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Dining establishments include bistro, buffet, cafe, cafeteria, restaurants, pub, fast food and coffeehouse. They differ from the food they serve, preparation methods, pricing, as well as the ambience of the place.
You are never too old, you may be too young
Delicious food, reasonable prices, conveniently located, and acceptable service.
4-ounce (113 g) (approx. uncooked weight) ground beef patty withketchup, mustard, and two slices of cheese.
Agourmet burger is more than a typical patty topped with lettuce,tomato, and ketchup. Gourmet burgers go out the way to add toppingsthat are exotic and unique to provide a different flavor twist. Agourmet burger is not available at most restaurants. They can alsobe a tad bit expensive, but most...
No. Subway is far healthier than McDonald's. McDonald's patties have many preservatives that can cause cancer, not to mention the grease and calories. Subway's food compared to McDonald's is healthier by default because they use clean ingredients, fresh dough made there, fresh veggies, and pure meat...
Four piece:190 Six piece:280 Ten piece:480
McDonalds serves around 70,000,000 people per day, which comes outto about 25,550,000,000 people per year.
Busch Gardens. Check the back of your Applebee's giftcard.
One medium order contains 266 mg. Of course, that depends too onwho is metaphorically driving the salt truck.
Four-piece- 280 calories. Six-piece- 180 calories.
Yes there is, i went to Tunisia myself and saw one.
an average of a meal in Manila, Philippines is maybe about 50 to 80pesos. :)
i dont know the her name but for some reason they give her thenickname of "redhead"
$3.39 give or take a few pennies depending franchise or corporation owned
All depends on your taste buds. Dairy Queen has a large variety of foods.
yes ---- McDonalds purchase their food ingredients from third party vendors. They do not genetically modify anything. ----
Take the customers' order, then go make the food, then deliver it to the customers.
if its in light the food will spoil faster because light helps bacteria grow
Chef have to know alot of stuff so there alot of basic food/I'm pretty sure
$25-$60,000 per year, depending on the position, performance, and responsibilities
Fine dine: .has fancy seats and they collect your food when you're finished. .cleaner .better for you Fast food: .has a drive thru .food is quickly put together .the food is all frozen
The average fast food manager makes about 30-35,000$ annually. According to, the salary for fast food restaurantmanagers in the United States ranged from $32,904 to $44,370 inSeptember, 2010.
1821, from French restaurant "a restaurant," originally "food that restores,"noun use of present participle of restaurer "to restore or refresh," from Old French restorer ANSWER: France
A problem might be not having enough servers. You could also runout of a particular type of food or beverage during a rush period.
Qualifications must include your work experience on the top thenyour education. You should also include your other qualifications/knowledge like any computer course or training.
Its already prepared they just need to put it into the containerand give it to you.
A highly professional, well ironed coat and suit will be weared bya sales manager for a restaurant i think so.
Well people really like to go especially to dance, depending onwhat music you like, its lots of fun dancing, although some peoplejust go to drink, but mostly everyone goes for the dancing?
mine are Pizza and Dr. Pepper :)
It starts out as flakes. Then you add a couple ingredients to makeit fluffy.
Well it all depends on where you are from. In the US, there arenumerous restaurants in Florida serving Lionfish. However, if youreally want variety, there are countless restaurants in theCaribbean and Latin America.
The Olive Garden chain of Italian-American restaurants was foundedby General Mills Inc. which later spun off their restaurantdivision into Darden Concepts Inc. There is no official statementfrom Darden Concepts Inc. or General Mills Inc. regarding exactlywhy the name "Olive Garden" was chosen....
As far as who was the first restaurant to use all ingredients that are organic, that is hard to say at this point. But, A restaurant doesn't get certified organic. The ingredients that a organic restaurant would use would be certified through the United States Department of Argiculture "USDA" YOu've...
1. Identify the area you wish the busines to operate. 2.Undertake a business plan and identify what opportunities thereare i..e population, threats i.e. otehr food selling environmentsthat will directly compete and those selling "other" food stylesthat will also compete 3. Identify how much business...
