required to be a softball coach. My mom was going to be my softball coach at St. Andrews Park and all they did was a background check to make sure that she didn't abuse children, and my mom doesn't abuse children at all. She passed the background check and was my softball coach...
12 inch gloves can be used for fast pitching and slow pitching.Some of the better brands are Mizuno, Rawlings, Nokona, Wilson,andEaston.
The Demarinis are very expensive up around $300 but they areamazing.
Because softball is for fat overweight people who could never play real sports and had to settle for a slow pitch womenly league. Basketball is for chiseled superstar athletes. What a dumb question.
when someone hits the softball and and the person on first, second,and third base has to run tothe next base
A runner doesn't get a strike, a batter does.
\nShes number 27, but i dont know if that has always been her number
Well if you throw a bowling ball and a golf ball, which is gonna go faster? .
its just the seam grip, they don't really have a official name.
in most towns softball is run by the recreational leaugue
A safe hit is considered a hit that is not fielded and the batter makes it to first base without getting out.
43 feet from front of pitching rubber to tip of home plate
Zara Mee broke the record in 2006 with an 111 mph softball pitch.
Thanksgiving Day in 1887.
My catcher gear last year was Under Armour. Under Armour is the best catcher gear money can buy. All the other brands doesn't protect the chest as well. The Under Armour chest piece is broader on the shoulders and has more padding. I suggest the Under Armour catcher gear.
You've got plenty of bats since you're on a softball team. Use your imagination.
It's an offensive option of putting the ball in play. The bunt is done by standing squarely toward the pitcher holding the barrel along with the handle parallel to the ground. The batter just taps the ball with an objective of just putting the ball just in front of her.
The UCLA Lady Bruins have won the most National Championships in Collegiate Fastpitch Softball...I believe they have won 25 or 26 National Championships.
Aribona . I know fershur that Arizona is in it - how do I know this? because the visage of their pitcher has been burned permanently into my retinas - ohmyGod - what a drop-dead gorgeous babe
UCLA eliminated in NCAA softball tourney . University of Hawaii defeated UCLA and then LMU, which had eliminated UCLA, to win a berth in the NCAA womens softball super regional tournament. Therefore, the question as posed, is confusing, since it implies that by defeating UCLA, Hawaii advanced to...
Answer . the question is somewhat vague (teams are eliminated during the contest, it would seem, and what year are you talking about?), but it would seem that eight teams begin the series. altgrave
Type your answer here... EASTON
It varys, I play in a 12u league and we pitch from 40 feet but I'm sure in higher league(high school, college, etc.) they pitching mounds will be further away
Fastball, curve ball, drop ball, rise ball, screw ball, knuckle ball, change up
Jessica Longmoor, Haylee Haman, Kate Matava, Emily Woods, and Jakie Espinet.
softball originated as an indoor sport in a indoor gym in 1887. outdoor softball has roots in Minneapolis and in 1895 was created. it was created by fire department officer Lewis Robert Sr. he was looking for a way to get his men some exercise during their down time. he created his game to fit the...
Lisa Fernandez established an Olympic record in softball with 25strike-outs. She started playing when she was just eight years old.
a father should be greatful that he coached his daughters team
The normal distance is 46 feet for kids that are 12 and under though some leagues will have the kids pitch from 50 feet when they are in the 11-12 year old division.
Professional softball has a very modest salary cap. The annual salaries range from $7,500 to $15,000 per season.
they have changed by just plain old wooden shoes to nice neat leather. with nice edges and nice fitting.
what age do you have to be to play pro softball
Softball is usually fun for those ages. But the girls must be willing to work hard and to cooperate.
Yes, somtimes. But no not all the time. If you work hard and enjoy it, it does not seem as hard as if you don't. I play softball and love it.
Some people do some dont. it is up to them to decide.
The average softball throwing distance is about 135 feet. Thisdistance could vary depending on the strength of the thrower.
Ball returned to pitcher
Whenever you decide to quit.
When you slide you slide into second third or home never slide into first. you don't have to slide when it is a forced out either. To slide you run at full speed if you slow down you could injure your self and wont go far on the slide. you should slide about 7 feet from the base. When you start to...
you lead off only as far as you can with enough time to dive back to the base in the event the ball is caught. if the ball is caught you return to the base if it is dropped you run to third and possibly home. always be aware of your base coach when approaching third they should tell you to go home...
the bases in soft ball are generally 45 to 65 feet apart. Use the Pythagorean theorem square root of C is equal to a^2 + b^2 Where a and b are the two base lines a - between first and second and b - between second and third... in most cases a and b should be equal numbers... square them and add...
He invented indoor baseball, which they later renamed into softball.
The basics: If you are just going to get together a group of people to play an informal game you only need a bat, a ball ( maybe 2 ) a glove and a patch of grass to play on. However If you are a girl wanting to start out playing fastpitch there are some things you will need. Most teams will have an...
what a vague question. its pretty much similar to baseball in the fact that theres two teams. one at bat and one playing the field. the team in the field pitches to the batting team and the batting team tries to hit the ball and get around the bases. that's the best way i can explain it lol
There is Pro Softball, it is called the NPF "National Pro Fastpitch"
Of course they should ! They are people too and deserve to be treated like active members of clubs and teams and they are also an important part of the student body !
when the ball is hit on the ground and rolls.
fastball, curveball, change-up, screw-ball and many more
The batter or the runner? Either would have to be tagged to result in an out. The catcher (or any player) would have to have the ball and touch the runner from third. If you mean the batter is still in the batter's box and the ball rebounds and hits him then I would surmise that it is a judgment...
1. The actual balls used are much different. The softballs are larger.. 2. B: pitches overhand, S: pitches underhand. 3. B: can lead off the base at any time, S: can only leave the base on a hit of if the pitcher releases the ball. 4. The baseball fields are much larger.. 5. B: mostly males, S: only...
a bat, glove, and a softball. you might need bases depending on the field, and a catcher needs equipment. Hope this helps!
you may be throwing the ball incorectly. talk to a coach. i used to get a pain in my shoulder because i was so used to throwing it in a incorrect wayy...
Since it's formation in 1992, Manchester United have won the Premier League title 12 times.
i belive it is either 35 or 40 ft.
I think that world famous pitcher Jennie Finch is the world's greatest softball player. It's actually Cat Osterman. Shes the best softball pitcher int he world.. Jennie Finch is the best, and the most popular, because she can play infield and she is a great hitter, compared to Monica Abbott or Cat,...
yes.. muhahaha. it was me. and i was an outfielder. and i was hit in the head with a softball, knocked unconsouis to the ground. and died. i will now come and haunt every outfielder that will ever read this. so then. they will feel my pain.
Depends on the age group and where you live. Here is an example of how far it could be depending on age group" 10 and under: 35 feet Over 10 through High School: 40 feet (Some States are moving High School to 43 feet) College: 43 feet