8 dallors but the lunch combo is 5
They delivered the less expensive food stuff in the comparison of pizza hut. Developing countries like india need full satisfaction by paying less money. That is the reason dominoz is growing by 50% in indian market where pizza hut and papa jones are working hard to survice.
540 calories, 28g fat, 46g carbs and 25g protein. That's based on anormal Big Mac. Not a large or a meal. On the McDonald's website,they do have a nutritional calculator that you can use to calculateyour whole meal. Alternatively, I like to record my food on the appMy Fitness Pal where it has all...
A person needs a few things before they can open a restaurant. Youwill have to start off with money and a business plan. You willthen need a concept and a design. Find a location and startpurchasing equipment. Create a menu and hire employees.
I believe that You would have to be at least 16 ..... it may varyin different states.
It costs $3.35 for 3 chicken strips, or $4.39 for 4, at Chik-Fil-A.
McCafé Mocha Frappé = mocha blended with ice, topped with whipped cream. McCafé Caramel Frappé = coffee, caramel and whipped cream
Usually in night clubs the security guard are always looking to seeif everything is okay, although some people might get away with itmay sometimes get out of control. But the securities are always inthe look.
Store HoursSun-Thur 11am-9pm Fri 11am-10pm Sat 10am-10pm.
They pay mostly up to 10$ per person
The month of March, or around St. Patrick's Day.
before dinner it is an appetizer then an entree then dessert
Le Bernardin is the top rated and best restaurant available in NewYork city.
\nYou can do a search for 'Food Network Canada'. On the left upper screen type -egg rolls, and you'll be taken to a list of egg rolls, some of which use bean sprouts. You can buy egg roll wraps (or make your own with flour and water) Then you mix letttuce, carrots (Shredded), and sour cream. ...
Subway Restaurants were founded on August 28, 1965 when the first store was opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The owners, Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck, began franchising the chain in 1974 and Subway Restaurants are now the world's largest submarine sandwich chain with more than 37,000 locations...
no if it is fake why would you eat fake meat?
1) divide the menu into different sections i.e. starters maincourse and dessert 2) divide each section i.e. hot or cold selection or even avegetarian section. 3) beverages either alcoholic / none alcoholic / hot or cold All the sections and sub sections are to be priced in ascendingorder, the...
There are many countries which make and sell pizza. Some areAmerica, Italy, France, Australia, Argentina, Brazil and the UK.
Secret Recipe opened its first café outlet in 1998. It has outlets in Singapore, Indonesia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, China, Philippines, Pakistan and even Australia. Datuk Steven Sim Leong Thun founded Secret Recipe Cakes & Café and Modern Mum in 1998 and successfully transformed a small...
over 31,000 restaurants worldwide
"Cafe culture" is a lifestyle. It is defined as one characterizedby regular social visits to cafes or coffeehouses. It is common inEuropean countries.
'Can I help you?' 'Are you ready to order?' 'OK, that will be ....?' 'Thank you.'
Process of menu design.1.Be aware of eye scanning patterns2. Divide the menu into logical sections3. Use photos of foods4.Consider using illustration5.Choose appropriate colors in text
3575 Maybank Hwy, Charleston, Sc 29412 - Phone (843) 559-2727
by eating to much fries!
I don't think so!
Blue plate special is or was the special of the day, actually thecheapest meal of the day served in restaurants. Don't really thinkthey use the term any more. Began around the 1920's, it would usually be put on a differentcolor plate, not always blue, at least by the 50's, but maybe itwas blue back...
firstly, drink a lot of water! if you don't use the restroom aboutevery hour, you are dehydrated. and exercise. watch what you eat.if you want to eat fattening things, have a small portion. takesmaller bites and eat slow. you will get fuller faster.
The name Chuck E cheese has been derived from a comedic mouse whosings and interacts with guests.
Chili's does use ingredients that could cause a reaction in thosewho are sensitive to MSG.
The best restaurants in Sydney are situated in and around Darling Harbour. The seafood restaurants here are the best in Sydney and always buzzing with seafood lovers and other foodies.
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The Fat Duck in Bray, Berkshire, Britain.
There are 3 Piccadilly Cafeterias in Georgia.